Get hooked up with a tech room makeover in Nokia's sweepstakes

Nokia Hookup

Look around at the four walls you're currently located within. Check out some of the dated gadgets that lay around. Would you like to have said room refreshed with new hardware and a general makeover? Nokia is offering exactly this with the #NOKIAHOOKUP contest. The company will select 3 lucky winners who will be hooked up with a $10,000 room makeover. Sound good? Read on for the details.

It's quite the reward, we mentioned a full technology makeover, right? So what exactly is Nokia providing in terms of hardware to the three lucky winners? Should you win this sweepstake, you'll receive the following:

  • Nokia Lumia 925
  • Wireless Charging Case & Wireless Charging Plate
  • JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speakers
  • Xbox
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 2
  • Plus furnishings and décor, designed exclusively by the Apartment Therapy

How exactly does one enter the sweepstakes to be in with a chance of pocketing the above? Simply head on over to the Hookup webpage (linked below) and hit the "Entry" tab. This will pull up a quick form for you to fill out. Fancy increasing your chances? You can refer up to five friends per day to the contest and should each one of them enter, you'll receive an additional submission.

So, the more friends you refer, the higher your chances. Oh, and you can grab an extra entry if you share the sweepstake on Twitter. Unfortunately, there are some restrictions. This contest is only open for residents (over 18) in the US.

The contest has been running since October, but luckily you've still got three days left to fire in your entry (doors close on November 15, 2013 at 11:59pm). Head on over to Nokia's website to get hooked up. Good luck and be sure to send us some shots of your new pad should you win the makeover.

Thanks, MyNL822, for the tip!


Reader comments

Get hooked up with a tech room makeover in Nokia's sweepstakes


It's fustrating that a Finnish company runs competitions in the US, a country which isn't interested in their products....

What are you talking about? IKEA is as Swedish as ABBA and Volvo. Even their logo is blue and yellow which is the same as the Swedish flag.

And yet every year millions in the U.S. treat Ikea as a destination, traveling hundreds of miles to shop the closest one for all kinds of home decor, furniture, and kitchen items, pausing long enough to eat meatballs, mashed potatoes, and lingonberry sauce.

I'm getting sick and tired of it as well! C'mon NOKIA, you're a European company by heart. At least let some European equivalent contest run..

Yo, I know that feeling. You go to the page, get all excited, see it's US only, and then you, simply, FREAKIN' RAGE/SWEAR AT NOKIA.

My guess is that these things are decided by the different regions of Nokia. They're trying to build market-share in the U.S., so what better way than a contest?

Oh nice! I want to participate...
Sounds good... Yes... Yes... Huh? Restrictions?.. Wait, you don't sa... Yea-a-ah, US only :/

Normally they do,but i think in the excitement of the sweepstake,which Rich must have entered, if he's American,he forgot to put it in the title!

Rich is a uk based editor lol, I bet he is feeling the same as the rest of us unless he some "cough", special contacts :P.

Fuuu. Can't enter from my phone. The Nokia page works but then it redirects to the Facebook page which DOESN'T work.

Same here. I think it may still enter you but we just don't get the chance to refer friends. Hopefully I can do it from my laptop later.

Nokia in Asia should actively do stuff like this..

damn.. why it always Nokia in UK and US have such compatition with such amazing prizes especially Lumia phone and devices

I wonder about that.  Do you actually need to post on your wall?  You enter name, email, phone (optional) then agree that Nokia can view your FB public profile and friends list... THEN there is a pop-up to post the contest on your wall.

I'm getting sick of these US-only contests. I mean, c'mon, Nokia! You guys are giving too many prizes to a country that doesn't even buy your products. What about those of us who are supporting the company from other countries?

You have a damn good point, but surely there's a reason they do it here. Maybe a tax issue? I don't know.

Look at the bright side. The US may not buy their products (what are they again?) but at least they're not speaking German now!

What are you talking about? I don't speak German. I'm from Chile. I speak Spanish LOL! I guess you meant something else and I didn't get it :P

I was humorously referring to the comment made about the US ignoring Finland with the Nokia offer. Finland was rather chummy with the Nazis to fend off the Soviets in WWII and had the US not gotten involved, Nazi Germany would have dominated and occupied all of Europe including Finland.

I'm an American and really want to move to Chile. Your country has suffered greatly because of us and is recovering very nicely no thanks to us. A beautiful country with beautiful people. I've heard it referred to as the "new California" which is where I live and I'd love a new one!

Hahahaha now I got the joke. I'm sorry, I haven't slept in more than 20 hours so I'm kind of slow.

Yeah, we've suffered a lot because of many countries in Chile. However, there's no hatred in our hearts so foreigners will always be welcome :)

I don't think the whole country can be called "new California." But I might be misundertanding the reason why. If it's for its wheather, there are all kinds of it throughout Chile. If it is for its warm people, you guys are probably right.

Cheers, and let me knowif you're coming!

US only sucks! :x
to hell with the room make over..the other gifts are so amazing..they could've kept them international at least!

You have our deepest sympathies. Rise up and break the chains and free yourselves from the tyrannical yoke of Rodgers! Oh wait....you're Canadians and don't do that sort of thing. Never mind.

Should have included US ONLY into the title, don't know why i even bother to read these entries anyway, 99.99% of them are US ONLY (i know, not WPCentral's fault, but still).

You people realy need to chill it with the complaining. You don't have carriers that nerf the shit out of phones (AT&T and the 1520...)

Besides, the contest site doesn't work.

Neither do we have carriers who finance the phone. I have a Lumia 920 because a paid nearly €500 (+- $560) for it in full. If i want a 1520 i will have to pay around €700 (+- $770) in full. Bear in mind that the minimum salary in Portugal is €485, around $500.

It may be that there are a lot of people signing up but the web page just locks up. my not sure if  I was able to register or not.

The room I'm in now.. 8). Well, I'm sitting on the crapper where I DO get most of my "thinking" done..8P. I like it!!

Same here.  I have tried from serveral devices and different points in time. I just get a blank white page ...

no germany :(

btw inviting friends to contests like that might increase your direct chance to win but on the other hand the more people participate the lower is your chance to win... ;P it's a vicious circle

I understand that Nokia is focusing on winning the US but it is getting absurd how many goodies are Americans getting as opposed to Europeans.

And i have been a loyal user for the past 13 years... sending this from my 920.

Getting real fed up of this US only contests, especially when the vast majority of Nokia users are outside of the US, like me (Portugal).