Get ready to ramp it up with the official app for Myntra, India's leading fashion store

Myntra – India's Fashion Store

Myntra.com is the leading online retailer of fashion and casual lifestyle products in India, and headquartered in Bangalore. Acquired by Flipkart a few months ago, the shopping portal offers clothes, footwear, and fashion accessories for men, women, and kids.

The company has just launched their official shopping app for Windows Phone devices offering products from over 600 brands.

Myntra – India's Fashion Store

The app allows you to browse and search products by categories and brands, and refine your search based on popularity, discount, prices, colors, sizes, and more using sort and filter features. For an individual product listing, you can check out detailed information with rich images and style notes from Myntra's fashion editors.

Once you've selected the products to buy and finish the purchase, you'll have to pay cash on delivery. The app does not allow paying for your order using credit/debit card or netbanking, which is an awkward limitation. There's of course free 30-day returns and exchanges, right at your doorstep. The app also notifies you of the best deals, offers, and coupons. While checking out a product listing, you can share them with your friends via email or Facebook and Twitter.

Download Myntra – India's Fashion Store (yes, that's the complete name of the app) for free for Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store. It's a neat, vanilla shopping app, and does the basics right. Give it a whirl, and let us know how you like it.

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Reader comments

Get ready to ramp it up with the official app for Myntra, India's leading fashion store


Well we aren't allowed to pay using netbanking/dc/cc...so uh how are we supposed to pay again? Weird way to put out an app heh...

Only COD and I agree, this is stupid. They shouldn't even have released it in this state but at least should update it ASAP with all the other payment options included.

Windows phone is a big deal here now...our office WiFi has restricted any other phone using android or iOS...but wp connect without a hitch..and free WiFi always makes life easy haha...

Yes, they showed 'em all right, by not even including any of the common payment options other than COD. How awesome.

* You seem to have a real chip on your shoulder.

Why? Shouldn't these very basic options be present right at the outset? Who in their right mind releases an e-shopping app with only COD as a payment option?

Learn to demand more from companies and developers or you'll only be saddled with cheap junk, and that goes for apps too.

Flipkart decided to lend their amazing developers to Myntra. This should be good, considering that Flipkart owns Myntra.

Unbelievable even though android rules India with 90% market share.still indian developers develop for WP.hope the same is case with global developers.

The most popular website for shopping in India ! Finally all online stores are on WP. That is some great support by developers. And this is due to the fact that ppl like WP here and they really have faith in MS. Nice UI .. And Runs smooth. Great going !