Gibbage Cases for the Nokia Lumia 920 close to becoming available

Some time ago we took a look at Gibbage Cases for the HTC 8x. The cases are 3D printed shells that snap on to your 8x to give the Windows Phone a little bit of style and protection. There was mention that cases were in development for the Nokia Lumia 920 and it looks like the Lumia 920 cases will be here before you know it.

While the 920 cases are still in the prototype stage Kevin Miller, the designer behind Gibbage Cases, has posted the above video over on YouTube and is going to give away a 3D printed case to five viewers who subscribe and comment to the video.

We also have a discussion going on over here in the Windows Phone Central Forums on these new cases and the giveaway. So if you have a design suggestion or comment on the 3D printed cases in general, ease on over to the forums and speak up.

We're hoping to get our hands on the Gibbage Case for the Lumia 920 and we'll get a review up shortly there after.  In the meantime, if you can find out more on the Gibbage cases here at Gibbage Art and the 8x cases can be order here through Shapeways website.


Reader comments

Gibbage Cases for the Nokia Lumia 920 close to becoming available


Windowsphone, W8, Xbox, Kinect, and Surface are all that matter.... This coming from a true MS fanboi!!!!

Personally, I don't care for the design of the new case.  I love the black and the white ones at the upper left of the screen.  And, of course, love the one on the 8X.  I'd rather see something like those for the 920.  The new one just covers too much.

Sure!  I will have many designs available to choose from.  I will so a similar "sticky" design and "web" design, plus others.  Also, if you find a design you like, or have a concept, please let me know in the forums.  One guy mentioned a design with a Biohazard sign in it, and will make something based on that! 

Im looking at other 3D printing services that will ship cheaper and faster too the UK and EU. The price will be similar at 20-25 Euro's.

This is really great but Lumia 920 doesn't need a case. It is already heavy, large and sturdy. Putting a case on it completely ruins the gorgeous design. Besides, I can barely see scratches on the back of my phone because it's layer after layer of white, so unlike aluminum or other plastic, it won't show a dark, ugly scratch. 

I hate to be mean because the creator of these actually reads this site and the comments... but really the nicest thing that comes to mind for me is "its just not for me".
To each their own... more power to the people who like them.