glƏƏk! for Windows Phone updated to version 1.5

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The popular (and rather unique) Twitter client for Windows Phone glƏƏk! (see our review) has been recently updated to version 1.5, which introduces a number of new features. The functionality that's included in this update includes user colour coding, which will please those who are arriving from other platforms and are heavy Twitter users. When browsing through tweets, users can now add colours to specific accounts they're following.  

That's not all as the developer has bundled a number of extras into the app, including custom ringtones. Ringtones for Carbon, glƏƏk!, Meadow and Rowi can be found in the extras section. Adjusting the font size is now available, and finally a number of performance improvements have been applied. Not a bad update, right?

As well as the above features, there is a public service announcement the developer asked us to publish. An issue has been located and subsequently fixed, but the update containing this solution is not going to be live for another handful of days. Should you encounter this issue, we ask that you simply ignore it for now until the patch is rolled out. The problem is when users attempt to save their accounts / settings while their Windows Phone is configured for a region that uses commas (",") for numerical separation / decimal marks.

Should you be using commas, instead of periods (".") in your region, you may wish to hold off on updating to version 1.5 until the patch is available. If you've already updated then it's only a number of days before the fix will be heading for your Windows Phone - as a temporary fix, you can change your regional settings to work around the issue (though we've not encountered the problem ourselves).

You can download glƏƏk! from the Marketplace.

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glƏƏk! for Windows Phone updated to version 1.5


Wow, updated tweets on the live tile. Is that a first? Think I might buy this, it looks better than all the other ones I've tried so far!

Get v1.6 that should be live in the next few hours...any "lagginess" should be gone, and shoot an email to support if you need to...they are SUPER responsive.

Oops, nevermind. Doesn't seem to do tweet updates. Are there any twitter apps which tell you when you have new tweets? What's so hard about doing that? This WPCentral app gives me updates.

GlƏƏk does send notifications for mentions, messages, and even new tweets from pinned users (you can pin almost everything in glƏƏk) but it's on a 30 minutes cycle. The only one we know of that doesn't use 30 minute cycle is Rowi, which is about 2 minutes, if that's important to you...although glƏƏk v2.0 will have them coming in June.

...and the reason a Twitter app is way harder to do real time updates is because the Twitter API doesn't send real time info to apps using the methods most apps have to use...developers have to create and host their own services for this, typically. Twitters streaming API will make this easier, so more apps will be approved to use it soon.

I didn't mean "push" notifications, sorry for the misunderstanding.  What I mean is, on all my BlackBerry, Nokia, Android and ios devices I just set Twitter to update every hour and it tells me when I have new tweets without me having to constantly manually check.

Great twitter client. I was using 4 different apps before for the various features and to manage two accounts. Twitters own, mehdoh, rowi, and another that escapes me ATM. I was able to get rid of all them and just use gleek. Best app for Twitter. It does start a little slow but I'm not surprised with all the features. Its packed with features and the author responds to support emails quickly and friendly. Worth every penny and I'm so tight with money only dogs can hear me fart. Live tile notifications are the best, auto tagging, just so many features... Its amazing.

Was using carbon prior to Gleek but switched about a month ago. Soooo many cool features included with Gleek that other twitter clients lack. And to top it off, support is VERY responsive to user's needs. Further, if you haven't tried i'm a wp7, from the same developer, you should, as they make great companion apps.

I dont get it, i login and when i re-enter the app it tells me its the first time so i should set up my account...again..and again....and

Yes, that's what this article is making users aware of, that have regional settings that use a comma in a decimal, like 1,5 instead of 1.5. A fix for that bug is pending approval right now and will be live first of the week...you'll be all good then...look for v1.7 Tuesday/Wednesday.

Gleek was good before,but now with all the extras now packed in it its even better..
Colour coding,live tile notification not to mention all the fun stuff like sneak peeps.
All in all the best twitter app about,and is a great companion to imawp7 which will help you get the most from your phone.

Plain and simple the best Twitter app. This has so many more features than the rest it's not even funny.

Was having problems with version 1.4. Was slow to resume after jumping to browser from tweet.
Now with 1.5 it is faster than the twitter app in this regard.

This Developer deserves support from all the WP community. He simply rocks! Send him a support email and you will know why everyone says support is very good.

About he App, nothing even comes close to the custumization and features this has for twitter.

PD - try the daily theme in options. Makes the app beautiful, I hope we will be able to do this kind of thing in the Os on wp8.

Hmm, was to try the app, but since there was to be a update, i waited ..now the trial have expired, hmm, kind of .. well, it will have to wait.

Nakazul, if you shoot an email to them via the support link in the app they will reset your Trial for you, BTW.

Wow, just updated to 1.6 and this app is completely perfect it seems! Way way way snappier!!! This is a dream! NICE WORK!