glƏƏk! for Windows Phone 8 now priced at $99.99 due to Twitter token limit


The price for the popular Windows Phone 8 third party Twitter app glƏƏk! shot up today to $99.99, and it's not a mistake. Its developer Liquid Daffodil has revealed the reason for the massive boost in price, claiming that the app is close to reaching its token limit as required by Twitter for all third party apps.

WPCentral received tips from readers this morning that the price for glƏƏk! had gone up from its previous $1.99 to $99.99. The official Twitter page for Liquid Daffodil confirmed the news and added, " ... we want it available for existing users to reinstall but discourage any new users." The reason? The developer stated in a subsequent message, "... the app is close to its Twitter Token limit." The developer will continue to offer bug fixes along with "anything we've already promised" but there will be no new features released for the app.


In addition to the Windows Phone 8 version going up in price, we have also discovered that the Windows 8 version of glƏƏk! has already been removed from the Windows Store and is no longer available for download. It would appear that Liquid Daffodil is trying to keep the Windows Phone 8 version available for as long as it can and pricing it at $99.99 should keep it safe in the store.

We have seen Twitter's token limits take down other third party apps on Windows Phone and Windows 8 in the past, such as Rowi and most recently MetroTwit.

Are you sad that glƏƏk! is reaching the end of its life? Thanks to Carlos and Devarshi for the tips!

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Source: Liquid Daffodil on Twitter


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glƏƏk! for Windows Phone 8 now priced at $99.99 due to Twitter token limit



You do understand what a huge favor they're doing for their customer's right? The high price means it'll stay in the store for current customers to download fixes and updates, while no one new will buy it and be mad when it doesn't have a token to actually use with Twitter...

Twitter is annoying I am a member but only post thru other apps. Can't be bothered. And I believe more then half the members do what I do. Or joined because.......but never use it except thru other programs IMO

Eventually, yes. But Brandon has said in the past that it's why he charges for the app and offers the subscription approach. It helps keep the growth in check, so to speak.

It's pretty annoying that Twitter does this sort of thing.

It's annoying and difficult to understand when there are other apps on other platforms that are the same age or even older than Gleek and even so they don't get taken down due to token limits. And they're the most famous 3rd party apps on said platform. I tried to get a discussion going about it here, to no avail, sadly...


I thought this was a mistake. Gleek was a good app but it was always missing some small features that kept it from being my go to app. MeTweets has been my go to app for a while.

The tokens, right? Not the fact that they are trying to keep the app around for existing users, I hope...

Twitter has a 100.000 token limit I think. Which means a third party app can have 100.000 downloads/users or something like that.

From what I understand, apps that are not the official client, are given so many "tokens" (access) to twitter stream/data.  Apps that were around prior to the new implementation had some leeway depending upon how popular they were (many tokens), but those less popular ones were given X amount of access and that was it. 

Once the tokens are used up by the application(s), no new user can sign up/in to Twitter to access the data for that application.  Hence the application essentially becomes worthless.

It must mean that all existing users will also lose the use of the app? If not, upping the price doesn't make any sense; what's the difference between being in the Store at an impossible price and having the app removed, if it's business as usual for all existing users in both cases...?

I don't believe those with current access will lose it, as those users have already received a token when they initially set up the application.  The problem can happen if the user were to uninstall and then to reinstall the application and validate the application, the token may not be valid any longer. 


Upping the price does make sense as anyone seeing $100 for an app is not going to buy it.  The token limit is going to be reached, it is just a matter of when.  Hence the developer is trying to stem angry customers who purchase the app and then cannot activate it and use it.  The $100 dollars discourages anyone buying it and running into a "dead" app.

It also slows down the use of tokens since there aren't any new users and most existing users won't need to reinstall.

I wonder if a twitter app could be set up to backup and thereby keep the same token intact after reinstalling.

The only time people complain, is when it affects them. Those that don't have Gleek won't complain, and those that do are already part of the 100,000 token.

I'm complaining, and I use the official twitter app. It pisses me off that in ten years there's going to be hundreds of twitter apps that no new phone user can access because of twitter's stupid ass rule. It needs to be revoked, it's helping no one but twitter.

Maybe these people just can't understand English, and they only translate the title with google translate then commenting lol

For those complaining; The price tag is so high to stop people from buying it. Nobody in the right mind would buy an app at that price. It is probably kept on the store for current users to get their updates for the app. Removing it would be difficult to update current app users.

@Gmantione: Don't be a dick. There's no room for people like you if you're going to be that way.
@Rick: Yes. Yes I did. Thank you for asking.

I like the fact that is basically what I said earlier on here. You even wrote 'rick' instead of rich. Nice shout out. ;)

You are correct sir. Don't you love it when people just read the title and a couple of sentences and interpret it as they please? I do.


Really? Which part have I not read exactly?

I know about the token limit and how annoying it is, but I think it is even more annoying that companies stop adding new features to an app when the token limit is reached. Reaching that limit means a LOT of users use or have used the app, means now it is an app with a wide audience which is not being added new features anymore.

Edit: This is me assuming that the token limit is based on the number of users and not API calls though, if it is the latter than my rant is meaningless, obviously.

At what point do they call it quites and move on to another paying product? I get what you are saying, but torn to what the answer is.

actually, I prefer the official app. It's the only twitter app that lets me select which tweets/users I want to get notified of via toast messages and in the info center. Other apps will just let me enable to get notified of mentions and messages or all tweets.

I will buy all of the twitter clients. And wait for it to reach the token limit. I'm rich and i know it. I like throwing money as much as i throw a rock. Oh.. $99.99, no problem. I'll buy 10 definitely. *jk

Yep. Twitter instituted the token limits to reduce the amount of third party apps, and to keep them from growing. Basically, twitter didn't like so many popular apps, that were actually better than their own.

Ok. So they purposefully don't want no one else to get it. Gotcha. I thought that because of the limit, they were forced to monetize it a different way.

damn.... what the F is twitter token by the way? many good third party twitter apps went bust because of this F token shits.

This is why I just use the official twitter app. Its clean and has basically all the features. I own gleek but never cared much for third party apps after hitting token issues before on others and issues with APIs and all that. I'll stay official on twitter as I rely on it heavily. Facebook and twitter are apps I stay official on.


third party developers are allowed ot have only X amount of tokens, each token represents 1 user. Since Twitter is free, and a third party app can cost $4, you can see why Twitter would be upset about other companies making money on Twitters back.

I'll sell my copy for $80. Bet they are secretly hoping a couple might buy it at that price! Not sure why anyone would develop a twitter app, so many good ones have bit the dust.. Carbon, Rowi, MetroTwit, now Gleek :( If twitter actually brought some decent features into the official app more than occasionally it wouldn't be a problem.

Seems to me that Twitter's token idea is due to laziness from their devs, they want to force people to use their app by limiting others with tokens rather than develop a better app to draw users.

Yep! Its a mixture of that and I'm sure they didn't like so many third party apps getting the ad revenue and stuff, when they have yet to really monetize their own mobile apps.

Because those who have bought it bout have to reinstall it for some reason (switching phones, app crashed, idk) can then reinstall it which they could not if it was removed

The actual Twitter app is pretty good so I'm not at all affected by this. But there should be a way for a dev to buy more tokens.

I like that the app is available on W8 and WP8, but this token limit is the dumbest thing i've ever heard of.

I use gleek and like the ability to have a black background with red accents. If Twitter would just develop a decent universal app with the ability to change the color, i'd be happy. But, no. They just continue to suck every single day with their crap apps.

I fail to see why anyone wouldn't just use the official app anyway. I'm sure the others are great but when it's all said and done, it's Twitter. How much functionality do you really need?

Well, colour coding tweets is great. So is the ability to filter them. Also other apps simply looking better (eg tweet it) and have a better UI

I schedule Tweets. I manage more than one Twitter account. Does Twitter app even let you Retweet with comment, yet?

Why does twitter screw over third party apps while offering a shitty app on windows phone I mean they finally update the official app, but without GIF support.

Not only for windows phone but in general. Third party apps have way more functions regardless the OS they are on. Twitter is just dumb. Instead they should offer an API so that developers can make use of their advertising so they don't get hit by any token limits whatsoever

Don't have much faith left in windows phone to be honest...
1. No apps- if there either they are in beta or ridiculous. IOS or android have much stabler apps.
2. Microsoft is thinking its consumers as geeks...so only betas and alphas I wonder why facebook app is still in beta.
3. Big banks like hsbc are yet to come...till then I'll have to buy a android which I don't want to
4. Heard of8.1 almost 6-8 months back and yet to get it
5. No new phones in the market I mean just no phones at all.
6. Everything is for the US ...its better Microsoft mobile shd be limited to us as the market in other countries is pathetic...no interest by microsoft at all
7. No native music player...Xbox music sucks big time...and Spotify is free on other platforms...guess what we have to pay even to shuffle...
8. Only offline maps saves me sometimes...lastweek I couldn't find barafundle bay on here...i had to sort my way out the primitive style
9. Embarrasing support...and yeah wpcentral has more updates for microsoft than microsoft...
10. Everything is on hope...bbm came and none of my frnds are using it guess why...they already have used and thrown it away...whatsapp is enough...

If microsoft is not going to show aggression they will have to shut down everything related to mobile...

Sigh!! Thinking of android or ios... I think its time to switch...

I don't know what your problem is. I have no problem with any app whatsoever. I love Poki. MyTube is the best YouTube client I've ever used and I would die without it. Collector is my fav news reader ever! OneDrive integration in the photo hub is great. So is every other integrated app. Lenses are a really nice idea!

Xbox music is awful but at least not unusable for me. It does the job and it's only getting better over time. Updates start to come more timely for windows phone. HTC is bringing in its One. The future is bright :)

I'd hate to see you run a business where you get comments like that everyday. Watch how your customers dwindle when you tell them to not let the door hit them on their way out. He will let the door hit him and he will put his cash somewhere else, and WP will die a slow death. He voiced his opinion, he's allowed.