Glance 'Bittersweet shimmer' notifications revealed by Microsoft Norway in new photo

It’s not exactly a secret that Nokia’s forthcoming ‘Bittersweet shimmer’ firmware update, which will coincide with the GDR3 OS release, will sport Glance screen notifications. Indeed, we speculated as much before it was confirmed two days later in the famous leak of the new Lumia build.

Interestingly, Microsoft Norway just posted this above photo to their Instagram account and if you look closely, you’ll see a few notifications awaiting the owner of that Lumia 925.  Of course the rest of the image is actually highlighting the Surface 2, Xbox controller and Halo Spartan Assault, but that’s still a neat confirmation of this new feature.

From the earlier GDR3 video leak by xs2k

Nokia’s Bittersweet shimmer and GDR3 will presumably be showcased next month in Abu Dhabi, where Nokia will be hosting their final Nokia World event. Nokia is expected to unveil their Lumia 1520 phablet, Lumia 2520 tablet and maybe even a few other Windows Phone tidbits.

Glance screen notifications should greatly enhance the unique Lumia feature. We’ve heard that it was originally supposed to come with GDR2 and Amber but due to time constraints it was pushed back. No word on exact availability of the third and final OS update before Windows Phone 8.1, though November has been suggested.

Source: Microsoft Norway (Instagram); Thanks, Tor A., for the tip!


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Glance 'Bittersweet shimmer' notifications revealed by Microsoft Norway in new photo


OLED screens are infact vulnerable to image burn. I hope the static clock/notifications can move positions every few minutes.

And if Nokia would start pushing out for every other device -__- I'm all excited about bittersweet shimmer and I don't even have amber, waaaaahhhhh :(

Point is we should not have to do this ourselves. I had the Gen 1 Samsung focus on ATT which never received WP 7.8 so forgive me if starting to be a little upset with ATT support for updates to our phones especially when my 920 is not even a year old!!

If you're willing to blow away all your data and flash an image on your phone. The OTA update preserves everything.

You can do manually update but then you'll lose the ability to go back to stock AT&T ROM. I find the stock AT&T ROM has better signal reception than all those new ROM I have tried.

I don't understand why the Carrier has anything to say about updates. Microsoft should have full control of this process.

Because when Nokia released it's first GDR update for the Lumia 920 on AT&T it busted our phones. Thousands of AT&T users then proceeded to contact and complain to AT&T support that their phones were not working. It took a couple of weeks before they could offer a patch to fix the failed update.

Every time an update screws up it costs carriers like AT&T a lot of resources and hurts their company. Now I'm not excusing AT&T's horrible behavior on updates, but I partially understand their rationale for not wanting updates at all. They'd rather make you so frustrated with your current phone's limited capabilities that you just buy a new one from them on contract. AT&T is by far the worst offender. Lumia 928 on Verizon got GDR2 probably more than a month ago.

Well all I can say to that is somehow Apple manages it. If they screw it up a fix follows immediately to deal with it.

They should start a beta testing program with users like us :) You know, this is only to save problems to the rest of the users.

"That is an issue with the phone itself, not our service. We are sorry but there is nothing we can do, you'll have to contact Microsoft for support."
Pretty simple.

The are lazy and don't really care about the experience their customers have once they bought the device, it's pretty shortsighted but that's Microsoft for you.

Unfortunately that attitude is not an option for Microsoft anymore.  They are being pounded into the ground by thier competition.  I think MS has a great product list now.....Surface, Windows phone, XBox and Windows 8.......all awesome once you get to know them but the adoption rate is pathetic.  Microsoft must do everything in its power to make Consumers notice and providing top notch support of these devices is one of many ways to do it.  Providing timely meaningful updates would go a long way. 

Now just add everything else from the lock screen and remove the lock screen...
Because I now have to tap, swipe up and enter my password to open the phone. What next, retina scan prior to the double tap?

Double tapping is no different than pressing the power button to turn your screen on? Swiping up is the unlocking mechanism and password is for security plus its all optional.....

Actually speaking, Android does allow to completely disable the unlock screen. Just the power key and phone is locked and unlocked.

Also, while password protected, pressing power in sleep mode directly brings up the unlock screen. So in WP, no slide up screen, pressing power key/ double tap, will bring up the PIN screen. That kind of feature would be neat on WP!

You wrote my heart out! It will be such a perfect glance screen and unlocking mechanism, and also every option at your hand.

True! If password is active, swipe up shouldn't be necessary anymore!
If not you'll need some sort of protection for unintended opening, although I never saw that happening.

Unless of course one has relevant information (i.e. app filtered content on lockscreen,) as some of us password users will look at that screen without launching the password input (Thank you Amazing Weather HD.)

Well, just think of all the times you WON'T need to hit the power button or double tap to see if anything came in. :)

also why i always think Nokia should just put a Notification LED light.  #2 reason i miss my blackberry.

Yes, I had that on some of my old WM phones. It was good and I would certainly welcome that back.

I just talked to my brother's uncle's cousin who is in charge of AT&T updates and he said "What update?"

I'm ready to see some comparison videos of the surface 2 vs ipad 4 or surface pro 2 vs anything out there.

Youre going to have to find the one person in the media tha doesnt have their head all the way up Apple's ass if you want an honest comparison. Good luck!

Hah, already pulled and uploaded a new cropped image without the notifications! Didn't take long. Looking forward to this tho!

I've lost hope because the Nokia support page has said I can get the update for a month and every time I check its not there :(

Excited to see what exclusive apps Nokia will bring to Windows 8. This is what is holding me back from getting the Surface 2.

Honestly dude, if apps are holding you back from getting a Surface 2, you should see what the Surface 2 is capable of.    There's lots of apps already, but the full blown websites work just fine and great on the Surface (whereas on the iPad or Android tablets they work horribly).

Yes! So perfect, I can't wait. Who needs a notification light when you've got this? As long as you've got Glance activated, it's pretty much functionally identical, with the added bonus of actually saying what kind of notification rather than just blinking a nondescript light. Seriously, the old system reminds me of the "problem light" from that early Venture Brothers episode.

Source? I really hope the Nokia software guys will continue their work on Lumia exclusivities under MS as they have done under Nokia. MS should never roll these features into the base OS since they would be competing directly with other Windows phones makers out there and these features specifically stands Lumia apart from Ativ or 8x.

Why would you apologize to us? I could care less about exclusives, however, what you need to worry about is the fact that ATT will still stock more WP devices, giving us more choice ; )

hmmm i dont get the point now, first it was the clock - ok, but will the next thing be the date and an background picture?! WE HAVE THIS ALREADY! ok one thing is cool because you see always notifications about new stuff happening behind the locked screen, but therefore is the first lock screen, press the button or double tap to look. maybe they should take this time an resources put in this feature and make the lock screen with Microsoft better then it is.

All these awesome news and no WPCentral podcast/videocast in sight.

Stop this Talk Mobile nonsense and get back to focus on the important stuff. ;)
When is the next episode?

I tipped that the other day I have message notification working on l925 with amber it show the text on glance screen as it comes in

They will not roll gdr3 in November, they will announce the devices end of October! Like Amber probably the new devices will come with gdr3 and then after a month or two they'll roll it OTA for the existing ones..

Am I the only one that has glance turned off because it kills my battery.

Actually im not sure. Battery has been rough ever since the Amber update. Turned off glance and double tap already since they trigger the sensor and screen on standby.

Put glance on peek and it will auto time out. I for one find just tapping the screen much quicker than pressing the unlock/ power key. Also i haven't noticed any battery drain with both enabled.

Glance is far more battery efficient on oled eg. 925,1020 but on LCD (920) it is taxing, double tap to wake is meant to be taxing but I have no issues I'm more pissed about other storage still robbing 4gb on my 920

"where Nokia will be hosting their final Nokia World event"
True, and the 1520 will probably be the last Nokia flagship. Another reason to own that important piece of history.