Glowdeck is a Bluetooth speaker that will wirelessly charge your Windows Phone

Glowdeck, a new Bluetooth speaker with built-in wireless charging, is set for release later this year. It's no ordinary speaker though as it will not only stream your music through a pair of high-quality stereo speakers — but it will also charge your Qi-compatible device just by setting it down on top of the speaker. But the fun doesn't even stop there — Glowdeck will also show all of your notifications in Streams on the bottom of the speaker's display, while your phone is charging.

Streams is an OS that is totally customizable and allows you to see what you want, when you want it — right on your Glowdeck. So even when your phone is charging, you won't miss an email or important news story. Best of all? Glowdeck has a native Windows Phone 8 app ready to go for launch.

Streams is an OS that you customize to track the information you care about. When the OS detects something new, it notifies you with light displays general information about the incoming content. For example, if you receive a new email, Glowdeck will display the name of the sender and the subject line. For a breaking news story on a topic you're interested in, you will see the press source and the headline.

Glowdeck is available in a Black Acrylic Edition for $219.99, and a Walnut Wood Edition for $249.99 — both set to ship this December. Check out more at glowdeck.com.

Source: @glowdeck; Thanks, Amir, for the tip!


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Glowdeck is a Bluetooth speaker that will wirelessly charge your Windows Phone


I'm curious as to how much "support" they can really get out of 8.1 i.e. can it really read the notification stream or just support Qi? Hmmm...

I actually thought this was pretty cheap for a wireless speaker. Although that would be cool, nevertheless. :P

The impression I got watching the video is that it doesn't talk to the phone's notification system, it talks to the streams companion app.  Though really, I have no idea, that was just my first impression.


I wonder what the sound quality will be like?

Hmm now they need to make a PMA version for the US on ATT. Now I can consider my phone gimped.. :(

Think I know what I'm getting myself for my birthday!  Looks like its time to retire the ol' plastic clock radio in the bedroom.


really expensive for some unnecessary gimmick imo. do you really need to see notifications on that tiny screen when your beautiful retina phone screen is right there?

I suggest getting a Creative Sound Blaster Axx 200 for much more features, lower price, and higher quality speakers.

This is cool. Once I get my bedroom set up nice, I think I might buy it (depending on reviews...). Certainly seems like a great way to keep the phone at night, being able to see messages while charging and listening to music.
I've been looking at BT speakers recently and the Wp Central store has a Zens BT Speaker and Qi Charger (http://store.wpcentral.com/zens-bluetooth-speaker-and-qi-wireless-charge...) that also seems pretty interesting. I was considering getting that, but the additional clock functionality of the Glowdeck is appealing (though at only $99 the Zens is attractive as well).
I bought a TDK A33 BT battery powered speaker the other day, and I'm very happy with it. But it doesn't have any additional functions, though it's very portable and sounds great (at least it has a lot of bass :)). If anyone is looking for a BT speaker only, I think it's a good one.