gMaps Pro returns to the Marketplace (Updated)

gMaps Pro for Windows Phone

A few weeks ago, at Google's request, gMaps Pro was pulled from the Windows Phone Marketplace due to a copyright infringement request.

According to the developer Alexey Strakh, gMaps Pro was originally to be hidden from the open Marketplace while the app was re-branded. For some reason (Alexey notes a problem with Microsoft)  the app wasn't hidden and eventually pulled. Gmaps was flagged for violating Google's trademarks, something we reported on earlier as other apps had the same problem.

The skinny of it all is that gMaps Pro v1.23 is now available on the Marketplace but upgrades from previous versions are not possible without paying for the updated version. Because it was pulled or deleted from the Marketplace, v1.23 is considered a new app creation and updates to the old versions not possible.

gMaps Pro

Strakh has suggested for those who had already purchased gMaps Pro before the re-branding complain to Microsoft about having to pay for the app a second time. It's not the best of situations but on has to wonder if Google could offered the new version of gMaps Pro for a limited time as a free app to allow previous owners to upgrade for free?

Nonetheless, gMaps Pro is back on the Marketplace with a free trail version available to let you try things out before buying. The full version is running $1.99 and previous versions are not upgradeable.

You can find gMaps Pro here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Source: gMaps Pro (Facebook)

Update: We've just learned that Alexey Strakh is working on offering gMaps Pro v1.23 for free this Friday.  We aren't sure if it will be a midnight to midnight offer and once we get all the details, we'll pass them on.  If you are a current gMaps Pro user, it may be worth the wait to hold off on updating for a few days.

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gMaps Pro returns to the Marketplace (Updated)


They were merely protecting their trademark from being mis-used by a third party - hard to see how Google could be considered to be the douche-bag here.

Google is very inconsiderate. They throw fits because wp7 devs make 3rd party apps that they WILL NEVER MAKE. Google should just make apps for wp7 and ios instead of being an OS.

Bing maps works good, and that's all I ever use, but the two issues I have are that it won't save my map view preference, I want ariel view permanently, and, I hate the fact that you have to keep taping the damn screen to get the next direction when using the turn by turn. Maybe a few other small things I hate, but overall it's cool.... Oh yeah, it took me completely the wrong way today. Lol.. Has anybody noticed that when traveling down the hywy sometimes the map keeps telling you to exit at every exit. I'm stupid, so the first time it did this I kept getting on and off the highway. Lol!

I did have a situation where my destination was on a side road right next to the highway and Bing thought I could just stay on the highway to reach my destination.

LOL I like that they want the users to complain to MSFT, when it is them who are being the jackasses by releasing it as a 'new' app and not an update to their old one.  Nice try Google.

Their solution makes it seem like it's entirely Microsoft's fault when, in fact, they are partly responsible for this situation as well.
Edit: I think offering the software for free for a day is a good compromise.

Yes, but NIST does Bing have latitude? As I just said, in even happier with my built in map app that came with the phone but it doesn't have latitude feature :-)

Well something needs to happen besides having to pay for it again! After all the times of not being able to log into latitude throughout the different versions to THIS? nope, if I have to pay again then he's lost a customer! I actually like my built in map program on my HTC HD7.5 and only use Gmaps Pro for the lattitude! Not worth buying again!

Latitude Auto Update works fine for what it is, but it's of limited usefulness given you can't see where friends are. But it works with application specific passwords, and for whatever reason, GMaps Pro doesn't (I bought the last version, and really feel like they ought to specify this is a limitation of their implementation, because it was the only reason I bought and it never worked).

Like most, the feature set of any of these apps don't appeal to me enough to use them over the built in Maps application.

To those asking about what the native Bing maps app lacks, it lacks two huge things for people in NYC (and other major cities I'd imagine). Those two are Mass transit and bicycle directions. For the majority of us that don't own cars and aren't going to walk to work we have to use other map applications for directions.

Look to the future Microsoft its 2012, cars are on their way out.

Cars are going away...that's rich! :-). Good luck biking across the big cities you're talking about. What a bike at each bus stop? That will never work...

Was joking about cars going away but there are places in the country where the majority of residents do not own cars and even the ones that do take mass transit to work to save time and money (such as NYC).

well, I live in queens and I park and ride, pretty heavily (I have multiple sites to visit).  judging by the traffic on the van wych and the belt alone, I'd say cars aren't going any where...

Walking directions take you the wrong way on one way streets and ignore bike-only streets and bridge entrances.

Bing maps is missing one very important thing, Public Transit directions. REALLY hope it comes and soon.

For me in Australia the Bing maps app has:

  • Walking directions
  • Driving directions
  • Local Scout
  • Street view
  • Aerial view

gMaps can do:

  • Walking directions
  • Driving directions
  • Cycling directions
  • Public Transport directions
  • Local Scout (called Discover)
  • Street view
  • Aerial view
  • Terrain view
  • Hybrid view
  • Water overlay view
  • Public Transport map overlay
  • Traffic overlay
  • Weather overlay
  • Cycling Paths overlay
  • Compass overlay
  • Google Latitude

So gMaps is vastly more useful... I have no idea what Nokia Maps can do, but this is great for non-Nokia owners.

Bing maps only made for US, when it comes to Asian countries there are times I wanted to throw my HTC WP. Gmaps was my saviour. But I bought 900 few days back, Nokia maps is amazing here.

Can't find the app in the marketplace :-(I would also prefer to have access to an alternative map app. Like vijax21 said, Bing map is not so good in Asia. I live in a city with a few million people and Bing map would only show two main streets. Two, that's it! Satellite view is outdated as well.

Bing Map doesnt work well outside of US, it ia understandable why Google did this. Havent you seen any MS apps released for Android apart from Hotmail ?

How come when I want to get directions, it takes me to the google browser page. Like wtf, that's why i downloaded the app...because i was tired of going to the browser page!!

Ok - I retract what I said earlier about buying this again not being worth it! I see the developer added street view so if it doesn't go "free" on Friday, ill buy again!

Traffic.  I compared Bing and Gmaps, as well as the live traffic on Navigon.  Gmaps was much more accurate than either of the other two.  At the time I tested, Bing didn't even have traffic for side roads, which Gmaps did.  I guess they've added that, or are going to, or something.  But for highway traffic, Gmaps won hands down.