Google again extends ActiveSync support for its services on Windows Phone until December 31st


We're today revisiting the Exchange ActiveSync saga between Google and Microsoft. Google has once again provided Windows Phone consumers with an extension to access services using EAS. The company extended the grace period to July 31st, but now Google will be looking at December 31st to provide Microsoft more time to implement CardDAV and CalDAV support in the latest Windows Phone 8 update, according to a report over on The Verge.

This grace period offered by Google will provide Microsoft enough time to have the update fired out to all consumers so they'll be able to continue enjoying Google services using both CardDav and CalDAV, both which are now required. The plan to cut off support caught Microsoft by surprise last year when Google chose to cease supporting EAS, preventing new Windows Phone owners from setting up their Google accounts to sync calendar and contacts.

Microsoft acted quickly by both removing ActiveSync from account setup and securing an extension from Google, which has again been matched today - good news for those who are waiting for the GDR2 update to enable support on their Windows Phones. This is just the next page in the battle between the two companies, but at least there's some middle ground to work with for consumers.

Source: The Verge


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Google again extends ActiveSync support for its services on Windows Phone until December 31st


I only have several social accounts for contest. Other than that my real life consumes me. I have no reason for 500 social accounts

I so hate Facebook right now... Its full of fake people with silly post and i find twitter, vine funny to use but there should be something in the middle and i find that Google+ is the one even though im a Microsoft Fanboy but cant help but love a good service

It's all in how you use the services. The opposite of your situation is true for me, where my real life friends are mostly connected to me through Facebook while everyone else goes through Twitter, Google + etc. To call Facebook video chat with a prettier interface the future is a bit much.

I'm the same way. Facebook is for people I actually know and like (and I'm NOT a FB friend whore that friends every person I've ever met, lol), and Twitter is for my more professional contacts/interactions... I only follow people involved with Microsoft or Nokia news or other interesting tech news, and it gives me a way to learn and stay involved while at least keeping the "spam" relevant.
But it's amusing, because on FB I have 98 friends/family added, and I only have 15 of them set to appear in my News Feed, because I got tired of all their BS posts, lol.

How do you set the news feeds? Got a friend post political stuff nonstop! And the game invites and all that BS! How do I stop those on FB!!!!!

wha the solution to the garbaled MIME stuff when replying to gmail emails with a long subject headings?  Why hasnt MSFT fixed this bug?  Any solutions?

Hmm, I have been testing the Google options on my new 1020 with these results.
Setup via Google option (Cardav and Caldav included) then get IMAP email with timed checking and ability to view multiple calendars.

Setup as Exchange then get ability for push Gmail, searching the server, but lose multi-calendar support. Frustrated I can't get everything in one, multi-calendar more important than push and server search for now.

Not sure if it will help you, but take a look at gsharedcalendarenabler in the store. Maybe it will help with the multiple calendar problem...

Visint m.google.com/sync/settings/iconfig/devices on your phone. You can configure multiple calendars there.

@Zokudu Thanks, this is the exact website I was looking for and couldn't seem to find. Using the other official Google sync site for iPhones did not solve my issue, but your link did. I'll favorite this now. Thanks again!

My new 8XT syncs my sons google calendar to me but phone does not give me option to sync mail as it arrives, sets up as Imap with time sync.
I am ok with that as Gmail for me is just junk mail too and two forum reminders.
I have my Hotmail address from 1997 as primary account and have my cable email as a folder and an allias outlook account for my service organization communication.

I did the same thing. Actively using my Outlook.com account...and have not looked back. The only issue I have is; it is tied to my Xbox so I have a pretty lame email with my @hotmail.com account as my primary, one that i cannot use for business purposes. I have a much better email with @live.com I wish there was a way to combine the accounts together and not lose the information. So I could dump the old Hotmail account and go with the new one...

Jeff, that is so easy to do. Go to outlook.com and in the settings there's an option for migrating from your old hotmail account to an outlook account. Your hotmail account will forward any emails to your new account - acting as an alias. It works quite well

Oh God.
There's no CardDAV or CalDAV on my Lumia 900..

My Lumia 900 won't be getting the GDR2 update...
...I hate MS for abandoning WP7..

Poor Lumia 900

Only new users are affected. Anyway, you should setup Gmail as an exchange service anyway (Bing it, I think the necessary server is m.google.com)

its common for companies to ditch their old and focus on the new. I updated my andoird to gingerbread when it was coming out, but you think i was still going to get many more updates after that like ICS for an old spec phone?

Doesn't mean they're necessarily adding features, just continuing support. There's a difference.
And there really isn't a good reason to add support for an OS that they aren't really selling anymore given that this is an issue for new devices, really. Old devices are doing fine.

At least they'll take you calls.  I work in the software industry and we just stopped supporting a legacy program at the end of last month on a program that was last updated in 2007.

I didn't extend squat for google on my Lumia 920. Its there soley for junk mail and youtube logins.  Eat crap google.

This'll give them time to do Cal and Card DAV properly, and then I can just use ownCloud and ditch Google's non-email services. Been meaning to for a long time.

Given that the whole issue with it being removed was licensing EAS from Microsoft, I'm sure it is actually Microsoft giving Google another 6 free months of EAS use to see through getting all Windows/Windows Phone updates out to work around it.
I doubt it is being done out of the love of Google to Microsoft given their recent standoffs on all fronts.

With the pace the WP division seems to be moving, another deadline extension may be necessary in december, because GDR2 will still not have arrived on even half of the current WP model range. Because, y'know, the hardware limitations originally set for the WP8 platform were to ensure that updates would be fast, frequent and painless.
Currently, it looks like the two poor programmers working on WP8 must be utilized up the wazoo jumping between implementing further hardware support, trying to catch up feature-wise with dumbphones and creating something "awe-inspiring" in the form of WP Blue (which, of course, is currently due in the first half of 2014 but them bastards Nokia will certainly want to release some new phones in the mean time, resulting it to be pushed further back to, say, 2020 or so).

Since the hassle from Google last time i no longer use any of there services and you know what....i don't miss them... So i don't care what they do ☝

Who cares?? I'm using Hotmail (Outlook) since many years... and Still loving it.... They've made my Files/Photos organization Easy!! :) :) :) :) 

I thought they were suppose to... That's why Google keeps extending. However, MS genuinely supporting an open standard...  They're like the Sony of of software.  They want everything to be proprietory.  

Hmmm... well right now I can't access my Google Calendar on my Surface RT... The only tablet on the planet that doesn't support CardDAV and CalDAV.