Google introduces Buzz; Google Maps goes 4.0


Today, Google announced its new service called Google Buzz. Think of combining Twitter, Google Latitude and Gmail and you have Buzz.

Actually, if you've been using FourSquare...it's exactly like that. We're not saying it's not nice, just it's not really new. It is certainly an interesting move on Google's part though not unexpected. In fact, Larry Dignan at ZDNet thinks Google's real target here is Microsoft's Sharepoint.

What hath Microsoft to say?

“Busy people don’t want another social network, what they want is the convenience of aggregation. We’ve done that. Hotmail customers have benefitted from Microsoft working with Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and 75 other partners since 2008.”

We're not sure pushing Hotmail (isn't it Live Mail now guys?) is the way to go, but at least they're adamant about it.  We guess.

Regardless, Windows Mobile users are the first to get this with Google Maps 4.0 which was just released this afternoon. Rejoice!

As seen from the screenshots, you can add Buzz as a Layer to your maps. It ties in nicely with Latitude for your location by bringing up popular businesses and locations of interest near you.  You can then simply select the location, write a few comments and even add a picture for others to see.  Still confused? Check out Google's own video tutorial for more info.

Overall, it's quite nice, even if it apes FourSquare and since people would rather not sign up for yet-another-service, we'll place out bets with Google.

And yes, My Location/Latitude appears to be now fixed with CDMA.

Read more on Google Buzz here.  

Download the new Google Maps for Windows Mobile at m.google.com from your Mobile Internet Explorer.


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Google introduces Buzz; Google Maps goes 4.0


Oh yes, another Google hit just like Wave? Was that a splash or a sploosh ??

Google yet not bless my gmail account with this feature. Eagerly waiting for this.

Now they have the opportunity to make serious waves in the social media webspace. With the ability to share status updates content both video, audio and articles, Google could change Web 2.0 and create a service bringing real time in line with Youtube, Gmail, Blogger as well as integrating Twitter and Facebook to allow Social Networking to reach new levels.

I have the feature and at this point I could care less. More need it and maybe more needs to be done before I could see it as having life.

i like good mapping. i care way less about social media integration. personally, i don''t want so much linkage. if this goes far enough, i predick a backlash...

Right now Windows Mobile users are the first to get this with Google Maps 4.0 which was just released.

They state the poor GPS issue was fixed. I had no problem with locating satellites with the older version. (worked sweet) Now I am unable to locate any satellites.