Google Search comes around, offers pinnable tile for Windows Phone

Google Search becomes WP friendly

Though we give Google a lot of flak around here, after all, their "apps" for Windows Phone are basically non-existent (save one lame one), we'll give credit where it is due. Evidently, if you go to Google.com in IE9 on Windows Phone, you get the above screens, part of their continuing "make over" for Windows Phone.

The first prompts you to pin Google Search to your start screen. When tapped, it opens a new "blue" page that is properly formatted to be pinned. You simply select "pin to start" in the menu and it creates a tile.

Sure, we want more from Google on Windows Phone, but you have to admit it's a creative use of the "pin to start" feature for our OS. Heck, we'd like to see more sites adopt this little trick for site promotions, why not?

Thanks, abond32, for the tip!


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Google Search comes around, offers pinnable tile for Windows Phone


Please, they see that Wndows 8 beta is coming next month with IE & Bing set as DEFAULT.
Good luck trying to change Bing on IE10 Metro.

Would anyone be interested in a third-party app (web or native) that would let you pin any website to your start screen using an icon of your choice instead of a static page preview?

Set your IE9 settings to mobile. Next power the phone off and then back on. Then re-open IE9 entering "Google.com" exactly as displayed and then you will be able to grab tile.

I have found that after setting the device to mobile, I do not need to reboot / or even close IE, just refresh the page twice and it goes through.
Not that I am going to use it, Bing works exactly how I need it but wanted to give it a try.

Don't know if I'm late, but I also just noticed a couple days ago that touch.facebook.com works the way it should now. WP7 IE9 getting better everyday!

I used to be quite upset that I couldn't get Google Maps on my Windows Phone.  But with Google delivering a web-based search capability that looks like an app, I am very hopeful that Google hasn't abandoned Microsoft's mobile platform.  I don't know what the same Google search screen looks like in Android or iPhone, but where Google is going may mean they don't have to deliver specialized "apps" for each operating system, rather, they can build an HTML 5 web site that may work across multiple operating systems.  
By the way, Google has done something similar with You Tube, if you go to m.youtube.com, you'll see what I mean.  It looks like an app, but it's a very nicely done web site.  (Selecting something to view will still kick you into the YouTube application loaded on your phone, however.)  Now if they could just do the same with Google Maps...   :^)

What's the full URL of the blue page? There's no point posting "just go to Google" because it always fails due to region. Happened with the Facebook optimisations, would love it if they just made a facebook.com/wp and google.com/wp to save all the hassle.

Google? No thanks, they are just as bad as Spyware in recording everything you do, etc and they do release that info to others. Google is now evil, unlike their earlier 'do no evil' mantra.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, theres is a link "Google.com in English". That redirects you to the google.com site where the "Pin to start"-message appears.

I use Google search for technical information, but use Bing for everything else (I'll drop Google completely if and when I can always choose "search by date").  No way am I putting a Google app on my phone, PC, server, etc. -- don't trust a company that gives away everything and yet makes crazy profits -- I'm fine with just their browser-based search.

We should start a forum thread listing all these mobile optimized web pages.  My favorite is google.com/reader/i is the iphone version of the google reader page, WAY better than the standard mobile version.  i wish I could get to the same form of the gmail page :(

Google's search is just more CarrierIQ crap trying to make a move on Windows Phones. I'll Pass. Nooo I don't have proof but I don't trust google. And where there is smoke...

Funny, I already had Google pinned to my start screen.  But I switched to this one because the tile looks cooler.  Thanks for the info. :)

I too am like some and can't seem to find that particular Google app to come to my phone.  I've had the older Google serach app since I first got my phone.  I even have GMaps.  When I go to www.google.com, I just see the regular search page.  I don't see any option to create a pinnable tile