Google Voice client GoVoice with Mango support now available


It was just over a week ago when we broke the news of GoVoice's impending Mango update. The popular and free Google Voice client is one of the better options out there for those who rely on Google's single phone number convenience as well as free text-messaging ability (it uses data).

GoVoice hadn't been updated in awhile and users feared the project had been abandoned. But with version 3.2 now out, those concerns can be put to rest. We gave an early thumbs up to the changelog in the new version and for the most part, it seems to be working out well. Perfect? Nope, but it gets the job done. Here are the changes:

  • Supports Mango with fast resume and background tile update
  • Smart dial
  • Simplified notification setup with just one click
  • Clickable email, URL, and phone numbers within conversations
  • Direct call using GSM instead of through Google Voice
  • Bug fixes to improve reliability

Let us know in comments how it's working out for you. You can pick up GoVoice v3.2 here in the Marketplace for free. Thanks for the heads up, Amir!


Reader comments

Google Voice client GoVoice with Mango support now available


Answer to my question after updating: no. Worse, the Send SMS and Call buttons were swapped so they don't match the native Messaging hub UI anymore. That's annoying. Can I "upgrade" back to the old version?

This is a nice little notification program. However, I wish that they would stick to the UI conventions for the live tiles. The 3d tile with the drop shadow notification looks out of place with the other tiles. On Andoird, this wouldn't matter- we're kinda picky on the windows phone though. :-)