Grab this free app now to keep your Windows Phone Lockscreen fresh

Lock pic

We haven’t covered a decent Lockscreen app for Windows Phone in a few weeks, so today seems like a good day to do so. Considering the Lockscreen is the first thing you see when turning on your device, what you put there can be pretty important. Luckily today we have another app to add to the bunch, and it’s aptly called ‘Lock pic’.

Lock pic is made by developer Matt ‘RogueCode’ Cavanagh who is a familiar name for many Windows Phone users. He’s the guy behind the hit game VALA: Alpha, MyEdit, our favorite Ffffound app and numerous other hacks including this cool Cortana one using lights. Now he’s added Lock pic to his collection and it’s a solid looking app.

Lock pic

Lock pic has one function: update your Lockscreen with new photos every 30 minutes. There’s more to it than that as sourcing for images, updating frequency and even ‘only over Wi-Fi’ are also included features. Here is what Lock pic can do:

  • Photo sources – Bing, Flickr, Bing Image of the Day, NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day, and your photos
  • Update intervals – 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 12 hours, once per day
  • Blur entire image
  • Add overlay behind text on Lockscreen
  • Blur the overlay

The app does what it says, delivering frequent, and highly customized Lock screen images. For Bing, you can designate a specific search like ‘blue wallpaper’ and it will cycle through those, or you can use the very popular images from your Photos hub option.

Lock pic is free, and if you’re new to Windows Phone and need something to help keep your Lock screen unique and new, you should go pick it up here in the Store. Windows Phone 8.0/8.1 only

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Grab this free app now to keep your Windows Phone Lockscreen fresh


Very cool. I wish you could pick more than one source. Very nice. I will share this with others.

Youre' right, thanks! I just figured out how to do that. Cool, the search feature is a very nice thought. Thanks!

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Jesse: Oh well, heil Hitler, bitch! And let me tell you something else. We flipped a coin, okay? You and me. You and me! Coin flip is sacred! Your job is waiting for you in that basement, as per the coin!

I'm adding this soon. It will also change the images based on the weather (so raining wil show "rainey" images etc).

Anyone else see this not changing images? It's set to 30 mins and I'll have to change it manually every few hours.

At the reveal for WP8.1, MS demoed some crazy new unlock animations. Are those in the developer preview?

It's really weird that they aren't in the dev preview, since it's surely one of the main features that Microsoft would want developers to be experimenting with. =/

Hoping that lands with official 8.1 release. I think MS said it wasn't ready for full release but devs should get it soon.

That's all I thought of... so where's my lock screen app that supports all kinds of cool different layouts as well as photos??

You're probably being sarcastic, but I concur.   I just don't care for much of Samsung's aesthetic.   I prefer something like the HTC One, or the Surface Phone concept art that was going around earlier, or to some extent the Icon/930.   METAL is preferable.   At least with Nokia I can potentially pick a nice color like my Red 920.  Samsung just feels so generic....

No I said Samsung device because everyone's always brown nosing Nokia all the time.

The almighty Daniel using a Samsung Windows Phone goes against the 5th WP commandment: "Thou Shall Not Use Samsung WP devices".

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

It's expected that he would use Samsung, it is his job. Though he has shown a preference to Lumia devices in the past which is good enough for me.

The overlay isn't lined up properly with the lockscreen info on either my 1520 or 925. I wonder if this is an 8.1 issue or a resolution issue.

The text jumps around on 8.1 depending if there are quick status notifications or detailed status text. Annoying.

Sorry about that! I'm updating it now to fill the whole bottom part of the image which will solve the unpredictable position.

Also, remember you can take the rectangle off entirely in setting (until I update it in a few hours).

You should get an update in the next few hour (less than a day atleast) that makes this a bit better. Will test with a range of devices tomorrow when I am back in the office and get another update out.

I just downloaded the app and since bug reports are here, I was just trying to setup a Bing search, and no matter what I put (even the suggested criteria from the textbox placeholder), it keeps finding no results.

I'm really sorry about this! Overnight my subscription to the Bing search API very quickly reached its limit. I've upgraded and it is working now.

Sorry again!


i think this was made for people who aren't fine with the daily bing option in look screen settings

dunno, just a crazy idea i just had

My WhatsApp has stopped working all of a sudden..i'm unable to send or receive texts..i live in the northern part of India..
Is it happening with anyone else?

Yes firstly I thought it is only with windows phones..then I got a call from my friend who has a nokia asha..he is also facing similar issues..and even on android WhatsApp is not working..

Facebook happened. Jk. WhatsApp is broken in wp8.1. It's pulled from the WP store until they fix it.

My bing news live tile isn't working. Not showing me live tile notifications. I deleted and downloaded twice. Anyone facing problem? Is problem with the MPNS?

I had to jump from WP7, I could not tolerate missing out on WP8, let alone 8.1.

I wonder what the percentage of holdouts are?

I use Awesome Lock with Lock Screen Text for an emergency contact message if found, & Bing images changing every day. I'm very happy with this set up.

Never heard of the guy before but he sports a cool ass handle "Matt ‘RogueCode’ Cavanagh". Sounds like an old school wrestler like Chief "J" Strongbow,George "The Animal" Steele and Junkyard Dog. lol.

Thanks for the information about this app. I just tried it out and loving it, its a very nice app and it works unlike some I have tried.

The app works fine (I like the simple, clean look). But everytime I try to find images with a tag via "Bing Image Search" I get this error message: "There don't seem to be any results - try entering something less specific." Even when I type in the words that appear as an example in the input field.

I'm really sorry about this! Overnight my subscription to the Bing search API very quickly reached its limit. I've upgraded and it is working now.

Sorry again!


30 minutes? - that seems like a long interval. :/

But, good app though! Short and sweet. 

Unfortunately that is an OS limitation (the 30 minutes), although usually it is closer to 20 minutes depending on what else you have on your phone.

When 8.1 is final there are shorter time periods, and I'll add those options accordingly.

I see calender event in the lock screen image in the article, but i can't see a way of setting that up in the app

First of all: Very nice app. Like it. Downloaded and installed on the day I read this article and use it ever since. Just want to give a feedback. When I first installed it I have chosen 8 photos from my phone and NASA pic of the day. The phone started to crash constantly. By "crash" I mean unexpected restarting. I am not a person who install a lot of apps daily, I install on average one app per quarter. So, I immediately suspected that this app is the reason. I noticed that the app was updated, but it did not help. What I also noticed that the NASA pic was stuck on the one from the day before I installed the app. This made me suspect that the app cannot refresh the pic and causes the phone to restart. I've removed the NASA source, and the program works. No more restarting. Please fix it.