Green Nokia Lumia 920

The Nokia Lumia 920 shows up wearing Green for Australia, not yet in stock

Back at the end of March, a new color variant of the Lumia 920 was spotted on Nokia Jordan’s Facebook page. The green Lumia 920 was adorned with mint leaves near the bottom and it was unclear if it was an April fool’s joke or a tease (it was actually posted on March 28th, making an April 1st joke a bit untimely).

Now, E-Store Australia is listing a Lumia 920 in green, including the IDs--Part No: NOK0120 MPN: 060585--on their site with an asking price of $792 (or about $763 in USD). The device is of course out of stock with no ETA either.

Green Nokia Lumia 920

What’s curious though is the render that is included. Here, the green is not quite as “minty” looking and instead reflects a slightly darker green. It’s also a completely different angle than the earlier Nokia Jordan one, meaning they didn’t simply copy-paste this render. That raises the question as to where they got it and why they’re listing it in the first place? (We should also note you can actually order it, even though it is out-of-stock).

There is precedence for Nokia releasing new colors of the Lumias, even this late in its production. For instance, we saw red and pink Lumia 900’s pop up on various carriers, including AT&T last year (even glossy white was a last minute addition).

Could Nokia be experimenting with a green color too for the 920? We sure hope so, because if it’s one thing we like around here, it’s audacious and bright Windows Phones.

Source: E-Store, Australia; Thanks,  Michael, for the tip!


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The Nokia Lumia 920 shows up wearing Green for Australia, not yet in stock


I wish Nokia offered a matte and glossy version of each colour so that we could choose which finish we wanted.

I think it might have more to do with the actual usability of the device. When they first introduced N9 they went to some lenghts to explain why they had chosen a particular finish and colours. For example, the reason why white devices are glossy is that a matte finish would tarnish in use. Thus, to provide users with devices with their liking would actually be counter-productive for Nokia as people would soon realise that the colours they have come to adore last only for a month or two, whereas at present you can have a Nokia device without any casing for two years and it still looks as vibrant.

Well you can buy replacement screens without the ATT logo and swap it in to a cyan matte ATT phone of you really wanted, but that's a bit of effort. I feel you though, I hate having that stupid logo there on my 920.

I have's beautiful! Also have the headphones to match! Will a green pair of headphones come out too? Probably not, because I have not heard of any blue cyan ones...which is a shame!

YES, there are cyan headphones. I have a pair.

Nokia Monster makes them, earbuds and over ear as well, and they bump!

How did you do this? You just called and asked how much to change your color? Was your phone broke? I'd assume you still have a warranty since Nokia did it.

Yes I just called them and no my phone was in perfect condition, they didn't ask me about warranty since I'm paying but even though I still have the warranty going

I just called but they don't open until 10. I actually just got my red housing in. My local call shop quoted me 50-75 bucks. I'm just gonna sell my housing on eBay and send my phone to Nokia. That way I can keep my warranty. So you say 48 hours. If I send my phone off Monday when should I expect it back?

Try it and tell me the result, but since u want gray the may ask u to wait couple of days before taking ur phone from u

Random question. What happened to drop box? No-one cares about their app anymore on wp. What a lost opportunity for them.

They should've hurried and released their app for WP before the users fully entrenched themselves in SkyDrive. I use both services, so I'd still appreciate a Dropbox app for WP.

Totally agree - had my heart set on matte gray the moment I saw a picture of it, but had to settle for black instead. I'd still swap it if I could.

Who cares about new color and why still support 920? This phone weight 185. Nokia should focus on 925 or produce better flagship device.

What's wrong with choice? Crazy thought it may seem some people don't think 185 grams is a big deal and want a phone that comes in a color that's not black white or grey with built in wireless charging. Seems silly to scrap a 6th month old phone because there's a newer phone which offers some tradeoffs over the original.

6 months support? This is Nokia not HTC :D the weight isn't an issue for me. Maybe you need to get to the gym, you're obviously too weak if you cant lift a phone.

Even Nokia admitted that the 920 was ridiculously heavy and they made the 925 way lighter.
You arguments about gym and lifting are invalid.

Well since the acceptability of a phone's weight is entirely subjective and up to each user, your arguments about what Nokia allegedly admitted is invalid. I happen to prefer the weight of my 920 over less-substantial feeling phones, and Nokia's opinion certainly doesn't change that.

Do a special Aussie one green and yellow dual shot sort thing like starts off yellow or green then fades into the other color?

Should've gave that color to the 928. As much as I like the design the lack of color hurts a bit. A "lack of color" label should be applied to the 925.

I really hope Nokia goes back to all matte finishes for whatever they release next on at&t. I just don't like the glossy ones. But thank god at&t at least has the balls to release all the colors, unlike Verizon.

Yep, I didn't even consider any of the glossy finishes when I got my 920, even though I liked the colors themselves. The matte finish just feels so much more premium.

Here is a radical idea. Make the cases interchangeable? :) Its not like Nokia have no experience in this. How about a clear case?

Actually that is green is real. Long story short I had my phone upgrade from Lumia 800 to a 920 and was ask what color i would like , one of the colour mention was green. So no its not fake

We have predicted it :)
Search Monitor Dieta on youtube and see it (05/01/2013)
Green Nokia Lumia 920 is in MD's promo. :)
Waiting for something special in the next days :).
PS: to the editors, please include link of MD in this comment. By now we can't do it

Nokia probably saw the reactions to the guy who did his custom green L920 and thought it was a good idea, now they need to make orange like the other guy too.

Almost $800 just because green is a new color for the Lumia 920??? Seriously?? I'm glad I have my black 920. I paid WAY less for it.

Each country should have it's own distinctive color.  White+American, Green=Australian, Blue+GB, Yellow=Swedes, Red=Russia/China, Black=Asia, and the rest of the world gets clear.