GroupMe now available for WP7

GroupMe, the popular group-texting service, has hit the Marketplace.  The WP7 version, which was the second-most requested platform by users, was actually spear-headed by an intern HackNY's Summer Fellows Program.

Using a data connection and/or texting, GroupMe allows users to create different user groups.  Any time a member of the group sends a message, the other members will be notified.  In addition, GroupMe assigns each group a common phone number, so any single member can start conference calls on the fly.  And while you can use this snazzy app to communicate with your friends through GroupMe, it is not necessary.  Any phone that can text can create groups and get started.  Best of all, the service, just like the app, is free.

The current iteration only supports the group messaging, chat and conference calling, but more features, such as location tracking and photo sharing are expected to follow in the near future.  The startup has gained a fast following, and has even gotten the attention of celebs, like Paris Hilton, who recently tapped them as her go-to forum for viewers of her upcoming show on cable network Oxygen.

Get GroupMe here.

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GroupMe now available for WP7


Works pretty well for me... Now just waiting on my first group to try it out by reponding... I like that any user can make use of it, for those peeps that don't use the same platform... Most use will come from my wife and myself though... Both WP7 users!! :)

Odd... I use HD7 as well... Wonder where the issue stems from, as it is still working as expected... Thus far...

Groups in Mango doesn't have conference calling. I think the app will still be used by wp7 users for that feature alone.

I have an HD7 with T-Mobile and the one problem I’m getting is I can’t add new members to existing groups. I wish Microsoft would integrate conference calling feature in Groups...