GroupMe returns to Windows Phone with an improved app

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Can we have a drum roll? Because GroupMe is back! The group-texting app for Windows Phone (which is also available on Blackberry, iOS and Android) went MIA late last year and not much has been officially said surrounding the app since, until a callout was published on the Twitter account looking for Windows Phone users who reside in New York.

Today we have an article announcing the app's return on the official GroupMe blog. So what's new in version 3? With the company being purchased by Skype (Microsoft), the team has been working closely with the software giant to revamp the app. As well as a visual (and code) overhaul, which looks much more fluent with the Metro UI, GroupMe also supports deep-link live tiles (with notifications) to chats and groups, photo sharing, contacts integration, and more.

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A few issues are present though: no landscape support for writing and notifications aren't working yet for us. Still, from keeping in touch with colleagues, to sharing photos, GroupMe will enable you to keep up to date with your favourite groups of contacts. Overall, a great comeback for the app and we look forward to see how Skype and GroupMe can integrate in the future. You can download GroupMe from the Marketplace for free.

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GroupMe returns to Windows Phone with an improved app


Hate to be a grammar nazi but "both Blackberry, iOS, and Android" bad grammar. Both means two options, not three.

Other than for Android users I really dont see th epoint of this app. Maybe I'm biased but I can already group chat natively with most of my friends. What else can this app do?

For our team who is global, it's better since it uses data first and SMS only if there is no data. That means it's cheaper.

It's also just organized a little better with the tiles and everything. It's not for everyone but for some of us it's brilliant.

Our group chat is worthless compared to this group.e, with group chat, I send out a mass text, and everyone replies to me, and I reply back to individuals, with groupme, I make a group, send out one text, and when someone replies it goes to everyone in the group, so everyone sees the reply, you don't even need the app, they reply to a designated phone number, and you all group text each other. This app is awesome, I use it everyday, I have my wife best friend, and his wife, which is my go to buddies in a group, it really is nice. Unless I'm using the native group chat differently, this beats it.

Just downloaded. It asked for phone number. I did. Then I was stumped coz it asked for pin texted number. What does that mean? Can anyone help me?

"A few issues are present tough: no landscape support for writing and notifications aren't work yet for us."
A few issues are present with your writing. :P

I dowloaded and its cool, but since most of my friends are already iOS or WP7 users they begrudgingly downloaded the app for our lone Android friend. Its interesting because before a few downloaded the app it acted just like native group chat does (atleast from what they said before they got the app).

I'm just wondering why I would use this app for group messaging over my standard phone's group messaging?

This app is something I need.  I'm currently on Android as well are some of my friends.  A few of them also have iOS.  We all use GroupMe so switching to WP7 and having this app is a huge plus.  I'm waiting on the 900 to come out before I make the switch.  For those asking why would you need this app, well those are my reasons.  Not eveyone uses or wants to use facebook chat and the layout in GroupMe is one of the better cross platforms apps I've used.  

Just downloaded and gave it a try with coworkers.
Have a couple of questions:
In my settings, I put "push". I understand that if my group members don't have GroupMe, they receive everything via SMS. If they have GroupMe, they get it through push (data).
Let's say I have 3 members in the group that don't have the app installed and are getting everything through SMS: does this get charged to my texting plan as 3 texts, or 1? Or does GroupMe simply forward the message as a txt?
Basically: my work phone has unlimited everything, while personal has 1000 txts per month. Wondering if I'll risk going way over that limit if I use it on my personal phone.

Good questions...I would like to know the answer too.
I hope the push notifications or live tile notifications are fixed soon. Definitely doesn't work right now which is dumb to release it before it works.

You don't get charged as a text. You will only get charged for the data, the groupme server will send out the messages either via data or text.

To everybody wondering why uu should use it.. You use it to talk to people who don't have a smartphone. You can send via data but they'll receive it via text. I don't know anything else that does this

I pined the main tile and noticed that the live tile does notify a new message in my group. However, when I've already responded, the "1" is still stuck in the tile display.  It's been 5 minutes already stuck.  Still buggy but I think this app will replace WhatsApp eventually and hopefully integrate with SKYPE