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Gauge your Windows Phone camera performance with CamSpeed

CamSpeed Screenshots

Want to know just how good your Windows phone's camera is?  Check out CamSpeed, the new app from Sofica.  With CamSpeed, you can benchmark the focus and image capturing capabilities of your phone's built-in camera.  Not only that, you can compare it your other devices, as well as those of other CamSpeed users by uploading your results to Sofica's online charts.

CamSpeed allows you to adjust resolution, focus mode and flash mode, then measures:

  • - Focus Time
  •   (time from focus call to successful focus event)
  • - Capture Start Time
  •   (time from capture call to the moment when the capture sequence has started)
  • - Capture Image Available
  •   (time from capture call to the moment when an image is available)
  • - Capture Completed
  •   (time from capture call to the moment when the capture sequence is complete)

Download it here for free.  Online results can be viewed at

Thanks, Markku, for the tip!

QR: CamSpeed


Reader comments

Gauge your Windows Phone camera performance with CamSpeed


Cool idea but doesn't seem to work very well with the online results, as my Lumia smashed the top time but isn't showing...

Did you publish your result, by tapping the result from list and clicking publish?
And when browsing/finding your result, make sure the correct resolution is selected (same as the one you took your image with).
Online result webpage will be updated soon to be easier to use and to find results :) .. like tomorrow.

No really, the Trophy cam is garbage. Even in outdoor sun where is it best, zooming in shows compression artifacts. In any sort of average light its pretty bad, and the flash pre-fires so brightly that the victims, I mean subjects, eyes will be closed. Forget it in dim light. Also, the time between release to capture can go close to 4 seconds. Worthless for toddler pictures I tell you.

Indeed. There have been times when I thought it was done taking a photo, only to move the phone and have the final image come out blurry. I've only had one picture I didn't despise with the zoom, but it was full of noise.

We're also talking about phones, devices where photo and video recording is a secondary feature. If you want quality photos and video, you need a device where that feature is the primary feature. (Yeah, but... Yeah, but... Yeah, but...)

I can understand digital zoom being terrible, but the Trophy has a lot of noise in regular pictures.  Literally EVERY picture I've taken indoors has a noticable yellow tint (no white balance settings on it). Maybe I was just spoiled with the Focus' camera/settings.