Gydar Industries offering Windows Phone apps for free today

Trines Hangman for Windows Phone

If you're not familiar, Gydar Industries is the developer behind Windows Phone titles such as Trine's Hangman and People Search. Gydar Industries is based out of Norway and today marks the anniversary of the tragedy in Oslo and Utoya. Feeling the need to do something positive in remembrance of this tragic event, Gydar is offering all their Windows Phone apps for free today.

The price was changed about 24 hours ago and it may take a while before the pricing changes are reflected in your Marketplace. The free offer will last through the day and late tomorrow the prices will be reset back to their original pricing point.  Here is a listing with links to the Marketplace for Gydar's Windows Phone apps effected by this offer.

  • If you're in the market for an excellent word game, it's hard to beat Trine's Hangman.
  • People Search is an alternative dialer/contact search app that is very popular and Gydar's other app,
  • Trine i Farta (no it's not a fart app) is a very nice Norwegian traffic app for the area mass transit services.

The free versions of Trine's Hangman and Trine i Farta... well... are already free.  Again, be patient if you don't see the pricing changes right away. Pricing changes can take between 24 and 48 hours to kick so if you don't see them now, check back later.

QR: Trines Hangman Pro           QR: People Search       QR: Trine i Farta Pro


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Gydar Industries offering Windows Phone apps for free today


Thanks for the heads up. Apps still aren't free in the marketplace. Journalism note: your = belonging to you; you're = you are. Just sayin'.

No, I set the prices to 0 over 30 hours ago, and it still does not appear in Marketplace.  Sometimes these changes are visible 12 hours later...and sometimes 48 hours.
I will not set the prices back until tormorrow, and that will also take 24-48 hours to propagate.
I unfortunately have no way of knowing WHEN the prices are visible in Marketplace, and it often appears at different times for different users (dues to whatever Microsoft-server your phone end up against).
It is a bit random...and a bit frustrating for us developers...and in the end, for the users too.

You are an awesome developer and person. I have never seen anyone struggle that much to make sure their FREE software gets available to customers in perfectly working condition.

Thanks :)

I am still waiting for an answer from godaddy about the remaining HTTPS-issue that affects Trine's Hangman. I have gotten an reply from them that it has been forwarded to a more technical department.

Sadly I just did a stupid mistake right now, I am working on the follow-up to Trine's Hangman there days, and have a new server for that.  
And I managed right now to overwrite the code on the trineserver-website which is the Trine's Hangman-server, with some files that was meant for the new site.  And I did not have a very recent backup, so I need to hand-fix some files to get it up again.
So Trine's Hangman's online-stuff will not work properly the next hour or so.  When am I going to learn to never deploy code when I am in a hurry :(

This just gets worse and worse.
So I have decided to go the path that I know will resolve it, and that is to upgrade the trineseries-server (=Trine's Hangman) to .Net 4.0. Since all my code is 4.0 today.
But that meant I had to purchase an 4GH-upgrade for the whole site from GoDaddy, and then that will take a couple of hours to propagate I presume.
Rest assured, I am working on getting the online-part of Trine's Hangman working again. So if anyone wants to test out Trine's Hangman...you'll get a better experience tomorrow (or later today/tonight), when the server is up again.
Again, truly sorry for this mess. Usually I have backups, and backups of the backups...but this time I did not have it.

I am working on fixing the error the human made (=me), and hope to have it all up again pretty soon. Will update here when it all is back

Now the website is back again.
But "secure communication" against the site (HTTPS) is still not working, so I need to check with GoDaddy about what I need to get that working again.
Untill HTTPS is working on the site, the Trine's Hangman app will not be able to update your score to the server, update you about your progress in the world leaderboard as you play, and seeing the highscore list in the app.  So all the online-game-stuff in Trine's Hangman is still not working.
Hopefully that is fixed shortly too...

Norwegian transportation app looks nice! I look forward to trying it next time I'm in Norway. Tusen takk for the price!

It wasn't free yet when I just checked, but I just went ahead and paid for it. The developer is in here talking with us and I find that cool and want to support him

Hehe, thanks :)
The Trine's Hangman game is a bit broken at the moment, so you will not be able to create a player right now...since the server does not accect calls over HTTPS (secure communication).  Some kind of bi-effect of the upgrade of the account I guess.
It is most certainly a simple thing to fix (maybe it just needs time to resolve itself), and I am waiting for a reply to this from support at my hosting provider. They are usually very fast to respond.
Until then you will have to play the game without the online stuff...which makes the game a bit more boring I am afraid.

BTW, since I made the mistake on the server today, which messed up the online-part of Trine's Hangman...and that still is not completely resolved...I will keep all my apps free for at least one extra day.
And hopefully the HTTPS-stuff is working on the server soon, so people can enjoy Trine's Hangman the way it is meant to be.

Again, thanks for the great words and support here :)
Status on the Trine's Hangman server-issue is that I am still waiting for the "more technical team" at GoDaddy to look at it.  I presume that means that it will be looked into during today, since it today is a workday.
I will update here, and on the Gydar Industries facebook page when this is resolved.
...and the trineseries.com web site is not working again...I presume this is GoDaddy-support-people doing something on the server to resolve the HTTPS-issue. Will check up all this when I get home from my "regular job" (developers need to earn some real money to survive).

HTTPS is still not working, and I have not gotten any new info from support at GoDaddy, but I will call them as soon as I get home from work (2-3 hours from now). And will update status with the info I get.
Really frustrating to be so "helpless" with my own app :(


Latest status on this HTTPS-issue with Trine's Hangman:

Spoken to GoDaddy on the phone, and have gotten confirmation that the "technical people is looking into it", and that they would let me know by mail as soon as they have found the cause/fixed it.


So there you go...we are still waiting...but at least someone is working on it.


And I will keep on posting here as I know more.  Hopefully the next message from me will be; "It's up!"... :)

Finally HTTPS is working against the trineseries.com server again. This means Trine's Hangman is back and should work as it should!

I have not gotten any response from GoDaddy (my hosting vendor) yet, but I presume they have fixed it, and that I will get a mail that they have fixed it.
I will now set the prices back on the PRO-versions of my apps, but as we all know price-changes can take days to propagate through the Marketplace...so you will probably be able to get them for free for 24-48 hours more.