Halo 2: Anniversary revamped cut scenes previewed in new trailer

halo 2 anniversary

Microsoft released a new trailer today showing off a brief glimpse of the revamped Halo 2 cut scenes that will be put into the upcoming Anniversary edition of the game for the Xbox One console.

The cut scenes were created by the well known Hollywood CGI company Blur Studio and will be included in Halo 2: Anniversary, which itself will be bundled as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which brings Halo 1-4 to the Xbox One.

Halo 2: Anniversary will also feature revamped graphics for the game itself as well as new versions of several of its multiplayer maps. Today, as part of its San Diego Comic-Con announcements, developer 343 Industries revealed that the Zanzibar map from Halo 2 will be remastered for the Anniversary version. Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be released on November 11 and will also include the full version of the live action digital feature Halo: Nightfall, as well as a code to access the upcoming multiplayer beta for Halo 5: Guardians.

What do you think of the new cut scenes that were made for Halo 2: Anniversary?

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Halo 2: Anniversary revamped cut scenes previewed in new trailer


Because ppl prefer torrent on pc. That's what I hate but if you remove that ppl will go mad. It shows how ppt love piracy in the world

not as much as pcs.  and less effort.  download for pc.  consoles take 3 steps, download, burn to disc, and play on modded xbox.

Yea but its not as easy in any way... My friend can download games and he is an IDIOT at computers. you know those type of people, great people but you might as well give a laptop to someone from the 1800s for all the good it'll do... the NOS team have done that... dload, double click... done...

Also the second hand game market doesn't lend itself to buying pc games in a box as most shops dont buy back pc games, so i'll buy the console version if i want to sell it or bring it back... Pc games have to be either super cheap or EPIC in order to sell... Steam gets by because its cheap and has a very good selection. That said i know people who only buy cheap games and when a new game comes out it gets torrented... Multiplayer doesn't work with a hack though so its the one thing that works for the pc. Also alot of gamers want to sit at a tv not a pc with a mouse not mater how much "better" it is. Yes i know a pc works on a tv, i do it... but alot of console owners are like my first friend i mentioned...

Bill Gates once said "Let people hack/crack/pirate software as long as it is related to Windows,,as it will increase it's popularity only" as a reply to someone saying that a lot of Microsoft products are being pirated in China(NO OFFENCE PEOPLE)

That's not what Gates said. He said that Microsoft should work with the industry to fight piracy, but those people that they failed to stop from stealing might as well pirate Windows in his books. Not the same thing at all.

Why should Microsoft plut their own games on Steam, an enemy platform? If they release anyting on PC it should be via the Windows Store. Even so, I never understood why PC gamers have such a sense entitlement to console exclusives. Like, what? Xbox One competes with PC.

Children torrent for PC. Most gamers would happily pay if they have the money to spare and the game is good enough. Don't use piracy as a scapegoat.

People don't necessarily prefer piracy, there are various anti-piracy tools, from nothing to the draconian, don't make a generalization about an entire group, the pc masterrace might come down hard on this comment. Not really, I jest.

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The reason why halo isn't on PC anymore was because halo 2 was on PC but because it was released only for Windows Vista when everyone was on XP it failed to catch on and sell. So, because of it released for Vista people didn't buy it.

Cortana looks way too human now. I thought they would stick to her portrayal on Halo 4 -- Not that I'm really complaining #FirstWorldProblems

i agree, i liked her portrayal in halo4 the best. but everything else looks fantastic! can't wait to run through the series again!

Agree with both of you - obviously their aim here was to make her appear like a younger Dr. Halsey, but then they should have started her out that way. This just sort of goes against the Cortana I think most of us are accustomed/attached to.

That said, the facial animations look incredible - a huge step up since Halo 4, which wasn't too shabby, itself.

Is this real-time rendered? This is from the team who made the pre-rendered cut-scenes for Halo Wars (which were excellent). But I prefer real-time rendering.

Agreed... now she is also wearing clothes... Not that i'm looking for a naked chick, its just she is described in all books as not wearing clothes as well as EVER game... Glad her hair is back to the Halo 2-3... Really like the Halo 4 face and general look but she was missing alot of the code thats ment to run all over her body that seems to be back, was also ment to shift colour, Her face in the clip above looks very Halo Original i just noticed.... I just had another look and I'm convinced they went back to 1 haha... also in that look i noticed a small difference but huge impact is her eyes. they aren't lit up like all other Halos, All Halos esp 4 her iris's are pure blue lit up.

Best Cortana would be Halo 4 model with Halo 2-3 Hair (all her comic hair is this too) with the strong code presence from this one, oh dont forget the sweet sweet graphics of this one too haha

If any of you ever read The Fall of Reach i want to see Déjá... She sounded amazing...

johnson actually looks like a black guy with realistic skin tone and added gap teeth for realism.

Im not very fond of the cut scene trailers they release ahead of games. I'd prefer gameplay trailers. The cut scenes are pre-rendered and are nothing like what the game will be. Its kind of like what the burger looks like on the menu vs what the waiter brings you.

I'm surprised they aren't using the new (Halo 4) likeness of Cortana. *Edit*  Nevermind.  I remember from the books that she has altered her appearance more than once as part of "repartitioning" efforts in her processing.

Yes. I don't think they understand that like half of steam would buy this game on launch if they released it for PC.

Steam rocks but from a publisher perspective they are as hard to work with as Xbox games. It would be great if the whole industry could play nice together, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

They tend to be difficult for indie devs since they don't have much influence and there is no standard way of getting your game on steam, however this would be microsoft.... I doubt they would have much trouble, plus they are currently working on getting Microsoft Flight Sim onto steam which means they already have a relationship in place with Valve. I don't think it would be an issue for them.

I think they realise how many xbox ones there going to sell by it not being on Steam. Plus if they were going to release for PC wouldn't they stick it through there own store!

I don't think they would put it in the Windows 8 app store since that would limit the sales to only windows 8 devices and they stopped selling games through Games for Windows Live a while ago. They wouldn't have much choice if they were to bring it to windows. However I do agree it probably won't happen due to the canibalization of Xbox sales.

Limiting it to Windows 8 and that app store would probably be the only reason to bring it to PC. After all they want people to upgrade windows and use the app store. But I don't see it happening, its not even coming to xbox 360 and is there bed way of shifting xbox ones.

Steam is Microsoft's competition. Why would they want to release their biggest exclusive games on an enemy platform?

Are they really? Cause I don't see them with their own game store on windows (Unless you count the windows 8 metro app market, which you shouldn't) and in any case they already put Halo: Spartian Assault on steam and there are rumors that Microsoft Flight Sim will be coming to steam. I don't agree with your reasoning.

The Windows 8 app Store is Steam's direct competition. Even Gabe Newell acknowledged that. I disagree with that, even though Microsoft Studios did release one big game in there (Project Spark), most of their games in there are casual games. And, as you pointed out, Microsoft has a history of releasing some of their minor games (Halo: Spartan Assault, Max: Curse of Brotherhood, Ms. Splosion Man, etc.) on Steam. However, I think that was a terrible decision on Microsoft's part. Instead, they should've re-branded Games for Windows Live and called it "Xbox PC" or something like that, locked the specs to match Xbox One, and then allowed developers to simultaneously make games for both Xbox One and Xbox PC, which would facilitate the game libraries of both, and both would be solely under Microsoft's control. That they are not only allowing Steam to go unchallenged, and worse yet, actually supporting Steam with their own games, is mind boggling and shows how poorly Microsoft is managed (they let what was once theirs: the PC gaming market) get completely gobbled up by a competitor. It was really stupid, as would be releasing Halo: Master Chief Collection for Steam.

ODST is not part of the Master Chief storyline, so therefore wouldn't make sense including it in the Masterchief collection. I agree though, ODST did have its moments. 

And I hope and expect it's coming in a couple of years as part of a second Halo collection. With any luck it'll include Reach and (especially) Halo Wars. Perhaps they'll include Spartan Assault to make it a second collection of four games. And maybe they'll include "Halo: Legends" as the video. There are lots of people who prefer Reach or ODST for the shooters, and tens of thousands who still play Halo Wars even today (and it's sold over two million copies).

Id love a sequel to Halo Wars, I always thought it would be the perfect game to release on Windows Phone or Win 8 tablets.

I prefered ODST to all the others. Maybe cos of Firefly cast and maybe cos characters were stronger than Chief. But mainly the story. I also liked Reach as that had no Chief and had characters forced to stand on their own. ODST and Reach should be in there too or in a special edition

Been playing Halo: CE Anniversary, I just love the revamped music score, I should mention I have always loved the damn score its so powerful. I still have my stainless steel limited edition Halo 2!! I love that Master Chief has grown up with me its so cool to see a legend rise, definitely getting this once it comes out!!!

Guys sit back and enjoy what's coming to the few of us this holiday season. MCC might just be the trend setter that we (the consumer) have been waiting for. (content Vs. Cost)