Halo: Spartan Assault

Halo: Spartan Assault officially launching tomorrow, July 18th; Verizon has exclusive for 30 days

While we didn’t get a new Xbox LIVE game today for our Windows Phones, fear not as you were merely being teased. Yes, tomorrow at some time you will officially be treated to the long awaited Halo: Spartan Assault for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

The information comes ironically from the official website (Halo Waypoint), which details the exact date as July 18th for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 devices. Even more interestingly, they detail how Verizon has the exclusive here in the US, which we told you about last week, for 30 days. That’s not too bad of a wait and should give Verizon customers something to be happy about. In the meantime, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T users can keep themselves occupied with the Windows 8 PC or tablet version.

Finally, it is also noted that the game will only run on 1GB Windows Phones. But fear not, a version for 512MB devices like the Lumia 720 will be forthcoming, in fact August is the month given for that release. Once again, a perfectly acceptable wait.

Halo Spartan release date
Release date: 7/18/2013 as revealed on Halo Waypoint

We’ll have more information about Halo: Spartan Assault right here at Windows Phone Central as soon as the game gets the green light from Microsoft.

Source: Halo Waypoint; Thanks, Reid W. and Mike B., for the tips!


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Halo: Spartan Assault officially launching tomorrow, July 18th; Verizon has exclusive for 30 days



Interesting... Now how about supporting WP more. I know there are VZW people that approve and push WP,but too many android and RIM fanboys that still, nit to mention the apple fanatics.

I had a rather interesting experience the last two times I was in a Verizon store. Two times ago was just after the L900 was announced. I was waiting to meet my mom at Verizon as she wanted a smartphone. I asked them if they knew anything about it and were all very arrogent (and clueless about the device). Essentially they said everything about anything Windows Phone-related was garbage and a waste of money... I don't remember word for word, but I do remember it wasn't sugar-coated and I was quite offended. The second time was when my wife and I picked up our 928s on launch day. The lady that I spoke with on the phone put two aside when I called in the morning when the store opened. Literally walked in, my wife played with the one on display for about 30 seconds and then she started transferring everything for us...my wife had an iPhone 4 and I was coming from TMo with my 710.
I remember showing my mom the Lumia 900 and she almost got that instead of ultimately her iPhone 5...it took her a LONG time to decide on a smartphone. I knew significantly more than the sales guy at ATT who was pretty much reading off his lanyard. Sure, it was the first or second day in stores, but that shouldn't matter. At that point in time, I still had a feature phone and it was actually my first or second time playing with a Windows Phone. Even if it is "just your job" you should be able to answer questions and know how to use it. He had no idea about holding down the home button and was thankful I showed him.
The lady from Forbes at the 1020 event nailed it on the head, although it's not just ATT. All the major US carriers drive sales for the OS the indidiviual reps favor. Given most of them don't ever touch Windows Phones, except at training, I really think some secret shoppers would do wonders. I would LOVE for Nokia to send someone into a Verizon or ATT store to see just how "well" this partnership is working. I don't care if you're a third eco-system... if you're dealing with exclusives it better get pushed in stores. The iPhone became a hit because of Apple's marketing and hype machine. Android became a hit because you could get a "similar" device for different price points. I don't care what OS you are a fan of, Android dominates the world market because it's the only OS with global distrubution AND countless price points. I still say we need a 400 series Lumia to truly compete. My wife gets extreme with her feelings about her devices. She still has only wonderful things to say about her Surface. Her only complaints with her Windows Phone so far deal with battery life (coming from an iPhone 4, this makes sense) and the terrible "solution" for syncing music to the device. I really hope 8.1 solves this, whether WP8.1 or W8.1... or a combination of both. The fact she's okay with missing a couple apps from iOS really says a lot to me, particularly when seemingly all of those developers have announced they will be releasing an app.

You too huh when I got my focus the knew nothing about it, I asked if it had office on it as a test, he opens the box for the phone and proceeds to read the manual, I was like wtf saying to myself they work there they should know what they're selling.

Yes it does have Office. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote are all supported. In WP7 all four are integrated into the Office Hub and in WP8 the OneNote app is separate.

just going to say this once:what a waste....       Alright im done complaining, but i hope that microsoft makes the win8 and wp apps cross compatible so we can buy them on eligible computers and transfer them to our phones.

Dude.  It's a friggin video game. On a cell phone.  But plz go ahead and enjoy your game.  I'm sure that it'll profoundly and deeply change the course of your life. 

Well Josh I'll tell you like this. I, like many others here and probably including yourself, have both an Xbox and PS3 with more games crammed onto both of them than I can even fully play. So truth of the matter is that I clicked on this article per my gaming interest level across a variety of platforms, both mobile and console based. That being said, your "seemingly" braggart take on being able to download this game prior to others on different carriers was a bit....well, childish imo. It is in fact exciting that 343 Industries have chosen to elevate the WP8 platform by releasing their first ever mobile version of the Halo franchise, which benefits us all on these forums/commentary threads in the long run. But acting like other non-Verizon users will somehow have to endure agony or despair because you have access to a game prior to them is kind of a waste of your time too, because like I said in my original reply.....it's just a video game. So there's really no need to "celebrate" (or whatever you would like to call it) as you yourself have not accomplished anything by being on the "right" carrier for this release. But I digress. But please do enjoy the 30 days of your exclusive bliss....you've earned it.

I don't really care about the 30 days... as long as the game is available to me at some point.  I'm just glad MS finally created something to really brag about on Windows Phone.
However... I have to point out... CARRIER exclusivity makes zero sense really, from a sales/marketing standpoint.
Question: Who is quitting their carrier for a Halo smartphone game?  How many people are out of contract, ready to renew some service, and Verizon having Halo for 30 days is going to make them sign up with VZW?  Who is going to break their current contract to go to VZW, just for this game?  Hardware might sway people, but one single app or game?
I get it for manufacturer or operating system exclusivity.  Nokia having excluvies may sway a person's decision on hardware.  Android having a game no other OS has might sway decisions.  
But I just can't see it doing the same for carrier service.   Really, this is more of a 'thank you' to Verizion Windows Phone users... more a customer-retainer type move than an attempt to bring in new customers.  'Dear dedicated VZW customer, please don't leave us.  Look, you can play Halo first'.  LOL.

I hope Verizon paid a LOT of $$ for this.  Otherwise, it doesn't make any sense on the part of Microsoft.

I understand Nokia, HTC and Samsung favoring thier own customers, but aren't we ALL Microsoft customers???

I assume if I buy for my Surface Pro, I would have to buy for my phone in 30 days...If that is the case, surface wins this one ;)

I have noticed when I buy an app on my win 8 PC, I can download it without buying again on surface. I would hope the same for W phones soon

Because RT and 8 use a unified store. Windows Phone's is separate at the moment, but might come closer in the future.

Wait, so, I can buy this once on my Surface RT and I'll also have access to it on any Windows 8 PC I log into as well without paying for it again? And, if I get it for Windows Phone too, I will have to pay for it again, but all of my saves/progress will transfer across all devices so I can just pick up and play wherever?
Does this hold for all other apps too? i.e., I bought Rocket Riot 3D on my Surface RT. Can I log into my mom's Windows 8 PC and download it and then play it without paying again? If so, why isn't Microsoft advertising this more?

Not unless your phone is "unlocked" / "unbranded". If it is, I do all he time between my three phones. One thing to note: you will also most likely have the Verizon SIM in to play

Why would you buy it again for your phone when you've finished it on your tablet, achievements? I'm not seeing the reason even if it is Halo, to buy this on both systems for any reason.

Some people just like that. I don't carry my surface everywhere my phone is so I'm buying on both too.

Less fortunate me: So I'll be playing this on my Acer W7 first and my 620 in a month (performance may vary).

I want all you 512's to be happy with these games as well. But I bought a 1 gig device over 512 so that I can play the best of the best. If they take away from the game so that it will run on a cheaper phone that people had a choice to buy... That's gonna make me very angry. I bought this for the purpose of using my hardware, not half of it. If I buy a 2gb flash drive but complain that the files I want to put on it are too big when I had the choice to buy an 8 gig. Well that was my choice and I can't really be upset with anyone but myself. I mean no offense just saying if it's not fair to 512 people... Then it's surely not fair to the 1 gig people.

My issue is with expectation management. Game wont work on my phone? Fine. But Don't tell me it will, then say it wont until a month down the track the day its released.

I do agree with you on that as well. They shouldn't have signed a deal with VZ so close to launch after all that advertising either

Totally. I'm not familiar with verizons lineup, being a humble New Zealander, but if they're mostly 1gb phones this exclusive is a little less exclusive..

You can calm down danj210.
A lower memory version of a game (512) is usually toned down textures, etc.  But it usually has NO EFFECT on the experience for 1GB players.  It's just like lowering the graphics settings on a game if your PC can't quite handle it.  For people with PCs that can handle it, they can crank up the graphics settings.  So everyone wins.

Thanks for letting me know I could calm down @Mingu7. Didn't know I needed to by expressing my thoughts. If they optimize a version for 512 then sure but if they did that we would see two versions in the marketplace which I never see.

I see your point, but it sounds like they're going to optimise the crap out of the game, or make a lower powered version anyway. You've got to remember that most people are using the Lumia 520 at this point, and what's the point in making the largest userbase irate. There really isn't a make all happy situation for this, but saying that people who maybe weren't warned about this by the sales people about the low RAM issue, or who can't afford a high end phone should deal with it isn't a benefiting anyone.

That larger 521 user base must understand that they are buying a budget phone for a reason. If you buy a low end budget PC, will you be irate when you can't play the most graphic intensive games? It has happened to me but I made the choice to purchase a cheaper system. When I purchased a more expensive PC I did that to play the high end games, I had a choice. They made a budget phone for just that, to be a budget phone, which means you're paying for the basics. Like I said I want everyone to be happy, but everyone gets what they pay for.

Put it this way, there's a reason most new PC games still target dual core processors and 1GB of RAM as a minimum spec, because the majority of people are still buying those cheaper PC's with those lower specs. Those games still scale, so people with higher end machines get the best experience, but people on the lower end still get the game, but in a more limited experience. The way that all games should be made on Windows Phone is targeted at the lower end, as a bare minimum experience, but scaled to give the best experience for the high end.

Personally, I'm certain that you would be angry if in a couple of months games are only being released for 2GB devices, but you couldn't get them on your network.

I'm not saying that developers shouldn't push the boundaries with Windows Phone, but think about the majority, not the minority.

Sure but the spec range isn't as large as it is on WP. If you can scale graphics in the game then sure but I have yet seen scaling in XBL games yet. So again, as long as they don't drop visuals and game play down then there's no problem. My only gripe was to hear complaints from 512 ram owners when yes, I want them to get the game also but not if one of the potentially best games to ever come out on WP and perhaps the mobile market, will be toned down without scaling. In games like survivalcraft, they have video options, but haven't seen those options in an XBL title yet.

But in perspective of average pc specs... There really aren't average WP8 specs. It's either 512 or 1024. I want this game to push the potential to the max.

I'm certain that they have the ability to push the game via two store listings, one for 512MB devices, one for 1GB, so they could do the scaling in the design process and just push the game to individual devices. But frankly, don't 512MB device uses have the right to be annoyed about this issue, especially in a proprietary game release from Microsoft? I mean, Microsoft choose the specs that these phones can run, so shouldn't they also make sure that apps run on both, or help devs tone the graphics down for 512MB devices only, therefore not affecting the 1GB version already finished? It looks like they can do it, because both this game and Temple Run are examples of this, yet it seems like something that should be done before the games even get published.

Sure they could push out two versions but why haven't they been doing that already? Cause it's more work. So you're saying if Microsoft makes a 2 gb phone and a 256 Mb for people who don't want to spend the money but want the actual phone and not games... MS should hold down the potential of their best games because they made a 256 device to offer a choice? No you choose a low end device to get the low end. We can go back and forth on this all night but bottom line is, some games need to push the limits of their flagship phones to compete with the limits that other OS's are hitting. And temple run is not anything pushing the limits, same with some of the other games they optimized. Halo should be breaking the edge.

Yeah, i agree. I was very excited for the release so i could play it on my 520...
But it turns out we still have to wait a month.

They did say after a month there would be an update of some kind. Moga Pro for WP8 and 360 controller for W8. Wishful thinking. I have the Moga Pro but the only game supported is Drift Mania 2. It's a great controller.

wouldn't it be ironic if the moga controllers only worked with att devices? :P

(of course this would not happen, because moga is separate from att, just like microsoft...)

That really is a dumb move to make it exclusive. 
In the end it wont matter, because it has the name Halo attached to it.

I seem to recall that it's only exclusive in the US. Everyone else gets it regardless of carrier. So changing to Canada should work (theoretically).

Yeah for sure. I know some people are getting left out and I understand their disapproval, but Its nice to see someone other than AT&T get an exclusive.

Is this a Nokia exclusive? I hope not. :-(
Anyways, I'm disappointed that there is no multiplayer, that really sucks.

If you're sitting next to a non-WP user make sure you tilt your screen so they can see HALO on your phone!!!! :)

Fantastic move by Microsoft. Kill the market and the brand with a pathetic exclusivity deal. What's in it for Microsoft, money doesn't sell phones...

This happens all the time. Xbox / ps3 /pc games. Exclusives is marketing. Almost all devices and carriers have some sort of exclusive app. 30 days is not long.

How does this happen all the time? Has PS3 ever sold a game that would only work on a console bought at BestBuy? Has XBox??

Xbox has a 30 day map dlc exclusive for cod bo2. Ps3 has the last of us. Exclusives happen all the time. Your comment makes no sense, as this game WILL work on none Verizon phones, you just can't download it yet.

I can't even make sense of what you wrote, but it seems like you are saying that a game title would have an exlusive for a particular brand of console, right?  Then eventually it will go to other consoles?  I get that.  

In THIS scenario, Microsoft is the game producer and Microsoft is the platform.  The ONLY comparison would be if Microsoft said "If you (previously) bought your XBox on Amazon, you can play this game for 30 days before people who bought their XBox at BestBuy."

This should not be compared with competing consoles.  This shouldn't even be considered a comparable with hardware manufacturers "exclusives".  The OEM's are taking care of their customer base by spending their own resources.  In this case, we are ALL Microsoft's Windows Phone customers and it makes no sense to play favoritism within your own market for software/games that are after-market sales.

I did offer a caveat in that IF Verizon paid a lot of $$$ for this and/or committed to marketing it, then maybe there is some business sense in the plan.  I have yet to see any Verizon marketing, however. 

Most of my games I have run pretty smooth as long as I have stable WiFi that's the only time my surface gives me any problems

Yea it doesn't sell phones but it all about advertisement look how much extra push Verizon is gonna give especially with the consistent rollout of lumias coming plus it falls in line for when att is gonna push the 1020 everybody wins in the long run

It could convince a Verizon customer who is a die hard Halo fan to switch to WP, and since Verizon is the largest US carrier it does make a little sense. Plus, its like throwing us Verizon customers a bone after seeing AT&T get so many exclusives.

Sorry if I missed something... Does this mean as an Aussie I need to wait a month to play on my L920?

Will it be available to everyone here in the UK as of tomorrow? If I purchase it right away on my phone will I have to pay again to install on my Surface RT?

The wording makes it look like a worldwide release tomorrow. You willhave to buy it twice to play on both Windows 8 and WP8. From what I can gather, it does support cloud saves so you can stop on one device and pick up where you left off on another.

Thanks for clarifying that. Will be awesome to be able to put your tablet down and continue playing on the phone! (I am so glad I got a Surface and Lumia 920 now over iPhone!)

I'm lol'ing, cuz now I get to read all the crying, while I'm getting ready to DL this on my Verizon Nokia Lumia 928. We feed on your tears!

It really is kinda sad. I took today off just for this game. This game is advertised on posters to come out today.

Lol I did the midnights and took days off for all halos, this is np different! Someone was gonna upload a Verizon poster listing the dates.

I hope they managed to get controller support in the initial release. I'd rather play on my PC, but my Surface RT will do if it doesn't have it yet.

I do think they mentioned that controller support was to be added later. I'm not positive though.

It was mentioned on the Giantbomcast the week before E3. Jeff got a preview for it, where they mentioned controller support wouldn't be at launch.

This one isn't even "necessary". It's a Microsoft game and Microsoft should be promoting the entire brands of Windows Phone and XBox. Verizon should promote Verizon, so unless they paid big $$$$, this is pure stupidity.

I hope it backs up saves to SkyDrive and we can pick up from where we leave off between devices. I'll get it on Windows right away but don't want to have to start all over next month on my 920 (or 1020 by then if the stars align).

I'm pretty sure they did say there was cloud saving so that you can pickup on any win 8 device. Could be wrong tho.

I meant to another country but now i am seeing that it might be a US only release which doesn't make any sense as i could change my country to that and download it

We announced last week that it will launch worldwide at the same time as the Verizon version, so the UK won't have to wait.

Did you guys ever review Order & Chaos? It says it's an Xbox game, an MMORPG in fact. I never saw this before. Am I dreaming? I've never seen this game before.

I feel ya, on one of the biggest games to launch on a windows phone and possibly even a mobile device.

It is only 30 days. Who cares? AT&T will always be the beat carrier for a WP device. But at the same time, the worst for service.

Well we will have to live with 30 days...but you'll have to live with a knock-off crappy version of the 920, while we have the best and original. ;)

And I still have money from the 25$ credit I received for getting the 928. So I guess,that means I get it for free. Yippie Ki Yay.

Never been a Halo guy, I like Gears of War better, but I been looking for something worth using my $25 app credit I got with my 928, I may try it out

AWESOME! I'll be playing this on the Surface for now. My Lumia 810 is not the best for gaming. Need to get that 925 ASAP.

I'm on verizon and love halo but, dam...$6.99 ? I'll just try the demo and if it's that good, it will go on sale...
$7 is too much for any app unless it's a high end GPS app or something of the sort...
And I still have $50 left in credit for getting a 928.....but, still $6.99 is too much..

For the game plat and the content $7 is nothing. It's cheaper than a meal from Zaxby's and you'll get much more out of the game than the food. You've got that free credit and it's still too much? Loosen up a little this is quality and the game will continue to be supported. And $7 for a GPS app? With my native GPS apps and functions that's something I would say is too much.

Oh lol. Well darn, sorry David. You're missing out on some pretty awesome stuff unless you buy them anyways. Sorry to here.

This is silly. This is rewarding people for having a windows phone but at the same time it is also throwing windows phone users under the bus.

Don't hard reset. Remove all photos/vids/music as you can put them right back. Use storage checker to make sure temp is clear and check your installed apps and games and see if you have any very large ones installed that you don't play or probably won't play after Halo. As well, check maps cause those can be reinstalled later as well.

Good suggestion...unless you have the 8X like me, with no storage checker Nokia app. HTCs "make more space" shows the sizes of various parts, but still nothing to fix that stupid and utterly annoying "other" storage issue....4.82 GB is taken up on my phone right now (sidebar: are you freaking kidding me?!?!?). So I will also be forced to uninstall a lot of stuff too just to install this. I couldn't even try N.O.V.A 3 or modern combat 4 because of this crap..

Verizon!? AT&T and T-Mobile should've been the ones with the exclusive. Verizon doesn't care about WP 8 devices let alone Windows. Well I guess its 30 more days of Temple Run 1!! For me.

They pumped out the portico update and actually advertised windows phone. Please elaborate on how they don't care?

Go inside a Verizon store and act as if you don't know anything about WP8. They will gladly show u a nice and shiny Galaxy S4 over the L928. I know because I went myself.