Handelsbanken financial app lands in the Marketplace

Handelsbanken App

Sweden's largest bank, Handelsbanken, has released its official app over on the Windows Phone Marketplace. The Handelsbanken app gives customers access to a wide range of banking services including:

  • Balance and transactions
  • Transfers between own and others' accounts
  • Open and close bank cards for internet purchases
  • Open and close bank cards for purchases and withdrawals abroad

You also have the ability to find branch office locations, view current mortgage rates, and access tv feeds from Handelsbanken TV. The ability to close bank cards to prevent them from being used is lost or stolen is a very nice feature.

Handelsbanken is a free app over at the Windows Phone Marketplace and you can grab it here.

source: wingadget thanks goes out to Peter for the tip!



Reader comments

Handelsbanken financial app lands in the Marketplace


Rejoice, Robertftw, that Handelsbanken is wiser than SEB. They (SEB) are under the impression that Windows Phones have only been out on the market for ONE MONTH (instead of one YEAR) and therefore they have not been in haste to build an app. They are referring to the ordinary mobile site instead m.seb.se. In this case I also say, alas that I use SEB.