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Hands on with Movie Moments for Windows Phone 8.1

We’ve been playing with Microsoft’s video editing app, Movie Moments, and we think many of you are going to like it. You’re going to need Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers or a Windows 8.1 PC/tablet if you want to check it out. In just a few steps, it turns your video clips into short movies with captions and music.

Head past the break to watch our hands-on video with Movie Moments on the Nokia Lumia Icon.

Movie Moments lets you record video from within the app or select an existing one from the camera roll. You’re allowed to have up to 60 seconds of video, so you might have to do some trimming. Simply drag the beginning and end points.

The second step lets you add fun, colorful captions in a range of styles. Drag the playback button to the position you want and then click the caption button above it. Type the caption and swipe round to see which style you like. Each caption has animation, so make sure to browse through them.

Movie Moments caption

The third step lets you add background music to your movie. Microsoft has included a few songs for different moods, or you can use songs from your collection.

Once you’ve edited your mini-movie, you can save it to your phone or share it via OneDrive or Facebook.

Movie Moments music

Capturing video footage with our phones is so easy, that we end up having many of these clips sitting dormant on our devices. With just a few quick edits on Movie Moments, you can have a shareable story on video with animated captions and background music.

Movie Moments is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. It is also available for Windows 8.1 from the Windows Store. Go download it now for your device and let us know what you think!

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Hands on with Movie Moments for Windows Phone 8.1


Agreed. First and only thing I tried. Then was instantly disappointed. But I think that's a 6tag/6snap/instagram issue. Don't they have to implement it?

It's an ok app. I was really hoping for something that could edit clips together. Triming in and out points is hardly editing.

I agree. I was only able to take an existing clip, trim it, add captions and add music. You can't place multiple clips together which is lame. First impression I thought it would give you an HTC ZOE type clip with some control over music. Nope. 

This of course is where third party apps come in. This app is fine for those wanting to make very quick clips to share, but third party developers are more than free to make more fully featured apps. In fact, isn't there already a more fully featured app available? Reported on this very site, even?

Yeah, but 3rd party apps hardly look or work as good as MS ones (at least most of the time). I do have the other 3rd party app, but you cannot do much unless you buy it. And their idea of putting an ad in the middle of your video is nonsense. I'll just hope that Microsoft is serious about this app and continues to add features.

I thought that part of the trial was pretty hilarious. I bought it anyways, Movie Maker 8.1 is exactly what I need for on the go editing and its way faster at rendering videos then the apps I have on android. Just need more apps for it to share to.

I agree. But that's where capitalism takes over. Either Microsoft will listen to the consumer and win customer loyalty, or another great app developer (*cough* Rudy *cough*) will come along and make a great app that had tons of features and/or a great design, which will make them lots of $$$ and loyalty.

So it'll all balance out in time (especially if another good app comes out that doesn't insert ads into the middle of the videos made on the free version). However, the current app developer seems to be responding well to feedback, so maybe making some design suggestions will help see them implemented. :)

So, having actualy used this app.. I changed my opinion. This app is very usefull. I would still love to see the ability to edit more than one clip together, but for a quick edit of a clip, this isnt' really bad. My main issue, is the WP version crashes a lot. Last night I lost the same project twice in a row, losing about 10 minutes of work each time. Had to go to the Win8 version to recreate it.

I was wondering if someone can assist. I'm in the UK and on wp8.1. I did the region change so I could access cortana but now if I try to purchase apps I need to update my payment details before I can do so. I'd there a way around this. I have £3.50 left on my Nokia voucher to use by mid may and cant do so until I update my details to reflect a US region. Thanks in advance.

Yeah, you'll lose Cortana, but you can do this: change the region so you can buy apps, buy them and then change the region back to US to get Cortana back...btw when you purchase the apps in the UK store, in the US store says that you own these apps :)

I'm an Aussie expat in Hong Kong. So... Australian region for looking at local things for me, Hong Kong region for buying, US region for Cortana. Grr... lol

For me is like this : Greek region to buy apps via my carrier (Vodafone)

                             US region for Cortana and better store.

                             China region for some free apps.  

btw my mum is

It is a great first step. What should be added in the next iteration:
•60 second limit removed
• trimming, splitting, removing and reordering split parts
• audio track volume control
• audio track transitions

I know that's a lot!!! But hey, it's 2014! Frequent incremental updates will be welcomed.

Yes the free code is always valid for wpcentral users, just leave a nice review on the Store and email me for the code :)

Movie Maker 8.1. Please read previous WPCentral article about the app, and if you like it, just download MM and leave a nice comment on the Store. Then email me and I will send you an unlock code :)

That's a very nice approach from you guys! I gotta tell you I have a Lumia 900 and the ONLY app I've ever paid for is INSTAGRAPH! Can't wait for my Lumia 1020 to arrive so I can try your Movie Maker app! I was kinda disappointed when I knew that there were no apps that apply slow-motion effects on videos on WP, but  then you changed that. Thanks a lot guys!

Windows Phones are starting to feel more complete. I'm very excited to see what other video/movie apps come out.

Hopefully they increase the length allowed in the future. All in all it is a fantastic app and is long overdue.

Can't wait for professional grade video and audio editing apps to hit Windows Phone like other OS's. I'm really looking forward to it.

Is that the "Halftone" theme? That's one of the more complex effects. If you could get us a set of steps you go through (the text you entered, how many captions you add, and where along the timeline you add them), we might be able to find the cause.

Yes it is the halftone. Even if I add one text box it crashes. I tried with one letter minimum and same results. Music or no music, same thing. I added the text in the beginning, half way and at the end. I tried pretty much everything. Is the only theme that crashes.

Hi John,
Some initial would be great to have a 'save project' feature. I'd like to be able to go back to my project rather than do it all at once.
Also, are we only able to add one video clip?! I can't see an add media option anywhere...?
Please keep developing this app - it has lots of potential (and MS desperately needs to bridge the gap between WP8.1 and iMovie on iOS.
Many thanks

Movie Maker lacks this too, but I asked to the dev and he said he is working on it and should be available next week :)

Yes, only one clip is allowed at this time. However, if you tap the purple blob above the timeline in the trim video step, you can split the clip.

Happens to me as well on Lumia925 with WP8.1.

trimming a 22 second video to 12 seconds, no BG music, half tone caption about 55 chars long at the start of the clip. crashes about a quarter of the way through processing.

works fine with other caption styles.

Ok, thanks for the feedback everyone. I think there must be something wrong with the halftone style. We'll look into it.

They need to add multiple clips, video transitions, video effects (slow mo, stablizer, color, sharpness, brightness, etc...), and longer length of video. 5 minutes would be good. Or just get Adobe to make a mobile version of Premiere Pro/After Effects.

How long is it supposed to take to download the recommended music? Clicked on the download option and it took forever with no signs of progress or downloading so I cancelled the option.

So can't we use this app to "edit" our video clips (with the 60 sec limit), save them, and then combine them into a "movie" with Venetasoft's Movie Maker 8.1? I've purchased the latter, but have yet to dive into it. Does it have this time limit?

Still waiting on something like cameo on iPhone.. Takes 5 seconds of selected clips and adds royalty free music. Hoping Nokia storyteller v next will fill that gap

Now please add a pause and zoom option while taking videos it is a must. It is shame that this BASIC features not available in default camera app also even in wp8.1 please add it
Secondly add an option to open movie maker as a lens from camera menu
3. Wp8.1 introduced start screen background why still Microsoft apps doesn't support it by providing transparent tiles

MS is ony a roll here, first the Reading List now this. These apps really make WP OS feels like it's evolving along with all the Windows 8/RT/Phone apps (Food, News, Sports, Finance etc.) they just need to find a way to tie them all together.

Having used both this app and movie maker 8.1(shout out to @venetasoft for the code) they are both both advancing the platform nicely. MS' app though it has a 60s stream limit will be targeting a more social group, with its simple UX and elegant UI, new users will find it easy to approach and use. MM8.1 is a wonderful app, very feature rich and usability caters for both novices and experts who want a more robust experience on their phones. I can't wait for both these to get future updates.

Garbage... First time used, the application crashed second time my Lumia 1520 froze for more than a minute... Stupid app no third time uninstalling

Great app, but once you add several captions and change style of a single one, all of the captions gets changed to this selected style too. I think that's not supposed to work this way.

Are you connected to WiFi or data? You can't navigate away from the page while downloading or else it will pause.

If nothing else works, please try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. That has the potential of fixing the problem.

App is gud but adding music doesn't remove the original audio of d video which is very much annoying as it creates noisy experience

In the Music page, tap the "mute audio" button (speaker and film strip icon) in the app bar. This feature does what you are looking for!