HarshQuad for Windows Phone

HarshQuad: An addictive and simple game for Windows Phone 8

Sometimes the most addicting games are the ones with simple gameplay that you can just pick up and play. HarshQuad is a new game on Windows Phone that could become highly addictive for quick, short gaming bursts.

Let’s check it out.

If you have an iPad or iPhone maybe you’ve seen a relatively new game called Dots over the past few weeks. HarshQuad can be considered our Dots, but with more depth. Here’s how the game works. You’re given a board with different colored squares. You want to make squares/rectangles with a specific color. As you progress through the level more and more colors are added to that board making it more difficult. When you make those connections you get more points and time added to the timer. It can really stressful when you’re running out of time.

Check out the video above!

HarshQuad SC

There are a few different game modes: Infinite, Color Challenge, and Time Attack. You’ll start out with only Infinite available to you. You can get Color Challenge and Time Attack by playing more of Infinite. The game cost $1.29, but there is a trial mode where you can play the first three levels in the Infinite setting to see if this game is for you. It’s got great replay value and you should check it out.

You can get HarshQuad for Windows Phone 8 devices right here in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app.

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HarshQuad: An addictive and simple game for Windows Phone 8


Beatuiful design, looks amazing on the 920. Another thing that makes an impression on me are the transition animations, very slick. Kudos.

Don't worry, we're still working on HarshQuad, and releasing it in Brazil as soon as possible is definitely in our plans. Stay tuned :)

Oh, thanks!!
If you have any doubts about publishing in here you can ask me. Or, read the WP Central article about it, it'll help you a lot too.

If you truly have a love for games then you should care. I'm tired of people not wanting to play games that aren't xbl enabled. If you keep that state of mind, we will never get any of the great games on iOS because most of them dont want to hassle with MSFT to have an XBL enabled game. Oh and btw the devs tried to get this game XBL enabled but MSFT said no. They said they need it to succeed as an indie game first before they grant it xbl capability.

Achievements without an integrated, historical, persistent system is nothing. And by not caring of such thing - nothing - is not, not caring for other games other than Live ones, I play and buy any good game, but these tacked on call achievements are a bit silly, just do some unlockables like in the 90s, now I'm not playing 70000 games for a fake achievement.

Just started Mass Effect: Infiltrator, and while I don't really like "proper games" on mobile devices - bit of old school - this one's quite a good companion to the real deal. Highly recommended.

Been playing it... game average is only Lv3 (paid, mind you). The game has this tendancy where you can only get small quads which give you 1~2s bonuses. It takes more than a second or two to find the next quad. Maybe quick bursts was intentional...

Hehe, yep, this is one strategy - my favourite actually -. But there are few more to discover. Our early testers / fanboy have developped crazy stuff to beat the game.