Have an unlocked Samsung ATIV S? You might be getting GDR2 right now

Samsung ATIV S GDR2

In the world of Windows Phone one it’s easy to forget that companies besides Nokia make devices. They tend to dominate the airwaves, but other companies do make some solid devices out there running Windows Phone. One of those devices is the Samsung ATIV S. That with a little bit of push from Samsung could have been so much more. If you happen to be holding one of those devices unlocked and free of carrier branding you might be able to get the GDR2 update for it right now.

Our pals over in Germany at WPArea.de have been receiving tips and screenshots showing off the Samsung ATIV S humming along at OS version 8.0.10327.77 – which as you remember is GDR2.

Samsung ATIV S with GDR2

What can these folks look forward to in it? You’ll be getting some small improvements in usability and performance within the Xbox Music app. FM radio is now supported as long as you plug in a pair of headphones. Data Sense is included. Skype and other VoIP apps (like Lync) have improved stability and performance. Improved HTML5 compatibility in Internet Explorer. You can select your favorite lens to automatically open when you press the physical camera button. IBM Notes Traveler and Sina Weibo (China), CalDAV and CardDAV support.

Oddly, the folks over in Deutschland aren’t seeing FM Radio or Data Sense show up in their update to GDR2.

Have an unlocked/unbranded Samsung ATIV S? Check to see if you have an update and let us know below!

Thanks for the tip Enis!

Source: WPArea.DE


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Have an unlocked Samsung ATIV S? You might be getting GDR2 right now



My phone isn't branded, but it is locked to Telus here in Canada and sadly I haven't gotten any update :( But this is a good sign of things to come!
Regarding why FM and Data Sense aren't available yet; the phone probably needs a firmware update too. That's just my guess though.
All I really want to see in this update is Xbox Music not suck... Seriously, Zune was so good! How did they mess it up so bad? I don't understand.

Other than the Nexus 4 and iPhones all Canadian devices are branded. They may not say it there but they are running carrier specific firmware. It is up to Telus to push out the update. 

You are wrong, i had a Nexus S from Fido (i am still with Fido btw) and it was not branded neither locked to Fido. i was able to put a rogers or bell sim card and it worked fine. Check wikipedia, you will find some phones that are not carrier locked or branded. Fido is one of them, compared to Rogers who brand almost all their phones and they are the same cie/brand.

I hate telus, that's why I left them. Friggen scammers they were upping my bill every month for mistakes they were making -_- just bought the 8X off Rogers, because they are more reliable with updates, and then went with Fido. Win-win

It is pretty easy to release without any additional features. But in Germany 90% of mobile phones are unlocked and without carrier branding. There are more than 5 guys out there :)

That Ativ S is a nice phone, it was thin, had removable battery and SD slot, I agree with a little push from Samsung, that phone could have made some noise in the marketplace, hell they got enough cash... O well

W8 phone with the largest screen, largest battery. Has a SD memory card slot. Has a removable battery. Basically has everything Nokia should be giving us but hasn't.

Not all of them. Some have 8GB Variants. I live in Canada and that's what I have. Kinda regret it a lot lol only cuz of other storage. Without memory overload, I think id have 1.5 GB of free space, which is more than enough for me loool

Hmmm... My Nokia has the smallest screen of any WP8 (why I bought it) a more than adequate, removable battery and currently has a 64 GB SD card in it.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that butt ugly phone T-Mobile had. Doesn't the 810 only have 8GB internally? I run outta room with 32GB on my 920. I've got about 10GB in music with 20GB in apps/games. There's no way the 810 would work for me. Like I said Nokia should've had these features on a high end phone like Samsung did.

20gb of apps/games? Did you download the entire marketplace? I have a L521 (8gb internally, :-\) and my apps/games only equal 1.8gb. Like everyone else though, it would be nice if something was done about the 1.63gb I have sitting in other storage. Really doubt that my IE history and uploads to Facebook here and there take that much space. Temp files also refuses to clear completely even after I press the button.

My 810 has a big enough screen fits great in pocket,has SD slot removable battery and was not an s3 with wp8

Why not, the S3 has decent hardware it's just a shame that it shipped with Android instead of WP8!!!!!

I have the Samsung Ativ S switched from Nokia Lumia 920 (gave it to my wife) and was the best decision I've made this week. Seriously the phone is super light, 8.7 mm thickness super thin, 4'8 super amoled screen with microSD and plus i get all the HERE Drive, maps, transit. We need more devices like Samsung Ativ S... but with the outside design on Nokia Lumia 920.

That failed. 920 users have a smaller screen, non removable battery no SD and still going strong. 820 has a SD slot btw. Incase you forgot 820 is from Nokia too.

8X user here, so I'm still wishing I had an SD slot, but even with an SD card the phones fill up quick because apps and maps can't be put on there.

HSPA+ is fast enough for me, LTE is a gimmick at the moment as most networks have speeds that barely exceed HSPA+.

Does this really not fix the other storage bug? If not, then MS has proven they can't handle WP, and it is time to bail.

Too bad I tried to buy one of these but it appears that android told them behind close doors not to because of the galaxy. I know it is all hearsay but the focus was one of the best wp7 devices, made no sense for them not to release another signature like that in America.

Isn't DataSense not available to certain (most) carriers? Do we have a list of carriers which will be supporting DataSense yet?
Hopefully HTCs will be getting updates next before Nokias :P. That's something I gues...

That's good news. In the official Microsoft update history page it says: '(Not all mobile operators offer Data Sense.)'. Which I took to meaning their way of saying only a couple will be supporting it.
I shouldn't be so pessimistic though

Oh dude. Time to let it go. I rock the L800 and am a pretty happy camper. I've had both this and the Ativ and my Lumia is more solid.

Yes, nothing in France on an unlocked and unbranded ATIV S bought on a cdiscount web site and used in a French Department Overseas, Reunion Island.

I care, and I have gotten the update yet. Unbraded Samsung Ativ S with Straighttalk. I want the update now, even if all what the update do is updating the OS version number :-D

No, I just hate blatant Nokia Fanboys turning what is positive news into negative news, then expecting everyone to be happy when there's some news about Nokia. His arguments fail more than mine do, I don't spout bullshit like vb2012 does but whatever helps you sleep at night!!!!

Oh and you really need to work on punctuation, I couldn't read all of that without having to pause to talk a breath!!!!

I love my Ativ S - I had a L920 but lost it (don't ask) so I picked up the Ativ S - you immediately notice the extra screen real estate, the replaceable battery & the extra storgae option (which is essential to me)
OK it doesn't have all the great apps from Nokia, but for my needs it is pefect - now Samsung need to come out with a 5" plus model :)

Couldn't agree more. Just got my Ativ S yesterday, switched from Lumia 920 and I immediately noticed a huge huge difference... weight, size, MicroSD, this phone is unbelievably light. When I opened the box I thought I got scammed and got a display dummy. I still get all the HERE Drive, Maps and Transit so there was little need for Nokia Lumia 920.

Except the T889M version has LTE, wireless charging is a fad that I guess will die out eventually so that only leaves fast touch.

I have an unlocked, unbranded ATIV S in Germany and I just checked for an update after reading this article. No dice.

Maybe they're not pushing it to all devices at the same time. It's anyone's guess.

BTW, this is actually a pretty awesome phone. I've got 80 GB of storage, it goes two whole days on a charge and Samsung has been updating their apps pretty regularly as of late.

So the haters can say what they will, but this phone has been incredible. Nokia has obviously put an amazing amount of effort into their WP products, but that doesn't change the fact that the ATIV S a great phone.

Yes, that same Samsung who updates "Mini Diary" and "Photo editor" every week and released "Ativ Beam" a few weeks ago. And they don't care about WP 8 they say.

GDR2 update

The ATIV S also got Portico before a lot of Lumia phones (other than the ATT 920 which got a month or so before everything else)

Geez, semantics.
And your comments says "first out with the GDR2 update". Not first to have it pushed as an update... but whatever helps you sleep at night.

With A GDR2 update. 
That implies an update to an existing phone, not a new phone with GDR2. 
It's not semantics if it actually has a different meaning. 
You're the one that started arguing. Now that you realize you were being dumb you try to pass it off as it "helping me sleep at night"

Calm down buddy, I was simply correcting you. Apparently it is a misunderstanding over semantics.
No need to resort to anger and name calling.
I'm sure your Samsung is a great phone, but it was not the first WP8 with the GDR2 update.

Now you are just making stuff up to not look silly

  • * I said first with A GDR2 update, which implies it being an update, not a new phone with it already installed. As I've already said.
  • * It's not argument over semantics. Look up what that means. You simply read my first post incorrectly. 
  • * I'm not angry or upset. I'm simply responding to your false replies. Telling people to calm down and not be angry in an argument is usually done by the side which doesn't have a valid argument. 

My first post was just poking fun at the Nokia fanboys always hating on Samsung, then you started replying after misunderstanding what I said. And you're STILL replying as if I said first with the GDR2 update, when I said first with a GDR2 update. I don't know why you don't just admit you read it incorrectly and stop going back and fourth. 

GDR2 is an update, it doesn't matter if a phone is preloaded with it or not. It is still an update to the WP8 OS.
Maybe if you were more clear on your meaning from the start... so, yeah, semantics.
Anyway, you are right, Samsung is apparently the first to push the update out to existing phones. So, we have cleared up what both of us mean/meant and I am done with it because you're coming off a bit psychopath-ish.

I came from a focus to the Ativ S, removable battery and storage card was a no brainer, but I'm really waiting for my Radio to return.

Will the Sprint ATIV S Neo be released with GDR2 before other US Windows Phones get it? That'd be disappointing... I hope not. The HTC 8XT comes out on Sprint this Friday (July 19), it should have GDR2 preloaded.

So is there any information abut GDR2 would resolve "Other" taking up too much space in the phone?

That's a Nokia only but it doesn't solve the other storage at all. First it won't fix it because the problem (others filling itself) just continues and second it doesn't empty other completely / just a small part from what I heard.

The "shrink storage" app partiallty solved that for me.
Basically fill the WHOLE phone storage will kick in some sort of cleanup of the "other" partition, then delete whatever you created to fill up the phone. It reduced my 5.45 other to 2.46 gb.

Takes a while filling tho. I think recording a HD video until you fill up the storage will have the same effect.

I got the Ativ Odyssey when it came out for US Cellular, and it has that same 8.0.10327.77 info under the about phone section, so I guess Samsung preloaded it because I haven't updated anything.

same here! i cant wait to change the screen vividness and hue!  although i really hope that the "small improvements" that GDR2 brings to xbox music includes fixing gapless playback!!!!

I own a 920 therefore the Ativ S sucks because I didn't buy it and need to justify my investment in my 920 even though the Ativ S is a better phone and it sucks because of it. +920

Well, it depends on your needs. Larger screen, SD card slot, slimness and a large removable battery were what swayed me vs. the 920. Nokia has the camera, the less "conservative" look and the Nokia software going for it. Both are awesome phones. The ATIV doesn't feel cheap at all...it's very solid.
It really comes down to which of the above things are more important to you. The fact that my ATIV was nearly 100 Euros cheaper than a 920 didn't hurt either, but that really wasn't a factor for me. If the 920 had fit my needs better, I'd have bought it without blinking an eye, no question.

I switched from Lumia 920 to Ativ S. Bought the Lumia for $400 on Craigslist and the Ativ S for $334 on Amazon, both were new in original packaging. The Samsung Ativ S is unbelievably light, when I opened the box i thought i got scammed and got a display dummy. Battery last longer, phone is thin and lighter... 8.7 thickness. 4'8 super amoled screen is awesome, MicroSD... In my opinion the Ativ S beats Lumia 920 in all areas except Design and app support. I still get HERE Drive, Maps & Transit on the Ativ S so I don't really miss anything from the Lumia 920 that I would consider important.

I just read up the thread on PocketPC.ch on this update for the Ativ S. A) Depending on your branding and country you will or will not get FM radio or Data Sense. B) The rollout is very slow, few have received an update. Referring to A, it seems that Samsung has deals in place with carriers for locked devices that stipulate that only the locked devices will get FM radio or Data Sense.

The Samsung Ativ Galaxy has had this for over a week on Verizon... Not alot new in it I'm surprised more don't have it...

Still nothing in France (cellphone sent by Expansys UK). I did not even get the previous minor updates surfacing in june...
Is there any way to force the update? German proxy? Region switch? (well I tried that and turned of data, did not work...).

First line is so very true..!!
"Its hard to remember the names of companies other than Nokia who are making WP."

I can download the update...but it does not install...Just stays on preparing to install 100%...been over 5 minutes. Unlocked UK.

As soon as i sent the message, it installed. Woohoo.
After installing, from 2gb free space it bumped back up to 6.5gb free space.

Interesting! Hope y'all Samsung Ativ S users got updated just fine. Looking forward to when it gets released on the Lumia 920 along with the Amber update.

But no presence of radio and Data Sense... I can change the app that's automatically launched when I press the physical camera button (no other app compatible than the native camera app).
Windows Phone 8.0.10327.77

Note that acording to PocketPC not many will receive FM Radio or Data Sense. In fact most will not get it. The reason: Samsung has sold these features to carriers with branded, locked devices in some countries.