HD Photo Viewer gets back to back updates, performance improvements and more in tow

HD Photo Viewer

HD Photo Viewer is a Windows Phone 8 app designed to give your images a sharper look. Some Windows Phone 8 devices reduce the display quality to improve viewer performance. HD Photo Viewer presents images at full resolution and many see a quality improvement.

HD Photo Viewer was recently updated to version 2.3 but a bug was discovered that prompted a second update a few days later that takes the app to version 2.3.2.  

All totaled the two updates adds a handful of performance improvements along with 720p support for Windows Phones such as the HTC 8X. The developer has shared that many of the suggested features such as deleting photos are not possible because of API restrictions and couldn't be included in these updates.

HD Photo Viewer

However, along with the 720p support, the HD Photo Viewer updates includes:

  • Sub folder support
  • Galleries are sorted by the most recent photo taken appearing first
  • Continuous browsing within one album (so no need to go back to chose the next picture)
  • Improved pinch-to-zoom and double-tap to zoom added
  • Support for WVGA screen resolution
  • Live tile with the cycling pictures chosen by the user

The developer notes that due to the limited amount of RAM on the Nokia Lumia 620, large DSLR photos may crash the app. The app uses quite a significant amount of RAM to display pictures in HD.

HD Photo Viewer has an unlimited trial version with the full version currently running $.99. If you feel your images are a little on the soft side when viewed from your Windows Phone 8 device, HD Photo Viewer is worth a try.

You can find HD Photo Viewer here at the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

HD Photo Viewer gets back to back updates, performance improvements and more in tow


I wonder why the OS doesn't show the photos at full-res on its own.
Who cares about a couple of ms of lag? :/
We probably wouldn't have had all those critics to the 920 camera if this app had come out before...
I'm using it, and I really can't believe the true quality of the pictures I took with my phone! That's unbelievable. And I probably wouldn't have ever discovered that...
Thank you dev :D

Actually at WP8 launch MS announced that the OS does this to the photos for fast resuming, scrolling & pinch to zooming. They said its insignificant and of course if you really want to see a photo in its own glory you would look at it on your laptop.
I agree with them, I want fast fluid OS, I do care about those milliseconds, I don't want to see them.

I usually copy my images to phone to review it later and yes! I'd rather sacrifice those millisecond to get the true details of my pictures (the camera itself is rubbish using photo hub too). What's the point of zooming in just to see a blur version of small image? Not to mention this "feature" lied many users as their camera is bad and blurry as hell

Loaded this and had a play...
Rubbish app, and annoying that developers are so lazy that they publish such cr*p.
1) photos come out sideways on live tile
2) application crashes regularly and exits
3) errors all over the place when trying to add pics to live tiles.

Hi Jrlive, are you experiencing these problems on your original Lumia 920 that is "slower than Lumia 710"? Both myself and my wife have Lumia 920 and my sister has Lumia 620 and we don't have the problems.
Given that the app is the No. 1 on the top-paid photo apps list in the US marketplace and among the top five in most other markets all around the world, it seems most users don't think it is that rubbish.
By the way, I am not being lazy. I have a full time job as a chemical engineer that is already quite demanding. I am trying to solve a problem that even microsoft and nokia do not bother.

I think you've done a great job brucexli. App looks clean and photos look sharp. Will definitely purchase.

Just bought it and this app does make a slight difference. Using L920 without issues. Definitely see improvement on human or animal faces

Thanks erichon99. My own experience is that small texts in pictures show the most significant improvements.

@George Ponder : Looks like you don't see any difference with the app. It is weird. Did you tried zooming on faces, lamps, texts and everything far ? Which devices did you use to try the app on ?

Nice update... And why don't I get ANY bloody app update notification? I am so tired of having to read about them and install them manually!! This needs a fix yesterday, Microsoft!

Works great on my 822! Had a few force closes, but overall great. Just needs edit support(deleting and photo edit) and i won't need my included photo album anymore.

I have just submitted a new update, hopefully that will make it crash less on your phone. The app is tested mostly on my 920 which rarely has a problem. I have identified that the force close might be related to fast app resuming, so I have disabled that in the next update.

before the update I didnt see any noticeable diff between this app and the standard photo hub,
After the update, WOW, the photos are knife sharp and crisp, AMAZING, WHY MS didnt fix their photos hub YET!????


I even liked that app, but I think the creation of the HD Photo Viewer was made wrongly, because it is known that the native viewer opens the images faster by not displaying them in HD quality and not zooming exaggerated.

However, the developer of the HD Photo Viewer launched the app saying it is a system problem, and it is not.

This app (Photo Viewer HD) simply allows a better view of the images because it consumes more system resources, I'm not complaining, even like the app and its developer still releasing updates of the same, take this opportunity to inform you that it was updated earlier today!