Heatmiser UK reveals upcoming app for Windows Phone, coming May 2014

Heatmiser Windows Phone

UK residents wanting to join the Internet of Things have looked to thermostat maker Heatmiser recently. The company has a variety of products, including multiple thermostat models, which connect and talk to one another. You can also control these thermostats with a handful of mobile apps. We told you guys and girls that Heatmiser UK was looking for beta testers for an upcoming Windows Phone app. Now the company is showing off that app on their blog. Here’s your first look.

Heatmiser already has mobile apps for Android and iPhone users. Now their free neoApp is poised to come to Windows Phone sometime next month. The app looks good too, this isn’t an iOS or Android port, but what appears to be a native Windows Phone app. For example, you’re able to pin any room to your Start screen for quick access to change the temperature. Here are some other features in the neoApp that you can look forward to:

  • Multi-zone control
  • Global commands
  • SmartSetup Wizard
  • History data
  • Multiple user access

neoApp Windows Phone

With the Windows Phone app you’ll be able to control multiple neoStats and apply new global commands to your entire heating system at once. For those energy conscious users, you can also monitor historic room temperature with nice graphs.

We’ve got to admit, we’re pretty jealous of UK friends who get to use this app. We once had hope for an official Nest application here in the United States, but those hopes died when Google bought the company.

Anyone in the UK looking forward to the Windows Phone version of neoApp from Heatmiser? Sound off below!

Source: Heatmiser Blog More info: Neo Heatmiser


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Heatmiser UK reveals upcoming app for Windows Phone, coming May 2014


Seriously, have you used a 4.2.X device in the last few months? A recommended and now ubiquitous Holo guideline is the hamburger icon and the sliding left side menu. It looks like Android except you replace Roboto with WP and the Android toggle with a WP toggle. Lazy ass job to me.

Got in to the beta for this, but didn't have the confidence to fit a new thermostat. Sadly, I am not much of a wires guy. Great to see them working on it though.

Looks decent. A note: Lennox originally told me they would be making a WP app for iComfort but later recanted and said their Mobile site would be good enough for WP users. It's not! IE will not store cookies for it so you're forced to log in every time. Even with 8.1. Sucks.