Help this Nokia Ambassador paint his 1965 Rambler Ambassador with some Lumia color


Way back in November we told you guys about DVLUP, a Nokia sponsored rewards program for Windows Phone developers. It’s a cool community for developers and worth checking out if you’re in the scene. The program is ran by a bunch of Nokia Ambassadors, who are always doing crazy cool things. Lance McCarthy recently ran a hackathon that produced some cool apps. Now George Salcedo is doing something wild with another ambassador, a 1965 Rambler Ambassador to be accurate.

If your job title is ‘ambassador’ it makes sense to drive one right? George recently bought the 1965 machine and plans on fixing it up. He hopes to have that done in time to make the drive from San Diego to San Francisco when he attends the /BUILD conference on June 26. The license plate will obviously be 'DVLUP'.

George and his 1965 Rambler

Right now the car is white, but he’s planning on giving it a fresh coat of paint. But what’s the point of being a Nokia Ambassador driving around an Ambassador if it doesn’t look like the phones you rep? So we’re going to help George pick a color for the car. On the Facebook post he's listed either cyan, yellow, red, black, or white. But we've included all the Lumia colors we could remember below in a poll. Pick the color you'd like to see on this Rambler Ambassador.

Personally, I''m feeling cyan.

We’ll be sure to snag some pictures of the classic when we see it patrolling the streets of San Francisco at /BUILD. Have any other Windows Phone inspired suggestions for the car? Sound off below!

And if you're in the San Diego area, check out an upcoming hackathon on May 11 - details here

Source: DVLUP Facebook


Reader comments

Help this Nokia Ambassador paint his 1965 Rambler Ambassador with some Lumia color


Do you think Nokia will ever mix cyan and magenta together to make a nice berry (purple)...It'll go well with my username! ;)

Its not Lumia white. My vote is for cyan. You can vote as much as you want. Just pumped the cyan votes past yellow. Lumia yellow will look awful on that classic.

I was going to vote yellow or cyan, but cyan would look nicer on this classic. Yellow only looks good on a Lamborghini, for now.

it would be cool if Nokia could deck it out in their markings like they did with one of the winners of one of their contest.

I suggest you do a vehicle wrap. You probably dont have a template for this old car ......so,either you can improvise or,just do temporary graphics to cover the hood, roof and the trunk and maybe the sides. There's a company that does floating hub caps with graphics. so, there ya go!

I voted other. Why not make it be painted in tiles? You could create the "Here" tiles and many of the other apps that are exclusive (ie Nokia Music) for Nokia Lumia...

Tiles would be awesome, creative and very Nokia

Right...and Maybe holographic tiles that have the appearance of flipping to the other side when the vehicle moves! :)
Heck, Microsoft, Nokia, or some of the big name apps should pay other ppl to do this for advertising like other companies do!

Personally I'm a fan of Nokia Blue with the Lumia Cyan, Magenta and Yellow as custom pin striping and accent colors. I can't wait to meet all the fans at BUILD with the car.

And you're qualified to negate my opinion because....
In other words, were voting on color choices, not the next President...I just read the rest of your comments. Please lighten up!

I voted other as I will not be a party to ruining a classic vehicle such as his.  They are meant to be restored, not screwed up! 

Plasti-dip it cyan! It's CHEAP (less than $400 for the entire car), it'll have a flat look to it and when you're done with the conference, you can easily peel it off.


Yellow car as the phone with cobalt blue tiles on the hood, roof and trunk as the home screen. Then the horn could blast the classic Nokia ring tone, boom!

I wanted to vote for yellow but I have to agree with the other people, cyan would look best on that car.