Help us help you and take the WPCentral 2014 Reader Survey! (Oh, and you can win free stuff, too!)

2013 was an amazing year for Windows Phone Central. We have witnessed the site and our community grow by leaps and bounds. Believe it or not, we actually get more visits to the homepage of WPCentral.com on a daily basis than any of our other Mobile Nations sites currently do (Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore). That's pretty crazy as they are all big destinations of their own. It shows just how much Windows Phone is taking off and how WPCentral is right in the middle of all of the Microsoft, Windows Phone and Nokia action. 

We're already #1, but we want to do even more in 2014.

We've been growing our editorial team steadily this past year, and have been branching out beyond just killing it on the Windows Phone coverage on the blogs, and in the forums. We're covering Xbox, Windows 8 and more, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. 

Before we get too far into 2014, we wanted to do a quick check-in with our readers — that's you —to get your feedback on how we're doing and what you want to see more (or less) of this year. It'll take a few minutes, and we'll love you for it!

Also, at the end of the survey, you'll be able to enter for your chance to win a Nokia DC-50 Wireless Charging Plate for your Lumia (or if you win and don't have a Lumia, we'll hook you up with something else that's awesome). Thanks for taking the survey, we appreciate it!

Take the WPCentral 2014 Reader Survey!



Reader comments

Help us help you and take the WPCentral 2014 Reader Survey! (Oh, and you can win free stuff, too!)


Wow #1 on mobile nations congratulations Dan I'll definitely take the survey! Thanks for all you guys do.

Update: Longest survey ever I watched lord of the rings as I did it. But anything for you guys !

Done it, not that long, but then I use to work in Market Research lol

Just more of the same for me, that's why I visit each day.....

You should have seen the first version we made of this survey... you'd be going for another two hours. Luckily, we shortened.

For 2015, we'll streamline it... 5 minutes in and out :)

Really amazing.. You are amazing guys, wpcentral stuff, members and visitors... Mmmm personally I visit wpcentral at least 3 hours long daily if not more :) hope the wp get much bigger this year...

The survey was pretty long and had many questions but I have completed it. :) I must say this site is amazing and I spend most of my time here.

Just took the survey as well. Been on WPCentral for quite a while now and I really like how the site has developed. Great quality..no doubt the great work will continue.

78% complete,about to finish it.since that prize doesnt work on nl620,I hope that my suggestions and reviews will be attended to *sigh* 

Nevermind,will do anything for reviews based improvement on WPC.

Did the survey very quickly, little time here.

Forgot to mention a few things;namely I think you should implement scoring systems for comments a la Reddit or Disqus. It would promote the most relevant and interesting discussion and let the crap sink to the bottom. Then again, any posts even remotely criticising WP, legitimately, might get battered by the angry mob and never see the light of day...

Still, it could work. It WOULD mean the end of posts like "first!". Now there's a thought, imagine a world without them...sigh..

Done. Thank you for the opportunity to give input.
WPCentral is great!
I was surprised by the social web site questions. WPCentral is all the social network I need.

Normally I would have quit the survey by page 2.  Thanks for being a site worth going the distance for . . . .  Time for a nap...

I was also guilted into this comment since I had to answer "never" to the question regading how often I comment on articles.  . . . wait, can I change my answer?

Wow, this could be the only survey that long that I finished! I usually abandon long surveys half-way through!

I've never won anything in my life, and I've participated in almost every contest that comes out. Please, let me win this time! At least a WPCentral back cover or WPCentral mug.

Yeah, I definitely got bored towards the end and started skipping through it. It would be more effective if it was less tedious.

Done! Long but worth-it survey. I suggested to put likes or thumbs up or down in comments and articles, I gather most of us did?

Yea, a little long but, I took it...Hope I helped... I would say I hope I win something but, I never win anything so...