Hemlis on Windows Phone: Wait and see

Hemlis UI Mocks

The other day we told you guys about a little project called Hemlis. It’s an upcoming app that promises to keep your communication secure and private. They had a period of funding where they raised over $150,000 dollars to develop the app for Android and iOS. They had only planned on raising $100,000, so they had asked the community what to do with the extra $50,000. You said they should build a Windows Phone app. Their response?

The article from the other day about Hemlis gathered over 330 comments here. Plus you guys and gals took to the internet to let them know on Facebook and Twitter that there is demand for Hemlis to come to Windows Phone. Topping it all off, Daniel Gary offered to build the app for them for free. Yes, that Daniel Gary.

Hemlis and Daniel Gary are apparently in communication. But Android and iOS remain their priority at this time. Here’s what Hemlis has been saying across their social media accounts:

To all of you that requested a windows phone client. We hear you, but we have to start somewhere. After that let's see!

So there you have it folks. Wait and see. In the meantime, check out this article over at XDA about Hemlis and security. Maybe this isn't the secure messaging platform we want or need afterall. You be the judge. 

Source: Facebook, Twitter

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Hemlis on Windows Phone: Wait and see


I actually like the way it looks on the iOS render. If it looks the same on  WP, then I'll definitely use it.

Here we are talking about Internet security and the first comment is about how the fucking thing looks.  smh.  We deserve to be spied on and abused by our government.

The look is about all we have to go on right now. In the last article, there was plenty of political banter and people were crying about that... so I don't know what to say.

Yeeeehoooo, Cletis! That thar guy is butthurt! Hyuck yuk. Talkin' all serious an' stuff. Now pass me that moonshine dagnabbit and tell ma to hurry an' get off tha pot. I gots ta take me a leak an' uh can't hold it much longa... 

As long as they see continued growth in the platform, these promises should come to fruition.

This is dumb. They have an extra 50,000 and a man who will gladly make the app for them FOR FREE. Why would they not do that?

Yea, I don't get that. A dev will build it for free allowing them to pocket that extra $50k and they say "not now"? Weird.

Who says they aren't pocketing $150K because they have a couple guys coding iOS and Android apps for free? If the point is for them to make an app to protect people from government snooping then it should be made for all platforms, not follow other developers practice and target the two popular platforms.

Because they have to finish the fucking thing before they can grant third-party access.
It's bad enough to have ONE team working on a single development project. Having a dude who's out-of-house working independantly with a work-in-progress version of your software is just bound to cause fuckups.
Let them finalize the software and its technological backbone before asking for additional apps.

Way to send them the message!
Now if people can take to Twitter and ask the nice folks at @Flickr to #UpdateFlickrForWP, that'd be great! This app needs a facelift big time!

Daniel Gary should update instance and give us videos than he can start working on this project!

It was supposed to be updated with video support like..weeks ago. I guess he's busy. WPgram already has video playback support (still no photo/video upload though) I'd also like to have the favorites feature that WPgram has, to be implemented into Instance.

I say screw 'em.
They have the money, the demand and free development... and they basically say, stop messaging us we'll deal with the big dogs and if we feel like it we might think about WP.

I know. I hate that. Its like, did they expect everyone to be like, oh just pocket that Xtra 50k derpy derp. No, build a WP client in parallel! I thought WP8 is an easy platform to develop??

I guess we will have to wait and see just how secure it really is and if their approach actually works as thoroughly as planned. The concept sounds great tho. The XDA article was also a welcomed read and was quite informative and a great read at that.

They are probably only interested in developing the app for terrorists anyway... and we all know terrorists only use iPhone and Android.

The article is pretty a intresting read. Hemlis may not be secure as they are saying it will be.

The XDA article was spot on. Plus, I'm sure other countries have similar programs to the ones attributed to the NSA. It would be naive to think otherwise. After all, it's about control and power, and narcissistic megalomaniac people always end up in government.

I never understood why people got it into their heads that anything done over the Internet is any more secure than putting your information out over a global radio broadcast. It's like walking in Times Square naked and getting mad people are looking at you invading your privacy.

I wonder why no one ever "have to start" to build an app from WP.
Developers don't understand where the market is overstocked and where not.