Hike for Windows Phone updated with new Black theme and more


The popular Hike messaging app has been updated for Windows Phone once again, adding a number of new features to the mix.

The latest update brings the version number up to 2.6.2 and while there's not a full redesign of its UI like it offered back in June, the Hike team still managed to put in a number of new additions. Here is their change log:

  • Black Theme: You asked for it, we brought it back with a twist! More battery friendly and less of a strain on the eyes when your hiking your friends at night :)
  • 100 Person Group Chat: 50 was a bit too small wasn't it? Now add up to 100 friends in a group!
  • Clearing Conversations: We know how much you wanted this so we doubled down on the red bulls to get this in the release! You can now clear one to one conversations.
  • New Sticker Category: You will love the new Wicked Jellies category!
  • Bug Zapping: We have completed a round of bug zapping to keep things shiny and new!

The change log also mentions that even more improvements are in the works. Thanks to the many people who tipped us!


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Reader comments

Hike for Windows Phone updated with new Black theme and more


The stickers are good and this app is another secondary app after WhatsApp ..!! Free sms are also a good add and different chat themes plus daily quotes make it a good try

I joined immediately after they releasing it and there was no users, whereas WhatsApp had 190 contacts in favorites and now there are around 50 contacts in Hike and 320 contacts in WhatsApp. In India anyone purchases a new smartphone will first install FB and WhatsApp. More than the company the users marketed the product.

It can share videos and audios..Microsoft doesn't allow sharing videos and audios..Only they have permitted WhatsApp to share video till now..Get your facts right dude..

Wow.. Windows Phone 8.1 has already brought new APIs which allow you to choose files. Maybe you need to check your facts

Ohhh really..You know in android with hike u can even send files now..but it doesn't come in WP..Tell me why??There is a hell of a limitation in WP platform..

Hike needs to update their app to add that functionality. You have to be a little (sometimes too much) patient on this platform.

Bro I think we are the most patient user...With 8.1 I thought audio and video can be shared in all messaging app but I was wrong

Hike is an Indian brand and also its faster than WhatsApp and has many stickers . It has clean and user friendly UI, which makes it more appealing. WhatsApp cant even come closer to it in any of the above aspects except the number of users. Hike also has feature of sending free SMSs which makes it completely unique when compared to other messengers

You have heard of Time Difference term right? WP Central is US time, not India time.12PM in Mumbai is probably around 2-3AM in the States. :)

I was specific to this news, i don't know for others. For example if an WP Central author from Europe post the news, then you got the news faster. The difference between European time and India time is 3-4 hours. We (Europe) are 3-4 hours behind you. :)

In android it now allows sending of files but as usual it doesn't come in WP..This sucks Microsoft..

This dev need more credits
Their app, amazing.
Their response about feedback is good.
Just need some promotional.

How is this compared to Kik?  Trying to give my daughter an alternative with her friends (who are all on different devices) since the Kik app is no longer supported on WP.

I'd like to move over to Hike if only I can convince quite a number of my pals. Most of them are on WhatsApp. As an app, Hike is miles ahead. I believe that they would use the new FilePicker API once 8.1 reaches all phones. That would enable sending of any file in the Downloads folder.

IMHO Hike is much much cleaner messaging app than Whatsapp with its UI, stickers, ability to msg even those not on hike through a free sms, the free recharge for referring people to use the app, better privacy settings... but the only things preventing me from completely switching out of whatsapp, is that its not as famous, hence lesser users (i'm working on converting my friends) & also the fact that it has yet to recieve permission to access videos, let alone other files. 

For the guys out side India this is a best I'm apps in India... Just like line in japan and wechat in china its totally Indian production.... Love this app more than what'sapp

I love wechat the most and hike for free SMS and free mobile recharge - I hate WhatsApp and even its free only for a year.

Hike is better than Whatsapp in many ways, but it is underrated. And, since it is an Indian brand, like always we prefer foreign to the desi. :/

Brother in wp8.1 microsoft changed the API but there are many wp8 users so developer make app for wp8 because wp8.1 can support wp8 app but vice versa is not possible..so wait for official wp8.1 n u will get every feature of android smartphone.

There are many users joining Hike, may be because of lot other features (like Sending SMS when other user is offline, Stickers, Rewards) + Hidden Mode feature. I hope  Hike team is working on to bring the Hidden Mode feature to Windows Phone.