Oggl for Windows Phone

Hipstamatic Oggl and Oggl Pro get quick bug fixes for Windows Phone

If you tried the recently released Oggl photo app (for all Windows Phone 8 devices) or Oggl PRO (Nokia Lumia 1020), you may have had some mixed results from posting your creations. For instance, we noticed when we’d dual post to Instagram and Twitter, the Twitter submission would only have an Oggl link but omit our accompanying written text. Others have reported login in problems, failed submissions and an overall “meh” experience.

Luckily, Hipstamatic’s Oggl apps appear to be on the fast track for bug fixes and feature additions.  Version for the regular Oggl app is now live and version for the PRO variation. No changelog for either, which is a downer.

Oggl for Windows Phone

But the Oggl team does note:

“This is our very first Hipstamatic version on WP8 and not only are we going to improve the experience of using the app a lot shortly, we also have a lot more features coming. Please have some patience and stay tuned for updates here shortly.”

That signals to us that the Hipstamatic team (along with Nokia’s helpers) have quite a few plans for this app and service to make things a lot better. So as they say above, have patience people. Notice any fixes with these updates versions? Share with us in comments!

Pick up the updates for Oggl here for Windows Phone 8 devices and Oggl PRO here for the Lumia 1020. Thanks, Nick L., for the tip!

QR: Oggl
Oggl (Windows Phone 8)


QR: Oggl Pro
Oggl PRO (Nokia Lumia 1020 only)


Reader comments

Hipstamatic Oggl and Oggl Pro get quick bug fixes for Windows Phone


I downloaded the non-pro app to my HTC 8X just minutes ago, for the first time. I presume I got these latest updates, but the images it saves seems to be really lo-res (as in, so crap quality I wouldn't even dream of uploading them to Instagram) and the app is really slow — it even resets my phone randomly.
On a positive note; there's a nice selection of filters.

The update went live last night, used it twice after that and i didn't notice anything. Still lags a lot when changing filters. Using the pro version XD!!!

The app is great for the filters and film, I wish they would have brought over hipstamatic. I loved that app on my iPhone. I'm not into the whole paid subscription for the film and filters. I want to purchase the gear I like and it be mine. The other features aren't that appealing. Once the 60 day trial is over for the gear I'll be uninstalling. As usual the windows store gets the overpriced apps and over hyped crap.

Their plea for patience is pathetic. Have we become so accustomed to shitty software that this is acceptable now? I blame Google. They started the whole releasing Beta software trend, those pricks.

Agreed. Also the people defending a shit app is just as pathetic as a company releasing said shit app. Why are so many apps released now a days to the public, which should still really be labeled as beta. Having patience is one thing. Expecting an app to work when released to the public is just how it should be. Not have patience that it will eventually work. It's so sad it's laughable, as with nearly all things Microsoft these days.

It just seems to take blurry photos for me. Doesn't matter what I'm focusing on or what filters. Dreadful experience and I feel like there should be instructions, which also equals a failed UX. On a HTC 8X if that makes a difference. Will have to try it on my new Lumia 620 and see what happens there.
Instance seems like the better option right now.

Just updated my 920, def feels faster, and where before followers and image lists weren't always populating they are now. Wish I could add existing images, and a basic bit of editing like groping and rotating etc. Good to see a quick update though, hopefully the first of many.

Yeah they need to add a groping function, that'd be great for some images on Instragram. It'd be a killer feature vs merely poking on Facebook.

8x here and now this app crashes before 30 seconds every time. Not to mention this is the slowest loading app I've ever had the displeasure of using.

Update resets downloaded filters, have to manually click each and re-download. Should be able to select multiple filters to download.

Crashes since the update. Of and the update and subsequent crashes makes my gear downloads vanish and I have to download them again. I tried un/re-installing, but it still crashes, PLUS to app doesn't recognize the pictures that it took before the reinstall, so I can't manipulate them within the app. It's a mess. They should have had beta testers.

Don't like the fact that you have to take the photo with the app. Should be able to choose from the camera roll.

I have Lumia 920. Before I did the update, everything was going slowly, but it was. After the update I install new filters and the disabled and enabled not on the menu From the beginning, often:( But I'm looking forward to repair;)

The filters were obviously built around the 1020 and unfortunately not even my 925 shots look decent.......deleted!!!

The filters are the same for all phone which means it's working with an iphone so it should work with a 925, it's working with mine at least