Hobby Lobby comes to Windows Phone, saves you cash on arts and crafts

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is a popular arts and crafts retail chain here in the United States. They are in the news right now due to a bit of controversy, but that doesn’t stop them releasing a new app for Windows Phone! Head to hobbylobby.com and you’ll see a big banner promoting their new app. Talk about support for Windows Phone! There are over 561 stores in the United States and now one app for your phone.

Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll find Hobby Lobby. The app will show you coupons, weekly savings, store locations, gift card balance and more.

Hobby Lobby

Coupons from the Hobby Lobby app can be used in the store or online, which alone makes this app worth downloading if you frequent the stores. The weekly savings part of the app is pretty interesting. You can browse for savings across a variety of categories like art supplies, crafting, fabric, needle art and more. Again, this app alone is worth picking up if you do a lot of crafts. The store locator is useful for not just finding your local store, but checking out their store hours, making a quick call, or getting directions. You can also quickly jump to the browser for a schedule of all classes at particular Hobby Lobby locations.

Hobby Lobby is a free app on Windows Phone. Download it today from the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks for the tip Robert!

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Hobby Lobby comes to Windows Phone, saves you cash on arts and crafts


PLEASE take off-topic comments to the forums. Off-topic comments clutter the article comments, and we all wanna make sure our voice gets heard! :)

Which includes the majority of contraceptive methods used by woman today including hormonal birth control pills, IUD's, etc.  Of course they (Hobby Lobby) have no problem with Viagra, penis pumps or the money they invest with their employee 401(k) plans with that have more than $73 million in "mutual funds with investments in companies that produce emergency contraceptive pills, intrauterine devices, and drugs commonly used in abortions."

All this is going to do is expedite the path to Universal Healthcare with the gov't in order to take the employers out of the equation.  At that moment, the dolts at FOXnews will have their heads explode as a result of cheering for the team (Hobby Lobby) that is the cause for Universal "Socialist" Healthcare.

Now where are my WP8.1 articles!

Yet all of the goods they sell are made in China where they FORCE abortions on people that make Hobby Lobbys products

Involved in legal battle before supreme court of the US about wheather they as a company must pay for abortion forms of birth control -- they have no issue with preventative forms.  Its the after the fact ones they have issues with.  Only an issue because of changes to the law under Obama Care.

Ugh, I would hate for this site to become too politically driven but my understanding of the situation is that they are privately held and can practice business differently than publically held companies.  But let's talk tech instead of employee rights / company rights.

"practice business differently than publically held companies."- to a degree.  The Civil Rights Act of 1964 says otherwise.

ya...no sense in people fighting for what they believe in.  Just roll over and let big government tell you what to believe in.  It's easier.

Thank you. Further, they're trying to deny women's health care coverage based on said beliefs. Very much not okay.

HaHaHaHA! Oh, the bitter irony, I tell you, smh... Who exactly is imposing on Who? I'm so sick of the hypocritical Statists who believe they can force everyone else to their views and make live as they see fit because they are so high minded and know better than anyone else. Surely you can see the irony of you using the word force as its you that would really be doing the forcing. People choose who to work for but Hobby Lobby is to be forced to provide services that is against their beliefs and conscience!

Get your facts right. 80% of Hobby Lobby's employees are females. Prior to ACA or Obamacare HL offered great benefits and higher then the average retail wages for their employees. They, as a PRIVATE company with established religious beliefs, do not want to cover 4 specific drugs that the believe can abort a fetus. They are fighting for religious rights. They are not forcing anything on anyone. If you don't like it don't shop there.

Its a 'Private' company that is not owned by you so that means that other people own it therefore they decide how to operate it, not you! If you don't like how they run it then don't work for it or shop there. Its not owned by the State so you have no right to impose your self righteous beliefs on it. And I'm sorry but private Companies and even Corporations are People so yes they have principles and beliefs and its the owners of the stock that should decide what benefits they provide. I know its a tough concept today and everything gets perverted so that things get complicated but Its called Freedom and Liberty and the right to pursue your OWN happiness so its not your right to impose your will on the private owners of that company.

This goes way deeper than the bumper sticker rhetoric you're employing, and this isn't the forum to debate it anyway. Let's just say that the idea you're espousing, that a private corporation is somehow not beholden to laws, is a bizarre concept.

I'm more concerned about the implications of the law suit. What if a private company is owned by Christian Scientists who don't want to pay for plans that cover vaccines or some cult that doesn't believe in any form of medicine except for rubbing crystals on the boo-boo? Every private employer will get to conveniently join whatever made-up religion gets the lowest cost health plans.

I don't know why we have employer-provided healthcare anyway. The government should provide catastrophic health insurance plans for everybody and people should buy whatever supplemental plans they want with their own money.

Umm, they (Hobby Lobby) have no problem with Viagra, penis pumps or the money they invest with their employee 401(k) plans with that have more than $73 million in "mutual funds with investments in companies that produce emergency contraceptive pills, intrauterine devices, and drugs commonly used in abortions."

RHunter Hobby Lobby gas no problem with the country their goods are manufactured in forcing abortions on the people that make Hobby Lobbys stuff. That is Hypocrisy

Since when does the pill or an IUD cause abortions? The morning after pill, I could see their opposition - not agree with, but could see.

Boo hoo, somebody doesn't believe the way I do and it hurts my feelings.  Boo hoo.


Seriously, take it elsewhere.

You do understand that they are not forcing their employees to do anything.  They just dont want to pay for things they don't believe in.  Why is it their responsibilty to pay for someone elses choices.  Not to mention those employees can always go and get coverage else where.  The beauty of this country was its freedom and those employees still have that.

How I wish that to be true. Some day you will grow up and see how things really are. Stay naive as long as possible, it's a comfortable place.

Not sure what you are refering to but you dont know what you are talking about.  Anyone that works at Hobby Lobby is free to find an new job or wait, buy insurance as an individual. I know this because I own successful insurance firm.  I not sure if you are smart enough to understand this or not but that my good friend is freedom of choice.  I may not agree with Hobby Lobby but i do agree with thier right to practice their religion. 

I may not agree with Hobby Lobby but i do agree with thier right to practice their religion. 

Every human being deserves the right to practice their religion; however, I have two points to make:

  1. Hobby Lobby is not a human being; therefore, Hobby Lobby cannot have beliefs or a religion.
  2. It is wrong to impose one's religious beliefs on another person. I am an atheist and do not believe that there is a god of any sort, but it is not my place or my right to stop a religious person from performing their religious practices or holding their beliefs. 

how exactly are they opposing their religious beleif on anyone.  they are not making people pray, or believe like they do.  I guess the fact that they are not open on Sunday is them impossing their beliefs on you as well.  It seems to me that you the one imposing your beliefs.  As a private corp. they are chosing to not cover a none medical condition. 

Imposition of beliefs works both ways. Again, I will use atheism as an example:

I do not believe that there is a god of any kind. If I own a company, I cannot tell my employees that they are not allowed to pray, use the money they earn to give as tithing, attend church, etc., as it is wrong of me to do so. By disallowing the worship of a god, I am imposing my belief on other people.

Hopefully you can see the parallels between the Hobby Lobby situation and my example.

Does that mean a Christian Scientist employer can deny all health benefits because he doesn't believe in them?

Once again, what the owners of Hobby Lobby do as private citizens is their business. What Hobby Lobby does as a corporation, however, is subject to the same laws as all other businesses.

Someone else's choices are immaterial.

As long as they are a private company sure.  How the hell did a benefit that an employer offered to attract and retain employees become not only expected but a right.  People do not understand that employer benefits have helped to drive up the cost of health care in this country.  but that is a topic for a different forum.

I 110% agree with these. Maybe e in the US should stop shopping with them. If they start losing profits they will change their political position.

Hobby Lobby is a free enterprise in (what used to be) a free country. It's completely within their right to provide whatever benefits they wish and it is completely within their employees' rights to work somewhere else if they don't like it. And you are free to shop somewhere else. But I will stand with liberty and support HL - and I very much appreciate their support of WP. Now - if we could just get the idiots at Starbucks to get off their ass...

I built one in appstudio and published it last week, after their customer support told me they had "no plans" for a Windows Phone app. I guess they changed their minds.

Does the app go through your email & text to see if you use birth control and determine if you can buy stuff?

Except for the Establishment clause. btw: 50-odd years ago, businesses in the South used similar arguments to refuse service to people of color. Unconstitutional then, unconstitutional now.

People can live by their beliefs. A company that does business with the public, privately owned or not, must still obey the law.

Put another way, no one should be penalized for where they work. And don't say, "They can always find another job". In this economy? Seriously?

I think there is a slight difference between being denied service due to your skin color versus not having your employer provide abortive contraception as part of THEIR paid benefits for you.

Seriously. Unless some of you people wake up and realize that this logic you use can be weilded against you when someone else is in power, and done in a way you wouldn't want, your all going to end up being shocked and dismayed. Health care benefits are NOT a right. Period. The federal government has no business forcing companies to provide benefits that they dictate. The only reason it's legal is because the Supreme Court failed to do its job properly.

Eventually and unfortunately, the AFA will end up being accepted like social security is today.  Once it is knitted into society it can't be removed or modified in any meaningful way.  We are in dire need of some brass-balled consitutionalists elected into office in 2014.

Darth is a good atheist -- doesn't force what you beleive in or do as a good christian should be.  May express displeasure but not ever force or penalize for different beleifs as that is just wrong.

While I appreciate companies coming to Windows Phone, I cannot support this company. It has brought a cause to the U.S. Supreme Court that would impose the values of the owners onto its employees. And because of a trickle down effect, every U.S. company would use the rulling to limit access to healthcare. 

Back on topic: I love my scarlet red Lumia 920. :) 

As opposed to the government telling us what to believe and us just following along like Lemmings??? THAT'S what is scary!

No, as opposed to following the laws as all competitors have to. If they want to have religious freedom as an organization, they can run it as a non-profit.

Well, it would be much more narrow than that, but the issue is important nevertheless, I think more symbolically so than in terms of real effects on employees. The whole lawsuit is idiotic though and it's a disgrace that it got this far.

But I like going there, it's a fun store to look in. And I hate crafts stores usually. I'll keep going there no matter what... Not much into the whole boycott thing anyway.

You obviously are misinformed. They are not imposing there values on there employees. If employees want coverage of abortion pills they are able to do so. Just not through hobby lobby. All there fighting, is you forcing your belief that they have to offer such things to there employees.

Wow, so great. The more Apps come on board the easier it will be to convince my family to jump on WP. And especially for an outstanding company like this!

Agreed with some of the statements above. I won't support this company either. I hope they lose their Supreme Court case.

Because they don't want to pay for abortions or medications that terminate pregnancies. They are not involving themselves into their employees private lives. They are just drawing the line on terminating lives.

They want to opt out if paying for contraceptives for their workers but their pension plans are invested in the makers of contraceptives. Should be evidence of their real motives in the suit.

Not to mention most of their products are imported from China where forced population control abortions are commonplace. Hypocrites.

Not to mention that nowhere in the Christian belief does it prohibit a corporation that someone runs from providing health care that includes optional contraceptive coverage. The idea that religious belief should be extended that far is ludicrous.

Because it would be in their best interest to have healthy workers?  Either that or it can be a true "Socialist" program with gov't run Universal Healthcare.  Or they can just follow the plan of "Don't get sick and if you do, die quickly" - but that doesn't seem very Christian like.

It is myth that health care makes people healthy.  Lifestyle choices have more to do in making individuals healthy.  Health care is more of a finacial protection for patients and healthcare providers.  The vast majority of medical claims in this country are from preventible medical conditions.

And let me guess, if you buy anything American, you clearly support everything the US Gov does or did.  If you buy anything German, you support anything the Germans do or did.


Please get some logic and stick to the story.  Save your beliefs for a non-tech site.

Actually they are opting out of paying for specific contraceptives that are abortive in nature, not all contraceptives. Personally I don't think any company should foot the bill for someone's sex life.

Glad they finally made an app. Nice to see a major crafts store on WP since neither Michaels or Joanns can be bothered.

Great. If you don't like the company and it's beliefs, then not supporting them is the right thing to do. I believe all companies should be allowed to run in a way that aligns with the beliefs of the owners, regardless if that means denying service to someone for any reason, not using insurance plans that cover contraceptives, etc. If these companies do this, and this is as bad as some people think, then the companies will go out of business as people boycott them. Problem solved.

What should concern everyone is a government that can compel or force someone to do something against their beliefs which is increasingly the case.

Also, nice app. My daughter will use this as she loved hobby lobby

"I believe all companies should be allowed to run in a way that aligns with the beliefs of the owners"

Any society that tried that would fail. The US would be a horrible place to do business if that was the case. Predictability and a stable society is what makes business work.

Great Comment. So logical and full of common sense which seems to be so lacking in the world.

40% off copic marker pads!! I support that! Now, if they don't want to pay for certain health care, be it Tylenol or abortions, why can't they go against it? If that's how they feel about the matter, what should they do?

As far as I understand, it wasn't against the law before Obama got his law passed.  Suddenly they have to change their business because of what someone else thinks. 

You do understand they are a private company that does not take money from the goverment or anyone else, right.

Health care? Abortion! Really? Abortion is a personal choice. Therefore one should pay,for it themselves. Why should a company be blacklisted because they don't want to contribute to it?

I agree with you Angella. I don't think abortion is a form of health care either. Good catch. I'll be clearer when making my points.

Sort of piggybacking on the Hobby Lobby app, I want 5th/3rd Bank to make an app and not just a ported website. I have actually called them and gotten through to a marketing person and requested a Windows 8/ WP 8 app.

We need more store and banking apps, period. :( It's hard to sell phones when the store logo is never anywhere to be seen... these are the apps that make "regular people" consider using the phone, I think.

Sweet! Awesome store and always have amazing employees at our local one. All you whining pro-abortionist remember someone choose to keep you so you can comment here. They just don't want to pay for morning after pills and abortions. Like that is so horrible...

I know right, god forbid they looked into companies like Walmart, Target, Sears, their local grocery store.... and found out some of their beliefs and practices.

Problem is, people think its everyone else's responsibility to keep them from getting\getting someone pregnant which is just stupid.

...and if all of us pro-lifer's really hated women, we'd just say "fine...do what you want".  In one generation, the problem would be solved :)

This is awesome. Having children with a constant stream of school projects, I'll take the app and any discounts I can get happily. Don't give a damn about any of the political crud.

Too much of my childhood was spent begrudgingly following my mother through  hobby lobby. I cannot support this app for that reason. 

I hate that the owner feels the need to insert his/her personal views on employees(Chic-a-fil and Hobby Lobby)

I hate when internet people get mad at CEO's of a non-profit that DON'T insert their views on employees but  the internet people still feel the need to get them fired.

BTW Hooby Lobby's website have a WP front and center on their home page

"BTW Hooby Lobby's website have a WP front and center on their home page"

I almost hope they win the Supreme Court case based on this alone! :D

Seriously, that is good to see. Hope it becomes more common.

So much uproar over what was the status quo up until Obamacare. Where was the uproar before then? Where were the lawsuits forcing employers to cover medication that was against the employer's beliefs? Hobby Lobby is doing nothing wrong in standing up for its beliefs; the government is doing everything wrong by forcing HL to violate its beliefs.

If you don't like their practices, you don't have to work there, shop there, or use their fine Windows Phone app. 

If you do like their practices or just don't care, you can do all of the above.  I appreciate the app and their support of Windows Phone and will happily use it and shop in their stores.


I think you can even make a big sign and wave it safely so that everyone can see just how much you don't support them.

People should be free to believe in any imaginary deity they choose. But, that foolishness should be confined to churches and homes. It has no place in public commerce.

Love the Hobby lobby framing department. Always do a great job for me. As far as the healthcare stuff no one is forcing the employees to work there. If they don't like what is being provided they are free to work somewhere else.

My wife needs the damn Joann's app so she can stop complaining about not having it as she did on iphone, (she does a lot of crafts).