How to: Roll back IE6

It's no secret that some of us around here are none-to-fond of Microsoft's latest browser IE6, which made its debut with the Sprint Treo Pro.

In short, editing this line in your registry will roll back some of the changes in IE6 to make it more IE5-like, including the old-style navigation (i.e. no cursor) and a better layout. And for those who want the .cab, Codyppc even did that for ya for a quick install. Noyce. (Note: yes, this also disables flash, so no more YouTube!)

HKLM\Security\Internet Explorer\MSHTML=0

While technically this only applies to the Sprint Treo Pro right now, it may be worth remembering this little trick for when those newer devices and/or ROM updates start showing up and you find yourself in the same boat as we, yearning for last year's version ;-)

And if you're lost when we talk about editing the registry, check out Hobbes' excellent registry tutorial.


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How to: Roll back IE6


Why would you want to? I have had my treo since Thursday, and it is different, and taking some getting used to, but so much better.

Don't fear the change, embrace it!

So much better? Maybe at aggravation, but not much else.

Microsoft's design goals for IE6 were appropriately ambitious, but clearly this version was not ready to be shipped, and certainly not on the Treo Pro. It's obvious that it was optimized for full-touchscreen or trackball-enabled devices with greater resolution than 320 x 320. What's the point of using a mouse cursor with a D-pad?

Just install the rollback cab and see for yourself: PIE blows IE6 out of the water in terms of speed and usability. Change should only be embraced when it relects genuine progress.

It always amazes me, people obviously HATE WM but yet still purchase WM phones and then try as hard as they can to make them into something else??!! Why even bother with a WM device in the first place?

Thank you sooooo much. The new version made outlook mobile access extremely difficult and this fixed that. You're a life saver.

IE 6 would be great, if it worked on our Enterprise systems! We are using a mix of Symbol and Intermec devices, and if it wasn't for this reg hack, we would be sending back a batch of Intermec CK3's! No "Fit To Screen" means no work, and opera won't deal with frames!