How satisfied are you as a Windows Phone developer? [Survey]

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The Windows Phone team are asking developers for their thoughts on the entire process of creating and updating apps / titles on the platform. A developer survey is available for participants to provide feedback and / or complaints to bring positive changes for the community. 

Questions cover satisfaction, comparing development process with competitor platforms, as well as rating Microsoft services and products available to developers. As well selecting options, participants are able to provide a number of suggestions as to how the team can improve the development process.

So, how satisfied are you?

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How satisfied are you as a Windows Phone developer? [Survey]


They should extend the API. There are a lot of features which should be available from the start (e.g. ServerSockets, Bluetooth, etc.).
Anyways, it's not the best OS for reasearch but it is the easiest one to learn.

Researching what? Either your a programmer or not. Anytime a new language comes along, there's going to be a learning curve

Routing protocols, power management techniques, etc etc. Not sure what you mean with the learning curve, Visual Studio is arguably the most complete, mature and easiest IDE to work with and .NET is very user friendly.

Serversockets != Sockets
You are currently unnable to make P2P applications.
edit: Sorry! I though you were OMG55!

App submission support. When a submission fails, the personel seems like they couldent care less, or are technically incompetent.
P.S How do I enable the plain text editor forever on WPC?

My biggest problem right now is with the lousy multitasking. As a developer of an IRC client, and user of IM systems, the usefulness is cut in half when switching apps kills your connection.

Thanks for the pick-up guys. Btw, for feature requests, wpdev.uservoice.com is a great place to log them...we review requests made there with engineering on a monthly basis

Biggest drawback for me is having to pay just to put my app on my own device!  this is stupid.  ergo, I have not jumped in like I want to.

1. Need more functionality with the Live tiles.
e.g. Play a video on tap, change images on swipe, change font color for the title, etc.
2. More default icons. This will only help to keep the themes consistent
3. An app to monitor the App Hub Dashboard
4. Do some kind of marketing for apps and newbie developers like myself :(
Thank you for caring about developers :)