HP announces several new Windows 8.1 notebook hybrids

hp split x2

HP made some pre-Computex announcements on Sunday as it revealed plans to release a number of new Windows 8.1 notebooks later this summer, all of which can also be used in some form of tablet mode. The new version of the HP Split x2 still allows the display to detach from its keyboard dock to be used as a big 13.3 inch Windows 8.1 tablet. The keyboard dock also serves as a second battery for the Split x2. The new version has a 500GB hard drive inside the tablet and will also have Intel's Bay Trail processors. It will go on sale in the U.S. June 29 for the starting price of $599.99.

The company has also announced the new ENVY x360 and a new version of its Pavilion x360. Both of these notebooks allow the user to flip their displays 360 degrees so that they can be used as a tablet, a la Lenovo's Yoga series. The Pavilion x360 has a 13.3 inch display while the ENVY x360 has a bigger 15.6 inch monitor. The ENVY x360 is coming out June 11 for the starting price of $679.99. The Pavilion x360 comes out July 8 with an AMD A8 processor for $629.99, while the version with the Intel Core i3 chip inside goes on sale July 20 for the starting price of $599.99.

What do you think about HP's new Windows 8.1 products? Do you like the fact that the trend for offering a 2-in-1 hybrid products is continuing?

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HP announces several new Windows 8.1 notebook hybrids


Hah! They had to eat their words. They said not too long ago that they were leaving the PC industry. I love it

But when companies improve the build quality, some people complain that they're too expensive. The companies can't win. But I absolutely agree with you, build quality is crucial whether it's a computer, a bicycle, or what have you. I hate replacing things prematurely, or getting poor resale when I trade up, due to poor quality.

Yep they thought they can load Android on crap and people would buy, little did they realize. Their only savior is Windows for the enterprise market

I had hp in the past and it was crap. This was like 2011 or 2012. They LOOK nice but I am with surface now and if I ever got the need for more I would go Lenovo as I hear they have good build quality.

HP's been lost the past few years. Hope to see them recover and develop something innovative. Good to see some AMD processors being used also.

just when I think I will replace my HP Laptop with a Surface and they do this - only issue I have ever had with my HP was when my niece managed to get a wire pinched and HP fixed it good as new.

That you call an issue? ;) my niece throw my mother's old Nokia phone from levels 9. And shattered it. My mother ends up using Lumia 625, off topic sorry ;)

Did they fix the ground around where it hit, or did they leave the crater as a historical marker?

Hope they start using better displays. Everything they've released just looks so washed out to me when comparing it to everyone else.

Between this and ACER all I can say is finally some competition for the ASUS T-100. It just goes to show when someone has a successful product others will come along with similar products to grab a piece of the pie. But this is how products evolve and improve.

These models are significantly more expensive than the T-100. You can grab the T-100 for $350 at Amazon and Walmart.

I don't know. The Split x2 is a superior product on paper.

Not only does it have a bigger screen, but it has a battery in its keyboard dock.

I love the hybrids. It is very sad that HP is losing, because the hardware is very good for the price. I have one of HP's hybrids, and it is awesome. Sturdy, beautiful design, and good functionality. Magical battery life.

I like the concept of the separate keyboard. I use a similar setup at work that is made by Motion Computing. Not always reliable though they have been sound enough that we kept them for 5 years. Not a fan of HP any longer. Last 2 computers I bought were nothing but trouble. I finally bought a Lenovo Flip that has been awesome. Also have the Surface Pro2 that I really like, but I'll use the Lenovo when I need more screen

The Split was a good concept that needed more power and some other design improvements. They've improved the processor but downgraded from a SSD to a HDD, so it's one step forward, one step back. Cheaper I guess though.

I have a Spectre which is similar to the Split, without the split option. One of the best ultrabooks out there, really beautifully made machine. Never been a fan of HP laptops, but I couldn't see anything better when I was shopping for laptops earlier this year. Quite glad they've not replaced it yet.

Loved the form factor of my old Envy x2, but zero driver support really ruined my experience. HP will have to offer something truly exceptional to win me back! I do love the hybrid form, though!

These look ok, but I have to be honest and say that 13.3 inches is not a good size for a tablet. It gets too clunky and heavy past 10. Reason why I didn't get a standard Lenovo Yoga.

This is a bit hard to grasp and could be different for everyone, but at least for me, the regular iPad size is the biggest I'd go. Never tried using a smaller tablet like iPad Mini or Acer iconia Tab 8, but since my vision is not 20/20, perhaps there's a limit on how small the screen size should go...

Its great to see the continued progress PCs are making to serve dual use scenarios.  HP is not leading the charge though which can be seen with their Envy 360 (nice but offers no differentiation from Lenovo).  I would have like to have seen HP carry through innovations in the touchpad space and maybe offer some unique PC docking solutions to offer a graphics boost option.   Surface Pro 3 has set the standard for what the optimium aspect ratio should be in detachable 2 in 1s.

I have a HP Desktop since 2007, still going strong after a ram and gpu upgrade.... Will have a look at these.

Not a fan of the split line. I used the Envy x2 for a while, but I constantly faced one problem: Where to put the keyboard when used as tablet on the go...

HP still releasing chromebooks and even android notebooks as if either of these OSs has had any success in the laptop/notebook market. So the terrible windows 8 devices they release confirm this company just has no idea about what to do, or how to get over their burn with webOS and CEOs which seem to have seeded the company with the most anti-MSFT stance I've seen since Acer. However unlike Acer which does sometimes suprise, HP always sucks. Why don't they look at Asus as a company that has no problem embracing windows 8 without reservations even as it toys with some of the google junk.

I have the Pavilion 11 x2 with this experience I honestly would never buy a hybrid again. Lacks Specs, Lacks Features, and Lacks Usability. I barley use it as a tablet and was charged only for mobility not performance.

HP can piss off. I cannot recommend HP anything simply because of reliability. I could go on about crap hardware, outdated designs, cheap plastic feel, and zero innovation from the company, but if a computer isn't going to last you a year, what's the point?