Nokia Lumia 521

HSN drops T-Mobile Lumia 521 price to $129.95

Although you can still find the Lumia 521 for $129.95 at other shops, like your local Walmart (if it’s available) or on occasion a Microsoft Store (if you live near one), is still selling the phone at what seems to be a great pace—plus it’s actually in stock.

The low-cost phone, which we reviewed here, runs normally for $149.95 at the popular online shop but perhaps for the holiday (Flag Day today, Father’s Day on Sunday), they’ve dropped it to an even more enticing $130. Mind you, that’s the no-contract, no strings attached price for the T-Mobile locked handset.

We happen to use the Lumia 521 quite regularly at home due to the Wi-Fi calling feature and overall general feel of the device. That’s not to say we don’t grab our 92x devices when we go out, but the 521 is in our opinion the perfect phone for teenagers or older folks who don’t want a fancy smartphone (but could still benefit from some of its features, like maps, messaging and a nice calendar).

Head over to to pick up the Lumia 521 in white. Have a 521? Share your experience with others in comments on whether this phone gets a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’.

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HSN drops T-Mobile Lumia 521 price to $129.95


I have one. I'm a sprint/android convert trying out windows phone and TMobile. So far I have been very satisfied. I am interested in the 925 though. Hurry up Tmo!!!

The 925 is nice and all, but Nokia better come with it!! I want a 5.5inch screen, 2k resolution, octa core processor, HDMI2 out, up to 500gb expandable storage, IR transmitter, 51mp camera lol, Carbon fiber monocoque shell, Solar charging screen, Lithium-Sulfur battery, whatever GPS the military is using right now, external speaker with selectable wattage up to 5w, and a phone with much louder volume so us deaf people can hear conversations better... Heck, I'd just settle for the last one.... Lol!!

I tried ordering twice and they canceled my order both times. I eventually got it off Ebay and my mother loves this phone (so do I!).

Not to throw a wrench in here, but shouldn't it support AT&T's wcdma network if the apn is set up correctly or is this an AT&T issue? I only say this because according to the Nokia website it supports the 1900MHz band that AT&T uses. Unless they're pulling an old-school Verizon.

This phone is perfect for so many people it should be selling in its millions: older people, people on a budget, teenagers, current smartphone owners wanting a spare. I almost bought one on a whim today just for the car. I may well yet still do so.

"Bought one just for the car." Does that mean Nokia Drive performs well on this phone? If so, I may just get a couple for older family members...

teenagers? believe, this is the last phone we'd ever want, it doesn't have a front camera, its camera is not 8mp and it doesn't have the 'cool' trending apps! so nope.

Strange, i'm a teen and Windows Phone would do perfectly for me. The lack of games doesn't bother me as i have a iPod Touch 5th gen.

For me "perfect phone for teenagers" = teenager who doesn't have job to pay for their own phone, and who I have no intention of spending $600+ on and locking into a 2 year acccount.

Thinking about snatching one up as a backup phone. I guess no LTE support for unlock/att. Not too important, I'm on WiFi 99 % of the time

The Lumia 521 definately gets a big ole "YAY" from me

I purchased this device when it was first offered by HSN about a month ago. At $150 it was a great deat. At $130 its a steal.

It's obviously not a high-end 5 C-Note device and there were trade-offs that were made in order to offer it at the price point. But it packs alot of features under it's hood for the price. And they are useful features and not just there as gimmicks.

For the casual non power-user, I believe that this device like a Snickers will more than satisfy.

"We happen to use the Lumia 521 quite regularly at home..." You guys all live together in some sort of hippy WPcentral commune?  LOL jk girlfriend

So, you can just buy this phone and use it like (dare I say!) an iPod Touch? Am thinking about grabbing one for my young daughter so she can play games on it. Although not sure how how games like Temple Run would work on it (if at all).

My mom has a dumb phone that just broke. She knows nothing about phones and doesn't care.
Is this phone a decent option for someone who uses her phone for mostly texting and some email?
Also, any idea if it works on Fido in Canada if I can unlock it?

I just purchased this phone for my mom.  I think it's perfect for her. 
When her dumb phone broke down 2 weeks ago, I insist on buying this phone for her instead of another dumb phone because of its hard to beat price.  The phone comes with a pre-paid sim card. But, since we are already on T-mobile, I just cut her old sim card to be micro-sim size and pop it in.  Everything works butter smooth.  Since she doesn't have data plan, I disable the data connection. I didn't get any notification from t-mobile.  So, hopefully, t-mobile won't charge us data service for smart phone.  She doesn't want to pay $20 per month for data plan.  We will see how that goes. 
Since the phone comes with pre-paid card, you can probably use it as an ipod touch.  I'm not too sure how pre-paid works.  You should probably ask t-mobile.
Originally, I was worry about the text size being too small.  But, after I set the text to the largest font, text in email and phone contact are actually not too bad.  It's pretty crisp and clear. 
With this phone, she can check email (through wifi), use nokia drive for gps and play music.  "Amazing Weather" is truely great with start screen and live tile suppot.  Now she doesn't check weather on her PC anymore.
I told her that there is dedicated camera button on the phone.  Now, she takes picture with the phone when taking grandson to park.  The only negative is missing icloud integration.  She keeps on asking me if she can see pictures from other people like her ipod touch. 
I installed RapidDail because it has larger text for phone type.  She is completely lost with that.  So, I teach her how to call from People tile.  It turns out Microsoft is right.  It's more intuitive to find phone number though scolling than searching. 
I'll strongly recommend this phone to people who don't need to play latest popular game like old people. 

@ Daniel...why does it run rough on Att.. Im running an unlocked lumia 710 on att through straight talk...why only edge..has something changed...just curious I want to pick up one to put my sim card in