Upcoming HTC 8X Preview Sale in Singapore

WP Central HTC 8X Preview Sale Singapore

Windows Phone 8 is almost upon us but before that we still have Windows 8 launch to get through. Looks like retailers in the Singapore are going to use that weekend to start pushing the HTC 8X in a promo sale.

The offer is set to last for three days only from 26th to the 28th of October, this is way ahead of the official launch on 3rd November so this could be one to look out for.

The offer includes S$50 off either the black or blue hero phone from HTC. The offer is set to be held a participating stores in the rather excellent Funan DigitaLife Mall where they are always keen to do a deal on cutting edge technology. The HTC 8X is also sold at retail outlets like Challenger, Courts and Gain City without contract for the said period.

WP Central HTC 8X Preview Sale Singapore - Offer

Fancy a HTC 8x before they official launch day, and want some money off? 

The HTC 8x is proving to be a popular choice of handset for those seeking a Windows Phone 8 update, coming in some snazzy colours and boasting some great front optics and image processing technology. HTC have a strong presence in the region and so it’s of no surprise they are acting to get ahead a little early and grab some important sales over that weekend. With all the launch events and news about Microsoft due to Windows 8, getting a brand new handset out there early is a good idea.

We’d like to know if you see any more offers going out for this weekend for presales where you live. If you live in Singapore, we’d like to hear from you. Will you be taking them up on this little pre sale for the 8x or are you going to wait until more handsets are made available after the launch?

Thanks to Wei Yu for the tip!!!


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Upcoming HTC 8X Preview Sale in Singapore


So I could potentially buy one of theese and then ruin the Microsoft surprise moment by doing an extensive review on youtube before the 29th?

I'm waiting for the Lumia 920 until mid-November. Otherwise, I'll get the 8X. I want red so the promotion's not applicable to me anyways.

Na 8x isn't a rip off u forget its still windows 8 phone fast n fluid u shouldn't hate on any windows phones this isn't Apple and Android its Microsoft we don't hate on people to support it at least I don't I got my friend switching from iPhone 4 to HTC 8X and im getting Nokia Lumia 920 from my 900 its about veriety

Dumb comment how exactly is the HTC a rip off ? Imo it has a better design than the 920 along with better audio, better ffc, probably a faster main camera and 2 amps it also has a notification light which the lumia hasn't got and it will be lighter and cheaper.

Yu sure about that my friend xD
Lumia 920 has the most phone hardware ;)
Go buy your Ripped of Phone :)
If you were smart yull pre order Lumia 920
lol - better audio, better ffc, probably a faster main camera and 2 amps
Yaa keep telling ya self Dat ;)
Lol poor guy hes like Surur HTC all the way
Dis lekker om geriped te wees ne ahhahahah

Will definitely go and check it out...sitll haven't decided yet on which device to get...love the beats audio of HTC 8X, love design of the 8S, but then again...The lumia 920 has an awesome camera and exclusive apps...maybe I'll just stick with my HD7 till WP8.5 launch xD

Wow! Seriously? I'll be going down to my nearby Courts shop to check this out. Can't believe it's actually true.

I'd be there if I can get a $50 off on a Lumia 920. Not going to do that for a HTC 8X even though the HD7 did served me well. I kinda get the exclusive app envy.

I'll probably go. But definitely not buying. Not that I hate the HTC or anything, but I wasted all my money on the upcoming games

Cool...I have a Courts across the road from my house...the long weekend won't be boring then...hope they have display units to play with... :-)
And then get my yellow 920 on contract next week *crossing fingers that Singapore is first again like with WP7*

I'm from Singapore and I'm waiting for the Lumia 920. Incidentally I called Singtel yesterday and they've no clue when they are bringing it over here. I'm guessing it will only be revealed after the launch date.

I'm from Singapore as well might go down and take a look.... EXCITED!! If we can get our hands on it...it will be great...Just too bad that Singapore is dominated by Iphones and Android. More than 90% of the people has either Iphone or Android phone...Sad, maybe thats they have this pre-launch cause no one will go...

It was Windows 8 everywhere, in the roads I saw kids and ladies with Windows 8 baloons, in front of Funan Shopping mall guys in Microsoft Windows 8 Tshirts with Windows 8 flyers where giving entire crowd an headsup with Windows 8 details. Inside the shopping mall it was Windows 8 awesomeness http://sdrv.ms/S2K4Xz . There was a HTC windows phone inside the glass box. I could try my hands on HTC 8X, but I could try only the start screen, multitasking window and the app list. But my first impression itself is an Awesome device, feels so light, thin and nice ergonomics on hand.