HTC 8XT for Sprint

HTC 8XT shows up on the Sprint support page, shows off some exclusive apps for Sprint

Between the Lumia 925 launching on T-Mobile and the Lumia 1020 on AT&T it’s easy to forget that Sprint finally has some Windows Phone 8 devices coming soon. One of those devices getting ready to hit Sprint is the HTC 8XT. If you head on over to the Sprint support pages you’ll see the device lounging around there with some user guides and details about the upcoming device. Let’s check it out.

Think of the 8XT as the love child between a ménage à trois of the HTC One, 8S, and 8X. With the 8XT for Sprint you’ll get some cool features like microSD card slot (up to 64GB), Snapdragon 400 processor with 1.4GHz dual-core CPU with 4G LTE, 8MP camera, and a 4.3 inch display.

8XT User Guide Sprint

There isn’t anything mind-blowing in the user guides posted to the Sprint support page. We did learn that you’ll be getting some cool apps like Sprint TV and Sprint Music Plus on the device. Sprint TV lets you watch live television on your phone while Music Plus gives you full songs, ringtones, and ringback tones. You’ll also have Scout by Telenav which will serve as a navigation app.

Any of you few still on Sprint picking up the 8XT?

Source: Sprint Support; Thanks, everyone, for the tip!


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HTC 8XT shows up on the Sprint support page, shows off some exclusive apps for Sprint


I love my 8x and could care less about support. It works just fine and lacks nothing worth writing home about.

Lacks nothing "now" that Nokia is giving away their Nokia drive.
HTC makes good looking windows phones however Nokia is working hard to make windows phone successful by bringing developers to our platform.
If I saw HTC working as hard towards making windows phone successful as Nokia I might consider them as my next phone but for now.... I think not.

Well, sometimes it does not matter whether its Nokia or something else in terms of support. Specifically as an owner of 810 that has been forgotten, I'd take 8X on T-Mo over 810 anytime...forsaken 810 owner

Yeah that sucks.
I've had the Samsung Focus (no support)
My mom had HTC Surround (no support)
My brother had Samsung Focus Flash (okay support)
I had the Lumia 900 & now the 920... Big difference!

I'm sorry the 810 was forgotten

Really nice looking phone. Great saturation of colors on the body. Just really nice, but I'm all about the Nokia 1020.

I like my 8x. The only thing I wish it had was an extra memory slot so I can't jack another 64GB into it. (6GB of "other storage" made me do a reset).

Not this person. Left them in June for AT&T. The new crop of WPs will get the same crappy support from Sprint that the Arrive did.
Now Rocking 2 920s an unlocked 521 and an 8x on AT&T. Couldn't be happier.

I just left Sprint yesterday actually as I pre-ordered the Lumia 1020 (yellow). I had wanted to move for the 920 but was holding out for something on Verizon. When the 928 finally came out I then became hesistant waiting for the EOS. Now that the Lumia 1020 is out I finally pulled the trigger and left Sprint's sorry network.

I left Sprint for AT&T and the HTC Titan. It certainly cost more (phones and service) but when I get my Lumia 1020 next week, I'll forget all about least until my next bill...
Gotta say though that the HTC 8XT is one sweet looking phone and the addition of the SD card slot is something that Nokia could take notice of for their next flagship...

Already left Sprint after suffering for two years with their HTC Arrive and feeling dejected by their lack of WP support.

Yup, me too.
I left Sprint back in November.  While the HTC Arrive was a pretty nice phone, the annoyances from Sprint's lack of supprot were too much for me.  My wife had no such problems with her Lumia 900 on AT&T, so I made the switch.  I've been sporting my cyan 920 ever since, and couldn't be happier.

Actually, the CPU on both, the S4 Play (in Lumia 920 for example) and the Snapdragon 400, is pretty much the same - dual core Krait. If the one found in Sprint's phone is clocked at 1.5GHz then it will even be running at the same speed as the one in the L920.
Edit: just checked and the CPU on 8XT is actually clocked slower, at 1.4GHz.

The 400 is basically the same chip as S4 Plus and the 600 is S4 Pro chip. The CPU in those chips is Krait 300, so nothing has changed. The 800 chip has a nevv CPU (Krait 400).

Actually with recent events, you'd swear it was easy to forget T-Mo got a flagship called the Lumia 925 which launched today.

Screenshot on their support page (if you look into how to check for updates) shows it running 8.0.10327.77. Is this GDR2?
Edit: Just checked another article and yes it is GDR2.

T-Mobile has better coverage as well as better phones than sprint. So why is my carrier 4th again... Anybody ??? Anybody ???

Lol t mobile has the worst national coverage, may be good in your area but most places it suffers horrendously. I travel around the US a lot and had to switch carriers due to the amount of dead spots.

I've been waiting a long time to update from my Arrive to one of the new WP's.  But, the 8xt and the Samsung aren't as good as I had hoped they were going to be.  While the 8xt looks nicer, and the Samsung has better specs, they're still middle of the road phones.  I'm going to wait it out a bit longer and see if Sprint will offer more of a flagship phone in the near future. 
I forgot to comment on your statement about the "cool apps" Sprint is including.  Sprint TV and Music are the first two apps I delete.  It's been my past experience with these apps, that anything worth viewing or listening too, will cost you extra. Unless Sprint has changed this, I will be deleting them off any phone I get from Sprint. 

Middle of the road phones, compared to other wps? I agree the 8xt is middle range because of resolution, but the Neo has the same specs as all high end wps.

My apology,  it does look like the Neo has some of the same specs as the higher end phones.  The processor is a bit slower @1400 Mhz and built-in storage is only 8 g but expandable to 64 gb with a card.  So I guess that might be my next WP even though I like the looks of the 8xt.  Still wishing Sprint will offer a Nokia but it doesn't seem like that's going to happen anytime soon. 

I didn't know they had annouced the storage on the Neo? Where did you find this information? I have been eagerly awaiting more info on the Neo.

I was disappointed to see the 800x480 screen resolution. I would be at the Sprint store waiting for the doors to open on Friday if they'd have kept the HD screen from the 8X. As it stands, I'll most likely wait for the ATIV S Neo to launch.

Did anyone notice that the Tutorials and FAQ's all direct you to the HTC EVO 4G LTE? Interesting. They should have kept the better screen!

Can we (Sprint customers) and the WP community get an article done via research journalism as to why Nokia and Sprint refuse to work together on a deal? Seems as though this is the only news site that can/will provide that type of information

That's a good idea. Nokia has said in the past that they'd prefer to be on all 4 major US carriers. Meanwhile, Sprint indicated that interest in wp7 was lukewarm, and they seemed to be reluctant to jump on the wp8 wagon. So, I'm thinking this is Sprint's fault more than Nokia's fault.

Nokia wants their get the "hero" treatment. Sprint more than likely couldn't agree to.that considering the commitment to pushing the iPhone. HTC & Samsung weren't going to put up a fight and figure they'll get sales by default.

Sprint's family plan prices for 4 data hungry users is simple unbeatbale. As much as I would have like higher end, more innovative WP8 devices for sprint, I simply couldn't leave.

T-Mobile beats Sprint every which to Sunday as far as plan prices. 4 lines on Tmo start at $100 unlimited minutes, texts and 3G data and for $20 per line you can add unlimited 4G data. So, if everybody wants unlimited 4G for 4 lines, that's $180/month. Sprint is much closer to $300/month.

Oh yeah. All this AND no contracts. Free tethering too.

Using HTC one as an example phone since it is shared between the two companies:
TMobile: $180 + 4*20 for the phones = $260
Sprint: $140 talk and text $120 data = $260.  Apparently they work out exactly the same.
Tmobile get's props for tethering if you do that. Sprint gets props for 20 month upgrade cycle.  On Tmobile you would need to pad extra on your phone for that.

Ah. I forgot Sprint just implemented their new plans. But, T-Mobile has five distinct advantages over Sprint other than price.

A.) If you pay off your phone(s) early (as I just did yesterday), your monthly charges drop. On Sprint, your bill will be the same for at least the life of your contract.

B.) T-Mobile's data speeds are, on average, much faster than Sprint's. If you're a data hungry user, as you stated you are, the speed at which you access that data is more than mildly important. 

C.) A not inconsiderable amount of people place insurance on their devices. Through Tmo's new JUMP program, an all inclusive $10 per month per device, gets you protection for your device and an upgrade twice per year (after 6 months), having any remaining payments wiped out on your old device.

Where as, insurance on Sprint is at least $8 per month and you still have to wait 20 months to upgrade. Again, this is providing you choose insurance.

D.) Combined with activation fees, Sprint's upfront cost, for comparable phones, to get started is higher than T-Mobile's.

E.) No contracts.

That being said, out of the big 4, Sprint is the closest cost-wise to what T-Mobile is currently doing.

P.S. Yes, I work for T-Mobile. ;)

Probably getting the HTC One. I'm tired of using mid- to low-end devices, especially for 2 years

Don't want to deal with Samsung again, and I don't know when it'll release (besides this summer).

I'm slightly  concerned about the amount of support that Samsung will/will not give to the ATIV S Neo. And today, Samsung = Android, so part of me wants to support HTC as the underdog and as an OEM who might give more attention to Windows Phone.

Good for Sprint customers, especially those holding on to their HTC Arrive. That being said, if I had stayed on Sprint, I would've been a little upset of the 2 WP8 options coming out this summer. I have no regrets switching to AT&T last November after being with Sprint for 13 years.

I left them for a 920 on at&t and am happy. Price is about the same for me (though I did have to get on a fam plan on at&t to make that happen) and the service in my area is stellar. That said, if I were on sprint still, this looks like a great device, especially for the supposed multitudes of people who are pining for a great phone with a smaller screen size (< 4.5").

EDIT: Just read a comment saying the screen isn't hd. That's too bad. Actually, that's utter crap on HTC's part. Bad job, HTC and sprint.

I am really wanting to get the HTC 8XT when it comes out Friday. What are the main reasons I should wait for the Neo? Im honestly not big into caring about specs. Maybe its bc I have been stuck with the arrive for so long. Lol. But is it worth waiting for the Neo? I thought that both phones were midrange but some of the comments make it sound like the neo is alot better.

Neo has a larger screen (4.8") with higher resolution (1280x720). That's the main difference. Neo also has NFC support. The 8XT has Beats Audio and Boom Sound though.

The blue 8XT looks so good, but I'm waiting for the NEO. I have two upgrades that will be used for it.

I got tired of waiting using an old phone and I went the Android route late last year.  I wanted a Windows Phone but I had to give up on it.  If I get one now Sprint will have to change the upgrade plan like T-Mobile, Att and VZW.  They'll also have to get a Nokia 1020 type device.  If that doesn't happen I plan on keeping my Galaxy Note 2 until my contract is over because I may jump ship if Sprint doesn't have a phone for me.

As someone who has owned a Nokia and Samsung WP, I am still tempted to buy an 8x. Esthetically, it is a beautiful device!

I still love my Arrive! Love the keyboard, like (not love) Sprint, if they made a wp8 version of this phone I'd be all over it. Too bad Sprint hates WP and Nokia hates Sprint. Nokia 1020 is too enticing, dreading at&t.