HTC Accord Windows Phone diagram leaked, further affirms standardised USB port location

HTC Accord Diagram

The HTC Accord with a centred USB connector


What appear to be schematics for the HTC Accord Windows Phone have been leaked on Twitter by Football (@Football4PDA). As with any rumour, we recommend you take this with a pinch of salt, but we're starting to seriously look at the design and see increased probability that this could well be what HTC will be bringing to the table this year.

We last looked at the HTC Accord being leaked by Football, but were unsure just how accurate the renders were. Should the above diagram be real, we could well be looking at a colourful HTC Windows Phone. The issues we had with the previous renders were the Windows Phone 7.x interface and the interesting use of purple. While the above image could easily have been created from those renders, we couldn't pass up the opportunity for another look (and this new 'leak' is making its way around news websites).

HTC Accord Render

Previous renders of the HTC Accord leaked yesterday

Unfortunately no specifications were included in the schematics, apart from the front-facing camera and presence of a notification LED, but we did notice (almost immediately) the centred USB connector, which we believe to be a new hardware positional requirement in Windows Phone. This gives the claimed HTC Accord images some weight by following suit.

Known specifications of the HTC Accord (prior to the leaked images) include:

  • Dual Core Snapdragon (MSM8260A)
  • 4.3 Super LCD2 720p
  • HSPA+ 42Mbps
  • 8MP Camera 1080p HD video capable
  • NFC
  • 1GB Memory

What do you make of the leaked images? Be sure to sound off in the comments.

Source: Football4PDA (Twitter)


Reader comments

HTC Accord Windows Phone diagram leaked, further affirms standardised USB port location


I cant stand to activate the screen on top of the phone, it was so cumbersome on my HTC Touch HD.

You are entitled to your opinion for sure but oithers have their own as well and may differ from yours.  I have had many on the top  such as treo and the tilt2 and pure  but have also had the em on the side  and wherever it is it is usable. Not too big a deal either way, as long as it works.

Nooo! I liked the side USB. It's almost impossible to hold a phone comfortably when watching videos or playing games in landscape mode if you have the headset on one end and the charger on the other.

There are pros and cons having it on the side or bottom. I hated my thunderbolt having a usb port on the side because it had a kickstand that was made useless when charging lol. And i would recomend a bt headset. Doing the charge chord and headphones at the same time drove me crazy too which is why i listen to music on my phone with bt. Im ready for a wireless world lol.

I'm picky when it comes headsets so BT limits my options, and if they keep the audio quality of the One series it would be a shame to not use that output. Guess I'll have to adapt, or hope there's a USB cable that has an angled plug and also wraps around the back of the phone...

Okay, but what about an aux cable in the car for music and GPS? It's pointless to justify cable positioning as some universal truth.

The Trophy has side USB and it's a pain because it's exactly opposite the camera button. So whenever I plug it in I inevitably fire up the camera app by pushing on the other side.

Is it just me or does anyone else think those renders look horrible? Where is the sleek design from the One series? I sure hope that this is just a mid-range phone and there is more to come...

Totally agree. I think it looks like a lame attempt to be Nokia. Just make a one x with wp8 and I'd be super happy.

Can't please everyone. They are trying to change from previous designs which I think is a good thing. Plus sharp edges look better on windows phones. If HTC decides to come with the One X design, everyone will complain that it's recycled.

I actually really liked the One X styling. If they recycled the white one for the zenith I would be SEVERELY tempted to break my promise to myself that I would never buy another HTC.

So notification LED? Does that mean it will light up for missed calls and messages? If, so that alone might weigh in my decision of a new phone as that's a feature I sorely miss.

Umm text messages and phone calls?? I still have to activate the power button on my phone and look at the wallpaper screen to see if I missed a text or call when away from my phone or if it's on silent. Notification LED is one less step. Seems like it should be standard for all phones, not just HTC.

And it also notifies when charging or battery is fully charged.
Very nice and an option that would be great for every phone to have. I wonder why not everyhone has an notitication LED?

That'd be my guess as every HTC phone I've had, had been that way (Imagio, Trophy and a way old win mobile that I can't remember the name of now). Comes in very handy.

Same here. I get a lot of texts and instant messages and sometimes it's annoying having to listen to the notification tone every few seconds. The notification LED would be some much better.

Detects whether objects are close to the phone. Your ear / head for example. When holding the phone to your ear in a call, the proximity sensor will let the OS know the screen doesn't need to be active.

I will be incredibly disappointed if this is really their flagship design. The One X was beautifully done.

The Accord is their midrange phone. The Zenith is their flagship.
What I do like is that they managed to get the excellent Super LCD2 screen with a 720p resolution into a 4.3" design. Not everyone likes big phones so the more options, the better.

lol, I agree with you on that, but it's funny how 4.3" is now considered 'reasonably-sized'.. a year ago I would have said that's huge.

The HD7 *looks* better based in these leaks, but everything inside is pure garbage in the HD7. Build quality is good though. Dropped this thing, hell even chugged it so many times and its still in tact. Aside from that, im going to be cautious with HTC devices.

HTC is going to have to work hard to get some sales back, it woiuld be great to see them put some wieght and support behind their three WP 8 devices.  After the poor Titan experience we had (4 returns), I am placing them way down to third behind Nokia and Samsung.  But the T2 has been decent, and Radar owners are really happy so I will not cross them off.
This render is okay.  Let's see where HTC ends up in three months.

Yeah, I've loved/hated every other HTC that I've had, so I'm dropping my support based on the Titan. Software updates and signal quality are important to me.

Where are the Verizon phones? Wasn't there an HTC that went through the FCC that was headed for Verizon.

Wondering the same thing.. I think a couple of mid range Nokia's and maybe an HTC will come. ANYTHING with a 4.3in. screen and I'm happy!

This is one of the things I have been hoping Microsoft would enforce. It makes it so much easier for 3rd party manufactures to create accessories i.e. idevices

I dunno.  This still doesn't quite pass the sniff test.  For instance, the display is showing a Windows Phone 7 screen, not a WP8 one.

Just because it look like WP7 does not mean that is not WP8 with tiles sized accordingly to mimic the 7x UI. In WP8 We will be able to choose from small, medium, large tiles once again. So it is totally possible that the render is a real WP8 Device after all.

WP8 gets rid of the "gutter" to the right of the tiles. This render clearly shows the gutter intact=WP7. Could just be a placeholder graphic but I'm skeptical...

good catch render has gutter, but, if the device looks like the render I love it..But would have to handle it to see how it feels in hand's..

Looks like WP8 to me. There are small tiles and the extra wide people hub. Not sure what you guys are looking at.... :/

Have a look at the right-hand side of the screen.
It has the Windows 7 spacing to the side as well as the right-pointing arrow (which leads to the app list).  Both of those have been removed from WP8.  WP8's home screen fills the entire screen.
This is a Mango homescreen, not a WP8 one.

It looks like HTC is going back to their Touch Diamond design roots for their next Windows Phone. This combined with the SuperLCD screen from the One X could make for a good competitor.

If a slide out keyboard like the TouchPro/Arrive series popped up on this phone... and it was on Verizon that would be a definite purchase here.

Edit: doesn't seem to have a camera button. Probably not WP.

Another HTC leak. More traditional design. Too blurry to make out the OS buttons under the screen, but the sticker on the back looks like it could be placed to hide WP branding.
Could this be the Zenith? Or are we looking at the Rio here and now this is actually the Accord? Even though I like them I think the colorful renders do have something of an entry level feel to them.

Not the red and black one in the link. Only a volume rocker on that. And now that I'm looking at the picture on the PC, the blurry buttons do look like Android.
So, I guess I just got carried away in this whole WP silly season thing we have at the moment. :)

Nokia, Samsung, htc...
Want them all :-)
Have a radar now and very happy with it. Before that had a htc td2 wm6.5 (stoneage ;-)), new one looks somehow simular...

But the aspect ratio is different, so it's not a typical 7.x phone. If it's official, it could be that the render was made before the new home screen was announced, and any information on HTC had on it couldn't be shared with a designer tasked with such menial things like mocking up color schemes.

Im lovin the hell out of Nokia and HTC color idea to go with the windows tiles its gonna put us on the spot new cool colors it bring individuality to each of us I want red r greed Nokia no more white r black iPhones everywhere borring as hell people stand out be different !!!

I like the Samsung Ativ design better but it looks like a good phone, with a good 4.3 inch display, if the specs are true

The USB port on the bottom is ideal for me. Having it on the top is annoying and my only gripe with my Lumia 900.

My HTC titan ll is flawless. Same design as the one x. If I could change anything it would be the Facebook and Twitter apps. They both tun slow and both, well suck.... Other than that windows phone and HTC have a happy customer here.

Looks decent enough!! Might just be my future phone. If anything like the HTC One S comes to t-mo, I'm sold!

Did you not see the comment I left above dumb@ss? I said that No matter what OEM you go for there will always be a few defective units its just how electronics are

Don't bother, wp7wasmyidea. bouncingback goes Cujo on anybody states a preference preference for Nokia or that has anything negative to say about the other OEMs. Btw, while it is true that in the manufacturing process, there will always be some defective units, it is also true that there are varying levels of quality control to filter those defective units from ending up in the consumer's hands. There is also the matter of customer care in response to the possibility of a defective unit slipping through. All that considered, if I get a defective unit, have to also replace the replacement unit that was a "remanufactured" product and not "new" like the one I bought, I have a right to state that I will not be buying an HTC product as their quality control sucks and their customer care does too. That's my experience, and my right as a consumer to choose.