HTC Accord Windows Phone to be called 8X?

Is the HTC Accord the HTC 8X?

A leaked image of a Windows Phone Quick Guide that surfaced with drawings of the HTC Accord has some believing the new Windows Phone will be named 8X.

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Very little is known about the Accord but leaked specifications have the device fitted with a dual core snapdragon processor, 4.3" Super LCD2 screen, 8mp camera, NFC, and 1gb of memory. We're just not sure if too much is being read into the "Windows Phone 8X".

The Quick Guide could be referring to "Windows Phone 8.x" as in the version of the operating system. Then again, the 8X could be a play on HTC's Android One X device.

At this point, it could go either way. With Samsung having already announced the ATIV S Windows Phone and Nokia scheduled to shed the light on their Windows Phone 8 lineup this Wednesday, hopefully HTC won't be too far behind in shedding some light on the Accord.

So...what do you think?  Is the 8X a catchy name or are we reading too much into things?

Source: @FootballPDA Via: GSMArena; Thanks, AgentTheGreat, for the tip!


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HTC Accord Windows Phone to be called 8X?


I'm getting a bit suspicious about these leaks. Always something that's a bit off. Earlier quick guides only mentioned the phone's name. And shouldn't the (R) be after "Phone" as "Windows Phone" is a separate product name?

You're right. But still, earlier guides have had headlines like "Your HTC Radar", same goes for their Andorid phones. Also, earlier diagrams in those guides have HTC Hub and so on displayed on the screen.

The term Windows Phone isn't a registered trademark; however, within certain realms (ie. Technology), the term Windows is... So nobody else can use the term Windows Phone or even anything else techy, that is using the term Windows, hence why Microsoft never trademarks any names involving Windows. Windows XP was a good example, every software developer seemed to use the XP terminology for software around the release of Windows XP, and they could, because Windows XP was not a trademark, only the Windows part was. I guess it saves Microsoft money and time working in this manner, plus the protection still works to a degree they're happy with.

I really like the design of that phone. Proximity sensor in a great place & notification LED is awesome.
My E900's proximity sensor is on the far left of the phone, so often the proximity won't work while I'm on a call and I'll accidentally end the call or mute myself.

Probably a place holder for now. It reminds me of the windows "8" codename. It very well could stay that way though.

Seems possible. They jumped to the "HTC HD7" from the "HD2" to match WP7. Now with WP8, it certainly feels like something that could happen, given the "One X."

Funny you mention the HD2 and HD7 because I was beting the Accord would be named the HD8 upon release. Esepcially since rumours have this phone pegged for T-Mobile (who carreid both the HD2/HD7).

I really like the Titan branding for Windows Phone. The Titan names seems to be making a name for its self too. Most of my friends know that the Titan phone is that HTC phone with the huge screen and huge camera with the tiles. Windows phone is catching on. But OEMs need to brand their phone lines and not change them. Like Verizon did with DROID. HTC, Samsung, and Nokia need to pick names and stick with them. So far Samsungs naming has been a mixed bag and so has HTC when it comes to multiple carriers (Titan, Trophy, HD7). They seem to he getting there though. With Nokia leading with the Lumia line, then Samsung with Ativ, and HTC with Titan.

8X could make cense based on some of their names they have used... so Maybe.
I guess at this point, it really does not matter to me what the name is. HTC is coming out with a  dual core, 4.3" Super LCD2 screen, 8mp camera, NFC, and 1gb of memory. What ever the model is at this point, I just want to see things released.