HTC Arrive hits End Of Life at Sprint in time for Apollo hardware?

HTC Arrive

Going, going, going... ah hello, Apollo!

Sprint is slowing phasing out the much loved HTC Arrive, according to Windows Phone Central forum member iknowsingh. Travelling down to the Sprint corporate store on 42nd street in New York, iknowsingh notes that the Arrive was nowhere to be seen. Confirmation came in that it was also not present at three local Sprint authorised retailers with no Arrives in stock.

A representative was able to explain that the HTC Arrive was listed as EOL after the last price change and software update. The device is still listed in the system and on the carrier website, where it can be picked up for just $49.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate.

The Windows Phone has constantly been praised by owners, who are among the most dedicated and patriotic of the community. It also boasts immaculate reviews on the official Sprint website, blowing other smartphones out the water. There's no denying - it's a solid device.


The news of the HTC Arrive reaching it's EOL sounds plausible with Windows Phone 8 just around the corner. Sprint is said to have cold feet with supporting the platform in its next line-up, but to make the Arrive slowly die off seems like the carrier is preparing to catch an Apollo device or two. Then again, it also makes sense to dump the Windows Phone with less adopters coming on-board due to the announcement of Windows Phone 7.8. Unfortunately, this will mean it's unlikely current owners will receive Tango, but there are other means to an end (manual updating and custom ROMs), right?

What do you guys make of Sprint's possible move to kill off the Arrive in time for Apollo? Be sure to join in the discussion over on our forums.


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HTC Arrive hits End Of Life at Sprint in time for Apollo hardware?


My dad has one and personally I think it is the worst Winows Phone out there. I have used the Arrive, Focus, Focus S and Lumia 900. The Arrive has such a small screen, is very heavy, think, etc... I only had my dad get it because it had a keyboard, and he never ended up using it. Sprint really needs to step up their game and give people variety besides Android. 1 phone on each other platform does not cut it.

If you're reffering to build quality, that is probably true (it may just be the worst :P). The springs squeak every time I bring out the tilt, the metal edge piece on the top right looks like it might come off any second, and the side scratches easily (although I love the stainless steel backing). That, and it's thick and heavy. Very thick. If you can get over all that, it's a very decent phone. For me, it's totally worth it for Windows Phone.

I couldn't agree with you more. I just want to add one more thing. Theres some kind of foil on the back, which on mine and my girlfriends Arrive peels off. I nearly got a normal steel back now ;-) Also the letters of HTC fell off at both our phones. Hardware keyboard is great though and it survived a lot of high drops, including into water etc. I also love the fact, that a memory upgrade was (with a little effor) possible. I just hope someone manufactures a decent WP8 phone with a hardware keyboard.

Take off the back and you can access the SD card slot and, as long as you're willing to start from scratch, you can use I think up to 32 GB.

Not exactly just taking off the back. Required removing all the rear screws, voiding warranty, prying the phone open which was the hardest part. I used the PNY 32 GB class 10 and it has worked very well. XDna has the guide to link the memory card ect

Speak for yourself! I had an arrive and it was very solid. It endured quite a few drops face down onto concrete and there's not even a single scratch. I would've kept it had sprint improved their 3G speeds.

Actually I can report that my phone has survived (without damage) a number of water incidents (like sitting in a puddle for a few hours) that most phones wouldn't.

My dad got one through work. He had to make a special request instead of getting a BlackBerry, and he loves the phone. Unfortunately, I agree that it is pretty terrible for a Windows Phone. My Focus, Focus S and Lumia 900 have all been much better than his Arrive, but at least he's on the best platform out there. 
My main complaints about the device:

  • Washed out screen
  • Small screen
  • Flimsy build quality
  • Awful speakers
  • Freezes too often

You guys are full of crap. My wife and I have had our Arrives since it came out in March last year and all the Bull Shit you guys are talking about has never happened to us. It is a great Phone, it is very Mechanically sound, the Screen is fine, I don't need a TV in my pocket and I don't care about the weight. The Keyboard and Tilt are THE Best Features on it, Bar None. I hate any on screen keyboard. I zoom in, zoom out, flip up, flip down all with speed. People who can't figure it out are WEAK. It is an Awesome Phone.
Its too Bad I have to Port all 5 lines over to Verizon or AT&T or T-Mobile Because Dave is WEAK.

I bet it is second worst after the Trophy. At least the Arrive has a keyboard. The Trophy has the same bulk, poor screen, and build quality of the Arrive, without any extra features.

lol be quiet you don't even know what your talking about. Arrive is a solid phone and awesome keyboard. Also idiot bsame wp 7.5 OS built inside so it all the same fast & fluid. I hate idiots like this who tells wrong way

I have an Arrive, and my experience has been a very negative one. I must admit that the physical keyboard is very nice, and I love using it, but the benefit of a physical keyboard doesn't outweigh the problems I encounter with this phone:

  • As others have said, it's very heavy and thick. This is a result of the keyboard, which I'd gladly give up for a lighter an slimmer phone. I know some are happy with the weight and bulk if it means there's a physical keyboard, but in my case, I'm disgruntled because Sprint doesn't offer any other options.
  • The screen is too small for me. My assumption is that it's small because if it were any bigger, it'd weigh even more. Again, I'd trade the bulky keyboard for a larger screen any day.
  • The phone is not well built physically. It scratches very easily, and the hinge is sqeaky at times. My father also has an Arrive, and his is damaged, chipped, and scratched all over (I've never seen any of his previous phones as destroyed as this one). That being said, I must admit that the phone can take a beating and remain operable, but very damaged looking.
  • Another complaint I have is that the speaker is not very loud at all. Compared to the Focus and Lumia, it's very quiet, to the point where I often miss calls and texts when the phone's in my pocket.
  • The phone's only speaker for audio is on the back. If you ever lay your phone on a table or counter, it almost mutes the sound completely because the speaker is flush with the table-top. The fact that it's not loud enough anyways only adds to the problem. The only way to avoid this is to place the phone face down on the table. It boggles my mind that they approved a phone design that prevents you from hearing the ringer simply because you set your phone down on the table.

I would take any Windows Phone model over this one. Sprint doesn't seem to care about WP at all as it is, and the fact that the only model they have is the crappiest of them all doesn't seem to help. Also, just as a point of reference, I've had this phone since May of 2011, and will assuredly be switching providers when the contract is up.


Great device as are the Surround or Trophy, HD7. Never once gave me any issues. Wife also had or including brother and mother in law, friend at work. So including myself, I know 5 that have them and all love(ed) it. i would completely leave Sprint but my Lumia 900 on Att does not give me reliable reception. Also, i added the 32 GB MicroSD card and enjoy the extra storage.

The phone itself is great.  The build quality is average.  I love having a keyboard, and the screen tilt when you slide out the keyboard is a nice touch.  It's a speedy phone and probably one of the better windows phones out there.

The HTC Arrive is solid and has never given me trouble, which is more than I can say about every other smartphone I've owned previously.

I had an arrive. My wife and her brother still do, they're on my family plan. I ditched my Arrive because it's huge, bulky, I hated it since I got it, I never wanted a keyboard, but after about 15 months, I wanted a new phone, so I got an iphone, I miss windows phone a lot, but I would not use the Arrive.  A nokia yes, heck even a trophy.  I would've used the trophy til this day and waited for the Windows Phone 8 handsets.  Sprint is bad.  But I'm stuck with them.  FOREVER!!! I have four contracts, and they all expire at very different times. I'm not leaving.  So I guess I probably won't own a windows phone, until it becomes wildly successful and Sprint decides to carry it. 

You can't compare different Gen hardware. Of course the Lumia 900 and Focus S are going to be better.. If they released second Gen hardware that was worse than the first, no one would upgrade.. My brother in law had one, granted it was big and bulky, but was a great phone

I have one and my wife has one. Its Great!!! People can't believe how easy I navigate with through programs with it. When My wife got hers she loved it.  I've been waiting for the Tango Update but I'm left in the cold.
He wont even support me with a Tango Windows Update, What a Dumb Airss. I'm gonna port my 5 phones over to Verizon where they get updates, Maybe I will try T-Mobile or AT&T where Windows Phones Gets some Love. If he wont do it Now, What Kinda Crappy Support will you get with a New Windows Phone? Its a Breach of contract on their part with no Update. I don't want to have to go through this anymore, I've done it for 5 yrs. Dave Thats why Sprint is Sucking Wind.

Was the best first Gen phone, in my opinion. But, I am partial to a physical keyboard. I have dropped it several times, including ~5 feet onto concrete more than once, a friend's kid spilled a glass of water on it, etc and it works great. Only problem is the sprint service, but my bill is half what it was on Verizon, so can't complain too much.

Not sure if this pic will work, but there is no better phone on Sprint. Had it as my first smartphone from the beginning and it's been showing up all those Evos ever since. Just as well, the keyboard is one of the absolute best out there with the tilting screen.

MS said 'all' phones could receive updates. When are we going to realize phones are our property and indeed computers. MS should release updates for the OS. No one should be able to stop that. Hopefully 8 changes this.

I belive they said all current phones will be getting 7.8, reguardless of carrier. They're just pushing it out to everyone without going through the vetting process.

Don't want a custom ROM, but want to get current. Look up Daniel's previous articles on how to update your phone with official windows releases. Follow the directions step by step and you will be running Tango in no time. I gave up on Sprint pushing out updates to my Arrive after Mango. And yes, the Arrive is an awesome phone.

It does. Enthusiasts have the ability to install beta versions of the OS before it is officially rolled out by carriers.

Also--has anyone has success with the Zune force for the Arrive? I may wait out a few more months hoping that will work instead of taking any risks. I know it's not that hard, but I still would rather not risk my phone.

I don't want to go the unofficial route either and may just wait on 7.8 myself. I have tried force updating without any luck.

Go to XDA's forums for instructions on how to unlock your bootloader and flash leadpoizon's ROM.  I've done it for three phones without issue.

I looooove my Arrive. However, Sprint is on notice: get more WP in your lineup or I leave. My contract ends in January. This is the first phone I've owned where I don't feel the need to upgrade after just a year. I'm very happy with this phone but frankly I want some WP8 action when it comes. If it's not on Sprint I'll go elsewhere.

Also had my Arrive since day 1, love it, but highly anticipating an upgrade. Get it together Sprint or I'll be jumping ship with my six lines.

I stopped waiting for Sprint to do the right thing and jumped the ship to AT&T and oh boy its so much better (signal and speed).

Got an Arrive, too. That's because of the hardware keyboard. Besides that I think it lacks a little quality. It's not as solid as a Lumia or an iDevice. But its not as expensive either. So overall I'm satisfied though, because the hardware keyboard is a gamechanger.

It's no surprise that Sprint is officially discontinuing it. My sister wanted the HTC Arrive but could never find one in stock at a Sprint store. (She's a little old fashioned and doesn't want to order online like I did.)

I have written an email and called account retentions at Sprint and told them what I will do if they don't support WP8. I encourage all of you to do the same.

Wow, it's good to finally have confirmation that the phone has hit EOL.  Sprint should have just outright admitted this fact, I've been expecting support (updates) for quite a while now and this explains why it never came.
My daughter, my girlfriend, and I all have Arrives and we all love them.  They've been amazingly solid and dependable phones that have survived quite a few falls and spills.  I'm not holding my breath for a WP8 device on Sprint, especially after the complete lack of communication and support with the Arrive, and plan on moving to another carrier this fall.  Now it's only a matter of deciding which carrier has the best Nokia WP8 device!

I love my Arrive. Had it since day 1 also. My wife Haas had the Evo, Shift, and Evo3D and now says she wants her next upgrade to e the Arrive (I've convinced her to wait for a new WP8) but I love my phone. Nothing like a physical keyboard when editing documents or replying to urgent emails.

Sprint better give us the 7.8 update or I'll consider they'll have broken the contract by not supporting the phone during its lifetime.

I've tried that over the updates Aries,since 3 have been released since sprints last update....the reps I've talked to have both told me software issues have nothing to do with my contract/service!!!!!!!!!

F sprint,actions speak louder than words and their actions or lack of have told me all I need to know about WP future on the not now network

Too bad sprint didn't go with a CDMA Samsung Focus.  My experience with the Arrive has been nice OS, unreliable hardware.  After 6mo, I had to exchange original arrive for a refurb.  Reading the Arrive forums here, I'm not alone on needing exchanges.  This makes wp look bad to Sprint when the problem is HTC.  I hope Sprint gives wp another chance with a Samsung or Nokia device.
I will get another wp, but not another HTC.

How many sprint customers have called/emailed sprint and voiced their frustration and plans to leave over WP7/8? I've been told emailing them from their website is best route,not sure but I've contacted and will continue to and suggest you all do the same

I signed the petition, e-mailed Dan Hesse's account and threatened to leave if nothing new came out in supporting Windows Phone.
When I talked to customer service about cancelling my account and told her the reasons why I was leaving was because the lack of Windows Phone selection she was floored and said she hadn't received anyone call in with the same issues. I can only iimagine how pitifiul the sales were of the Arrive.

hmmm, my arrive which I've had since day one has held up very very well. So far it has a tiny scratch on the back, like maybe 1/4 an inch. Beyond that: screen, hinge, keyboard...everything is perfect. No squeeks or anything. now that doesn't mean that I don't want a nokia 900 or anything i'm just saying I always thought the Arrive was of a good build quality going by how mines lasted.

The OS was great but it was about the same hardware as the TP2. I loved it for the OS mostly but Sprint didn't have any other WP devices so u were stuck. I left them last week n got a focus on prepaid. I gave the Arrive to my brother to hopefully win him over with WP.

First smartphone I ever had. Actually left my dumbphone account I had on Verizon on my Mother's family plan for this phone, I was that enamored with  the combination of the world's best keyboard and Windows Phone. The Sprint salesman tried to constantly talk me out of the device and toward the Nexus S or the EVO 4G or any number of shitty Android phones I had no interest in.
It was a damn good phone. Never had any issues with the build quality, in fact I nicknamed it "The Brick" in Zune because it was such a son of a bitch in terms of weight and thickness. Dropped it numerous times, even on the corner and it never suffered a dent. Good phone on a horrible network with no support. Only ever received two official updates before they pulled the plug.
So glad I left. Fuck Hesse and fuck Sprint.

I have a Win7Pro on USCellular (Alias - Arrive) since day one, also. the best phone I've ever had! I'll never replace it without the full keyboard and tilt screen! This alone makes it amazing. So easy to type and read everything, now an absolute must for my next phone (WP8) i hope they make one. Can't stand typing on screen, useless to me. As far as quality, fantastic! Tough phone and after 2 years, no screen protector, the screen looks brand new, not one scratch! I can watch Netflix without headphones, sounds great. While USCellular is a little behind on new tech, NOBODY beats there customer service! Fantastic to me since 1998! Anybody seen a WP8 with a keyboard and tilt yet?

I've had my Arrive since launce. If the Arrive could support ALL the features of WP8 i wouldn't leave it. Its a great sturdy phone. Anyone who says it falls apart or squeaks or is not durable must be taking a sledge to it. I bought a screen protector and a body glove snap on case for the arrive and the arrive is in near perfect condition. I've upgraded the onbord memory to the Lexar 32GB class 10 module and am running the official Tango update. My phone RULES!

Loved my Touch Pro 2, loved my Arrive, but ultimately my two business lines left Sprint due to lack of support for wp7. Now my business is loving my Lumias.

I have the arrive.  had it since it luanched.  I am having some performance issues but that is not HTC's fault.  The phone is thick and bulky due to the keyboard (which i never ever use).  I just emailed Dan before reading this and let him (or whomever reads that email) how displeased I am with Sprint.  I need a Nokia and may not settle for any other phone. 

I love my HTC Arrive. I bought it on the first day it was released and since then I've had pretty much no problems with it. Sure it would be nice if the screen was bigger, but look at the current iPhone...same small screen. I was also able to swap out the internal 16GB microSD card and put in a 32GB which is great. Now all my music and video podcasts fit on it with room to spare. I also love my keyboard. It never makes any squeaking noises for me and works great. I have huge hands so the keyboard helps a lot since the screen is kinda small. I really hope Nokia releases a WP8 device on Sprint. I have a SERO plan so I really don't want to leave Sprint and go elsewhere...but I just might have to jump ship soon! SUCKS!!

I am locked for one more year in a contract with Sprint yet they have not provided a software update in six months. Any lawyer out there willing to initiate a collective legal action?

Let me know if you ever hear anything on that. The 2 different sprint reps I called out on this say that our contract has nothing to do with software,must be in the fine print

I have had a few phones. The arive is solid. Well built, best keyboard, but the screen is small.. Only complaint is the screen size. I would love this phone thinner and bigger screen.

I have had it since day 1, great phone.  It has survived lots of falls with no damage, and some with little scuffs on edges.  but it works like a beast.  I would love a thinner phone but I need the keyboard.  I think the size is perfect I used a lumia 900 and its just so big its ridiculous.  I hope wp8 will make a premium phone thats only 4" not any bigger.  Bigger is not better in my eyes.  Call me old fashioned but I have had a smart phone since 2005 on sprint.  The arrive is the very best in every way. 

Arrive user here. Plan to leave Sprint for Ting or another pre-paid carrier - whichever one delivers the best WP8 device. Hoping for Nokia this time around! Two other Arrive users in my family will follow. Still some chance for Sprint but not if they keep this up.

After the utter lack of support for WP by Sprint, I have really held out no hope for much follow up from them.  I'm sure they will have something but don't look for much.  I'm still not real hyped on how Microsoft left WM6.5 to WP7 ad now WP7 to WP8, but it is what it is.  With the lack of true marketing from Microsoft, I really don't even blame Sprint for not pushing the platform.

Its a nice phone just way to small of screen. Its hard watching all the nice 4+ in phones out there when we're stuck with a 3.7 just not a 'sleek' phone.

I've owned my HTC Arrive since Nov 2011 and am saddened to see it EOL so soon, especially as Sprint has few WP's choices to begin with.  I really love this phone from the moment I started using it.  
I truly think the screen is made of transparent aluminum since I have dropped no less than 10 times on a variety of hard, flat surfaces on its face with ZERO damage or scratches. I use the pop-out keyboard all of the time as I type way faster using the physical keyboard than a touch screen key board just by feeling my way around the keyboard.  I especially like the angled view of the screen when it comes out, makes watching movies easier if on a flat surface like a fold out table on an airplane.  Battery life is good, and I actually like the phone size and weight as it feels solid. It does get bulky with the case though, so I've stopped using the case since when I drop it nothing seems to phase it (it has finally some scuffs on the black edges where some of the paint came off, but it's barely noticeable).  Screen size is perfect for me, I've seen some of my friends with the ridiculously huge Samsung Galaxies and cannot imagine lugging that around. 
For me, the whole point of having a phone is to be able to distinguish it from my other devices in use, i.e. if I need to work on something with a larger screen I use my laptop, not my phone.  However, I find myself using my phone for the more mundane things like checking status updates, replying to emails, etc, and using my laptop for real work.

That news was a bit late. It was pulled from sprint retail stores a month ago when the galaxy s3 launched.

So we aren't even going to get the Tango update? I've been waiting and waiting for it - I am SO TIRED of the keyboard disappearing while I type. It happens even when I use the physical keyboard! :(

Working for a Sprint affiliate, we dropped the Arrive months ago. It's sad because I know 5 people who had or have the Arrive and loved it. Every customer I sold it too loved it too. It may not have been the best Windows Phone, but it was a darn good one. Plus it looks like CDMA carriers have slim pickings anyway. Lets hope we see some great 8 devices on Sprint.

My wife and I both have the Arrive and we really like it (except for the disappearing keyboard).  Last weekend I was curious and walked into a nearby Sprint store to look around.  I couldn't find the Arrive and asked someone. He said that they "probably have some in the back".  Then he said he thought that they were getting a new one.  Then he quickly added "I think".
I am very satisfied with my Arrive but not with Sprint. I would think that it will get Windows Phone 7.8 update eventually but not if Sprint has anything to do with it.  I wonder if the Arrive would work on Verizon's CDMA network? When my contract ends with Sprint, I will take my 4 lines elsewhere.

Update: I got tired of waiting on Sprint (and HTC) and finally left Sprint and got the Nokia Lumia 822. Its a great phone and I like it even more than I did my Arrive. I read somewhere that the Arrive was not getting the 7.8 update so I used another method. Use the following link at your own risk. It worked great on both of my Arrives. It takes about an hour or so to do all of the updates but after you get it installed, the program does the work for you, including the phone restarts.

I had my arrive since day one as well. Almost jumped shipped from HTC TP2 to the iPhone as well. I gave MSTF the benefit and waited for the Arrive. Glad I did. It is a solid little phone with very little issues. I absolutely love the WP platform. I must say I have Nokia 900 envy, I wish Sprint would pick up that platform. However, it doesn't matter to me much because I usually have my phone for the life of the contract anyhow. As much as I am a MSFT fanboy, WP8 is going to have to equal or better the competitors out of the starting blocks or I will be switching. Devotion to a particular company can be counter productive. As for my Arrive, I will miss it, it was an awesome phone.

I have the Arrive and I like it because it was windows and I could use it for xbox. There were other features too but I'm having a problem with my keyboard disappearing and again my texts and picture texts are not going through. This is my second phone (got it replaced with new phone 3 months after i got it because of text problems) and it is really making me upset that a simple text won't go through. Now I find out that i won't get windows 8 and they ending support, this sucks, I love the live tiles. I have dropped it on concrete and no scratches or anything. When the screen keyboard gets on my nerves i just slide it open and use that keyboard.This is a great phone besides the issues I am having. They also need more and better games for us customers.