HTC Dock Mode released to the Marketplace

HTC has pushed out their Dock Mode app to the Marketplace tonight and we have to admit, it's pretty cool. More importantly, even if you don't have a dock but have an HD7 or a 7 Pro/Arrive, you can most definitely use this little app.

What it does: it's for your bedside or office desk. Basically it shows you the time, current weather conditions (with dynamic background), music, photo album and HTC Watch (for movies). It also works in portrait or landscape with a brightness control for dimming at night.

Overall, like we said, it's really unique, so you should definitely give it a go if you have a need for it. Pick it up here in the Marketplace, HTC devices only! Thanks, Ohene A., for tipping us using our app!


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HTC Dock Mode released to the Marketplace


Took some doing to get this on my Trophy, and it's still not quite working correctly. The link to the Marketplace launched Zune on my PC and displayed the app, but there was no option to download it. I searched the Marketplace from my phone, and the app wasn't even listed. I looked at the HTC apps, nothing.Finally, I used the TAG in the post on wmpoweruser.com (boy, those are handy, right?!) and it found the app. First attempt at downloading failed, but then it installed just fine.Like some others have stated, I'm stuck on Dim mode. Also, HTC Watch doesn't seem to do anything. This may be more of a missing feature than a bug, but I'm not seeing an option to play all music (unless you want to have it in a ginormous playlist). I don't have a Zune Music Pass, but I'm wondering if that's supported?But it's a really nice app. Agreed that it looks a little too "HTC Android" but I like the idea. I'd be interested in pairing it with this dock: http://shop.htcpedia.com/htc-trophy-dock-desktop-charger.html. Can any other Trophy users recommend?Final thought, this is exactly why the WP7 needs to support landscape orientation. Word.

Also stuck on Dim. But very nice app. Also, what's the point of the dock mode if the phone still goes to sleep?

Duuuuuuuude.....Is Drive not the best movie you've seen in a long time. Awesome soundtrack to boot. Kudos on you Daniel. Kudos...on your supa fly tastes.

Drive blew me away. Saw it twice, going a third time this weekend. Refn is a great director (see 'Bronson' if you haven't already, my other favorite by him).And the soundtrack, yeah, I listen to that a few times a day, especially Night Call. Good stuff.My other favorite movie this year: 13 Assassins.

On my Arrive, it goes between bright and dim perfectly... now I just need to plug it in and see if it stays on - because on battery, the screen still turns off after a minute...

Not available on the HTC Mozart. I have just bought a dock for my phone as well so I can use the Night Stand Clock app.http://goo.gl/LAtTm (How do you make this a link)EDIT: Managed to get it from a Bing Vision link on wmpoweruser.

It's working well for me (O2 HD7 monthly) and is a nice addition when the phone is on its stand.However, I have noticed that since my Mango update, the Sound Enhancer app does not work and cannot be updated or re-installed. Any ideas??

I'm having the same problem with sound enhancer. HTC pulled it from the marketplace so they may be releasing a new version

Got it and works. Noticed in the settings there is an option for autolaunch when docked, does anyone know how this works, how will the phone know it's docked?

I don't have a dock yet, but as I understand it, it plugs into the Micro USB when the phone is cradled. I'm guessing it really means auto launch when the phone is plugged in. Should be easy enough to test.

I got this on my Mango Mozart on Orange UK it didn't appear in the Marketplace in the HTC Apps section so i searched for "Dock Mode" and it found it :).Not much use on Mozart but it looks nice lol

Works crappy with the music. You cant randomize it like zune. Seems like HTC Sense for Android just ported to windows phone. I will stick with Zune and HTC Hub.

Loaded it on my Mango'd Arrive. Opened it, it was stuck on dim. Love the slideshow and the ability to change music within the app.Went to change brightness settings in the OS settings, now the app wont open at all.Uninstalled.Fail.* * * * * * * *Ok.Re-installed because I'm jut stupidly persistent like that.It now works fine. Didn't power-down my phone or anything. Just unistalled, re-installed.So....half-un-fail. Still don't like the lockscreen popping up when on battery power (put an option in setting for that), but it does stay on when plugged in. And I really DO like the slide show, it's one of the big things that's been missing for me from the OS. Now I can look at the 700 pics of my kids when I'm stuck at work for 15 hours a day! lol.

Nice idea, but I feel there is a ton of room for improvement. You should be able to re-organize the placement of the clock/music/photos, also add/remove any that you don't want (ie:photos). You should also be able to adjust the size, because if it were up to me the clock would take up 3/4 of the screen with the music app taking up 1/4, this would make the app a much more appropriate docked/alarm app. Also you should have access to the phones Alarms within the app.

Can anyone get the Watch button to do anything? I press it and all it does is react (indicating it knows I touched it) but nothing launches from it.

For those who don't get a "Free" button to install Dock Mode from Zune, you just need to search for the app from your HTC phone and install it from there (which is probably why scanning a Tag from the phone works). I guess Zune doesn't "know" that you're trying to install it to an HTC phone, so it won't show the button?

Everything works for me on TMobile HD7 except for HTC Watch which is weird becuase it works on my device through the app.

I follow the link to the marketplace but I can't download no link to download, is it not available in UK or something? HTC HD7 pay as you go.

i would love it if i could run a little aquarium on my titan. just love it...
also the dock mode dim still changes the brightness for the whole device but doesn't reset it to my standard setting low, which is sad...
and also why not put a website in the background? i would love to have wpcentral as my background and see what news there are...