HTC HD2 model rumored with keyboard

The HTC HD2 may soon be available with a side-sliding keyboard. Or so says Xmoo, a ROM collector, who has found evidence for such a HD2 version.

Just as with Conflipper finding evidence of potentially new HTC Windows Phones, Xmoo has found evidence in the registry keys of a new HD2 ROM that support a slide-out QWERTY device.

This is purely in the speculation/rumor stages. However, adding a keyboard to the HD2 is an interesting concept. If this develops into reality, you can only hope HTC finds a way to keep the increase in thickness the keyboard will bring to a minimum.

[read: wmpoweruser.com]


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HTC HD2 model rumored with keyboard


If something like the HD2 comes with a KB and WP7 i've just found my new phone.

I take "soon to be available" as meaning before WP7 release. So no way this is going to happen...

Yeah, it might not be this device, my comment was more a general one of any future HTC phone "like the hd2 but with a keyboard and WP7". Such a phone should pop up I'd say, and I'll be buying it.

lol right???

The way I see it, the HD series will never have a keyboard, just as the Touch Pro series will always have a keyboard.

Aha. Registry = Keyboard. Someone forgot to switch their brain to ON... HD2 with a keyboard? PLEASE!!!

Love the photoshop...

As for the idiot above me, yes, the registry can have keys that would only be used if it had a hardware keyboard. So yes, registry=keyboard.

Aha! Now we're talking. All these high end phones have been coming out, none with a keyboard!

This HTC HD2 model is looking fantastic & its looking too stylish.. I like this mobile & the physical keyboard is an amazing..

My TP2 has become terribly buggy of late even after a full reset and running minimal programs like Google Maps off the expansion card.

The real issue is about twice per day now the screen simply will not wake up. It's obviously trying to run in the background and having some issues, but the screen will not wake up for several minutes without a soft reset.

I used to love this phone, but I'm not sure that I can take WinMo much longer after the same thing happened with my Treo800w - which I also loved when it was healthy.

I'm in the same boat as you, have had my Sprint TP2 for 6 months and am really wondering how I'm going to handle having it for another 6. It just gets buggier and buggier. True, I do flash custom ROMs every month or so, but the degradation as the ROM ages is really surprising.

Oh, and the web experience sucks sucks sucks. Opera is manageable, but if I need to find something fast on the internet while I'm on the go, I ask my wife to borrow her iPhone. There's just no point in waiting for Opera. And IE6 is a nonstarter.

I can't wait to switch to Android. I'm hoping HTC comes out with some sweet Android TP2s or TP3s.

I've had a the original Tilt and the TP2. My takeaway from my experience over the past 2+ years? Love HTC and everything they do, especially their keyboards and tilt mechanism, but astonishingly disappointed with WinMo. I know that in a few months I will seriously regret every buying the TP2.

I have an HD2 and am using ut I write this and it us kinda slow even with swype do I am really hopping this isn't photoshoped and if ur comes out I will buy it I hate wm6.5 no apps
I need something liker an I phone ort an android t device

This HTC HD2 model is looking fantastic & its looking too stylish.it is have a great feature.HTC is smart enough to rearrange the buttons so that they are compatible with a WP7 upgrade. They should be starting up on on WP7 hardware anyway.