HTC Mazaa reveals faster GPU and more

Lots more information coming out from that HTC Mazaa device running Mango RTM build 7720 that we mentioned yesterday morning.

Cpitt over at XDA received the phone as an award for winning a Microsoft sponsored developer contest. Since then he has posted numerous images and detailed some of the changes on board:

  • GPU seems faster - using WP Benchmark, the Mazaa hit 50 FPS vs the HD7 (Mango 7712) at 23 FPS
  • Local Scout in RTM 7720 has its own Tile (edit: this is there in 7712, evidently)
  • Fishtank on the Mazaa is about 47 fps, where it's only abou 30 on the HD7
  • CDMA/GSM dual band

The CDMA/GSM dual band makes this a shoe in for Verizon, though it's doubtful the Mazaa will be released publicly. The faster GPU is potentially a combo of the tweaked RTM 7720 as well as the Adreno 205 GPU chipset that is thought to be on board the Mazaa, giving it a little extra horsepower.

Even though this is basically a revised HTC Trophy, we like where all of this is heading--RTM build of Mango seems fantastic, potentially faster GPU in devices (plus bumping the 30 FPS cap from NoDo) means smoother graphics. We have a good feeling about this fall...

Oh and XDA member lionmilk, who also won one, sold his on eBay for the low-low price of $699.


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HTC Mazaa reveals faster GPU and more


The local scout tile has been in there since the first mango dev beta. Local Scout > App bar > pin.

You can already get the Local Scout tile in 7712 by going to Bing, tapping the Local Scout button, bringing up the app bar then hitting Pin.I doubt the Mazaa will ever be released, im still waiting on SeaRay and the 16mp HTC devices though :P

"We're not sure how a GSM/CDMA dual band phone would work"I'm going to imagine it works exactly like it does on the VZ Trophy

Surprisingly my Mozart running 7712 beat both the Mazza and HD7 CPU scores lol.16121 ms.For fun :DThat is one nice looking handset though.

Just get a HTC Trophy. Unless you talked about 7720 (mango RTM) or it's faster frame rate, it looks exactly like the Trophy

Curious if at least part of the better GPU score could be due to the Mazaa running 7720 and the HD7 running 7712? Yes I know the GPU on the Mazaa is an upgrade. That amount of difference just seems a bit high to me. Just FYI my Focus returned better scores on the CPU and Data in WP7 Bench.