HTC One M8 Windows Phone Cases, Covers and Chargers are here! [Contest]

HTC One M8 Windows Phone Accessories

An investment like this one doesn't deserve to go unprotected. Even if a cover isn't your style, there are numerous cases for the HTC One M8 Windows that hardly add any bulk or extra layers, yet still provide you with enough protection to shield against impacts. You'll thank yourself when it happens, because it happens. Jump past the break to find out how you can win $50 in store credit!

The HTC Dot View Case for the One M8 Windows is hands-down our most popular cover, sporting unique features like Cortana integration and displays device animations through the front like time, weather and temperature. It's thin, lightweight and easily manageable, too.

Don't forget about keeping battery life up. There's an awesome selection of chargers for the HTC One M8 Windows here at WPCentral. Not just your everyday wall and car chargers, either. Try one of our backup batteries in various sizes that are a real life-saver for traveling, camping, you name it.

Win $50 in accessories for your HTC One M8 Windows Phone!

To get your hands on a $50 coupon to go towards the HTC One M8 Windows accessory of your choice, simply post a comment below on which item(s) you'd like to have. We'll pick one lucky member on Tuesday (9/2) and send you on your way to shop at our expense!


Reader comments

HTC One M8 Windows Phone Cases, Covers and Chargers are here! [Contest]


I've been using the Dot View case for 3 days now and I hate it. It has some cool features, but those are quickly overshadowed by the annoyances of the screen flap.

First, when you pin it back, it doesn't sit flush since the back of the phone is rounded and as youre using it (particularly typing) it springs back with every press and is impossible to use one-handed. Second, it flips shut automatically - not the worst thing in the world, but when you dont flip it all the way back you need to hold it open. Third and worst of all, it makes taking pictures very difficult. It blocks the lense if you flip it back, so you have to hold it open and zoom, or change settings or whatever you may need to do...

I'm taking it back to the verizon store and hopefully I win the $50 coupon so I can get the Spigen Slim Armor Case without the screen flap.

One of the most useful comments I've seen in a long time.

Those seem like important points and I never would have realized those issues without your direct experience.

I'd go with the dot view case. I really want to try it but don't know if I want to shell out the money on my own.

As much as I love Nokia, I do like the hard cases they have for HTC ONE. They dont get caught in your pockets like some rubber cases do.

I like the Urban Armor gear case, but I think it would take too much away from the phone I think the Dot View case is the way to go even though you can't really take a picture with it on..

Well since I never have won a contest, I think winning a case for my new and very pretty HTC One M8 for Windows would be a good investment to protect my first Windows Phone for extended future. With that said, I would absolutely love to win a Spigen Slim Armor Case (Aintree Green)

I'd love to get the Dot View case! I'm loving my HTC One M8 for Windows and not missing my Nokia Lumia Icon much

the most necesary items for such a cool phone are the flip case and the screen protector... that would help me keep my brand new HTC one M8 phone nice and safe!

When opening the case causes you to miss an important call, its time to reevaluate they case you are using. I definately want the Dot View Case because productivity doesn't end the moment you close it. Checking time, weather, accepting incoming calls is important!

I'd love the dot view. I am planning to get a htc one once the Verizon exclusivity expires and that case will bee my first purchase with it

I hate hiding a beautiful phone with a case, but gotta protect it! Built-in kickstands are nice too.

Dotcase for the week and Flip case on the weekend!

Showing Dot case off to the Co-workers and Easy enjoyment during the weekend!

Dot view is nice, not sure if I'd use it all that much though. I'm gonna go for productivity and check out those chargers!! Battery backup all the way!

I actually want a case that provides protection in the corners. This is the week point of a phone so a case that provides this is a must. If nothing like a ballistic is available, I'll take the dot case :)

I checked out the dot view case and it looks awesome! Besides that the antiglare protector would be convenient. I work outside all summer and its killer on my eyes.

I like the "puregear Slim Shell Case for HTC One (M8) Windows".  Since i like the look of the phone I want to keep it that way.


I would love the dot view case, yet I might think of getting something super heavy duty to protect this if I get it.

The Dot view case is the most good looking case for me, loving the colors, the dots, useful fast info you get from it and all. :) I would totally get it. But there is one problem is your phone hits the ground on the side where there is no plastic cover.. Haha

I would kill for a blue spigen case. I saw one for the s5 and it feels amazing. They're ridiculously protective. And I would hate to damage my baby!

You need a case on this phone because the back is so smooth and slippery.  I'll be grabbing the Dot case.

Probably the SUPCase Unicon Beetle. Keeps the look of the phone whilst giving protection. That's the case I would get, if I had a HTC one M8 for windows

I would get the BodyGuardz HD Anti-Glare ScreenGuardz and the Seidio LEDGER Flip Case with Metal Kickstand~

I'm really interested in the dot view case. But I would also look at a few other items I need. A spare charger, battery, and or desk stand all come to mind.

I would probably get the dot view case I love those. Before I had a dot view on my iPhone 5S, but now I ditched it and got a HTC one for windows. DOT VIEW is the case for me

Love that dot view case, but I want something that will work with more phones. Maybe another battery backup and charger? Thanks guys!