HTC One (M8) for Windows gets a quick mention in Verizon's latest TV ad

HTC One M8

Verizon has started airing a 30-second TV ad about their 1 GB Bonus Data promotion to customers who sign up for a new data plan or upgrade. They also mention having 50% off all new smartphones including the HTC One (M8) for Windows towards the end of the TV spot.

Update: We've just been informed by Phil from Android Central that the device standing next to the HTC One (M8) for Windows is actually the HTC One Remix, NOT the HTC One (M8) for Android.

Customers must have a MORE Everything plan with at least 1GB of data to get the extra gigabyte. The bonus data will be available each month for two years, as long as the smartphone remains active.

The HTC One (M8) for Windows is currently available exclusively at Verizon for $99 with a 2-year agreement. There are no specific availability details for other carriers, but AT&T has announced recently that they will also be carrying the phone soon.

We'll have a full review of the HTC One (M8) for Windows very soon, but in the meantime, make sure to check out our hands-on video.

Do you think we'll see more TV ads about the HTC One (M8) for Windows? Are you satisfied with this ad? Let us know in the comments.


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HTC One (M8) for Windows gets a quick mention in Verizon's latest TV ad


In other news, the Windows version of the M8 reportedly has 21 hour battery life compared to the 12 on the Android version. That's pretty darn insane if its true.

The HTC website lists a difference of 2 hours, with the Windows phone version having the most at 22 hours of standby on 3g when compared to the android version.

Well if you want to dispute HTC's figures, then be my guest...lol...

Edit: you may also want to check your figures... roflmao...

afnan_mc says:

In other news, the Windows version of the M8 reportedly has 21 hour battery life compared to the 12 on the Android version. That's pretty darn insane if its true.

Lol, you should have said previously that you are referring to days not hours.

Thanks for the article though!

Should be an interesting read,

Edit: well well.. I see where you got your figures from :P. Best link a source when posting numbers when comes to battery life / Stand by time when you can, alleviates any confusion :). So I take back what I said :).

All good! Had a good laugh, can use this to beat some sense into People who will the M8 running wp is crap on battery life :P.

As I said., standby has a 25% increase on WP while battery life is listed as 21 vs. 12 hours on Android. (75% increase for Windows)

I dont get why my 8x cant even get 2 days standby with 8.1. It used to be good, but each update slowly killed the battery life. Battery saver used to say 5 days remaining or more, now it never goes above 22 hours. Pretty sad.

More exposure (Through carrier commercials ETC) for Windows Phone will definately help sales. Especially in the U.S. Microsoft can't do it alone.

Crappy ad.. More about Verizon than windows phone. Probably we will see a few mention of the phone until the new set of phones come in September. Moto X, probably Verizon exclusive droid phones, iPhone, Note 3.

No way they will be marketing the windows phone over the phones. May be for a couple of weeks after that everyone will forget about this.

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That's an ok start but it'll need a much larger campaign to get the word out. HTC needs to get Gary Oldman in a commercial for it.

Must have seen this commercial 5 times last night. And the Cortana V. Siri commercial all the time.

Any WWE broadcast is running the hell out of the Cortana ad. Face Off last night ran the M8 ad a couple times. Saw it again later that night on Wizard Wars and then CBS during Craig Ferguson I believe. There are a lot of Microsoft ads going on. Plus the Surface v Mac ads which I've seen quite a few times in all types of programs.

The Cortana (630) v Siri app is on the few shows I watch, both on NBC (America's got talent and American Ninja Warrior) all the time... good to see. Hope they work.

Can't say as they will be aired and marketed around the US, still some ads is better than 0 ads... time will tell if the store reps are pushing the android version over the windows phone version.

Went to the Verizon store today. Nobody knew anything about the release of the M8 for Windows. They heard about it being announced but didn't know it had shipped. A rep finally went to the back of the store and found one. He wouldn't power it on because it was not a display model. He told me to look at the Android version because they were the same. When asked when it would be out for display he said definitely not today (Launch day smh) because the inventory person already did her displays. Couldn't give a date when I could come back to see the phone in action. No displays or banners for the phone whatsoever and all they had was 2 Icons on display in a section with Android phones! Downtown Chicago, State Street.

Not surprised to be honest, I have had the experience countless times. Maybe let the new dude head of marketing know at ms? Best to snip this in bud before it becomes the norm.

It already is the norm sadly :'(
You can't walk into 1 store without a sales rep moaning about Android, recommending iPhone as an alternative and flat out arguing with your decision to pick up a Windows Phone. The reps purposely role out inventory late and flat out tell you Windows Phone sucks....

I have heard lies ranging from windows phone cant play youtube, Doesn't support 1080p recording, battery life is like 4 hours, doesn't have manual focus, you can't uninstall games once installed, you can only store photos on an mSD card etc etc.... Just recalling these lies makes me angry lol.

Way to get people even more confused about what "Windows" is. "Wait, I can run my PC apps on this phone? No? My Windows RT apps though? No? Windows PHONE apps? Never heard of..." LOL

My thoughts exactly!

I was left baffled when I heard "It runs windows" on the Lumia 930 commercial...

It is technically true, but you can't create a USP based on a technicality as it could be classed as miss selling lol.


Same thing.  Windows Phone is part of the "Windows" family.  It's a Window device.  Plus, once Threshold comes it merges the two anyway.  Universal apps says "compatible Windows devices".  So technically, yes we all have "Windows" phones.  :)

No it's not the same thing. Do you also believe that Android and Gentoo are the same thing? Well, actually, android and gentoo have more similarities than windows and windows phone.

This kind of "same thing" thinking has confused many ordinary customers who buying windows PHONE actually believed that they can install .exe applications on it. Either windows ones, or windows mobile ones. And after realizing that windows phone shares NOTHING with actual Windows (except similarities in the kernel), returned the product to the seller. Yeah, believe it or not. It might be obvious to you that windows phone is different from windows on your PC, but many customers have no idea. And I have encountered such delusioned people countless times in the past 2 years or so. Your wishfull thinking is one of the reasons why WP marketing has failed so miserably. It shouldn't have been called windows phone OS in the first place. Modern OS would have been the better name IMO.

Apple did it right by not calling their iOS (or iphone OS when it first came out), a MAC phone or MAC mobile.

They ran out of space on their marketing material.  "HTC One (M8) for Windows Pho"  did not test well with Vietnamese focus groups.

Lol nice commercial and money saved, by not having an individual commercial just with htc one for windows. Why cant samsung do the same with their galaxy phones, why not a galaxy note for windows or a galaxy s5 for windows

The lighter colored phone isn't even an M8. Attention to details, people.

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