htc one m8

Store displays for HTC One M8 for Windows on Verizon are ready for Tuesday

Ahead of HTC's press event in New York City on Tuesday, at least one Verizon Wireless retail store is getting ready for the launch of the Windows Phone version of the HTC One M8 with a store display that will also be going live tomorrow.

An email from a WPCentral reader included the image, which he told us was for a Verizon Wireless store display somewhere in Virgina that will be put in place on Tuesday. In a rather interesting development, the display notes that the phone is available both for Windows and Android.

HTC One M8

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Renders of the HTC One M8 for Windows Phone were previously discovered on Verizon's servers. Windows Phone Central will be covering HTC's announcement live tomorrow at 10 AM in New York City, so stay tuned for our hands on coverage.

Are you planning to get the phone when it is released? Thanks to our tipster for the alert!


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Store displays for HTC One M8 for Windows on Verizon are ready for Tuesday



Maybe from their perspective, this is the high end WP for the platform as a whole and they dont feel they have to release one themselves?

It actually makes sense, because buying Nokia was a weird decision anyways.. It pushes away other OEMs.. And Windows Phone DOES need big names like Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC.. So yeah

What? Buying Nokia's devices!!! was not a weird decision lol. With these sales, Nokia would have gone Android and what else, you know what that would have meant for WP? Bye bye WP. They had no choise.

It seems to me that WP is the reason WP isn't as popular, and even if it was running on iPhone people wouldn't want it. We'll see how it goes with this HTC One. WP is getting worse, at least on older hardware. It's not as fast and stable as it used to be, some really cool features are removed with new updates, and when an OS is switching features so quickly it makes you wonder whether M$ has WP figured out at all, or is it still just a big beta release...

@ AlwaysHedged & Arguing
Show me ONE - just ONE - PC - any PC - that would run faster With the latest Windows 7 vs the latest Windows 8.1
Wanna make a bet? 

That wasn't my point.  See how far back you can go running newer OSes on older hardware and maintain reasonable performance.  It's part of the reason we keep looking for more powerful hardware, isn't it?  ;-)

Actually your wrong on all accounts, Windows 8 is more efficient than 7 just like windows 7 is more efficient than Vista and games is what really actually drives more powerful hardware. Without such a driving force gpu and cpu development would have long tapered off.

Hey geniuses, this was about phones, right?  How well do you suppose WP8.1 would run in an old Titan, or better yet, try loading an old Galaxy S2 with Kitkat and get back to me.

@ AlwaysHedged

In your own words, "As every operating system evolves, it gets worse on older hardware", when you say that you have generalised ALL operating systems. So people gave you an example of how an operating system runs on older hardware, in this case it was Windows 7 & Windows 8.

You did not say "As every phone operating system evolves, it gets worse on older hardware". People are not telepathic you know :P.

Kit Kat runs fine on an S2. Memory requirements were decreased for Kit Kit and the S2 had a dual core processor as well a low resolution screen. You can put Kit Kat on an S2 easily. We have it on a Galaxy Nexus which is basically the same thing with higher resolution.

Can you even get WP8.1 on a Titan? If so it would probably run like crap as it requires a dual core at least.

Haha, that is true they don't :) and I won't :P.

Your welcome (I guess ??, not sure what I said was educational lol).


If you install early Vista before the service packs, it is a mess, especially on the hardware of the time. Once all the updates and service packs are installed it becomes fine as they basically make the core the same as 7. Just the UI is different. I have had to do it a couple times on my old work laptop.

Unfortunately for Vista, the service packs came out much later and even after the updates it was still cumbersome despite showing a marked improvement. I have had several vista laptops for repair (I had an asus x56vr, a few other models running vista) and even built a few PC's on vista at few customer's request (later upgraded to windows 7 and it was worlds apart in terms of performance, speed etc compared to a fresh install of Vista + Service packs).

The early impression of Vista stayed hence why it was not as successful as Windows 7 thus a major flop. Windows 8 is much more efficient than 7, however the adoption rate is slow due to the insane differences between the UX, the change of thought of processes (or methods) to accompolish certain actions (i.e going to settings to turn off the pc, using corner zones to multi-task, drag down from top of the window to close). It had no tutorial or guidance how to operate it, I even had a migrane which lasted several hours. How do you think the average joe or office worker would have felt when confronted by this dramatically different UI?

Another example, the National Health Service (NHS) in the uk spent x amount of millions rolling out various IT systems in rapid fashion.. simply because they didnot train the users how to use the system so it was not as efficient it was thought to be, they got poor feedback, scrapped it and rolled out another.

This what happened with windows 8, there was no tutorial or guidance on how to use it, hence why enterprise stayed with XP and are rolling out windows 7 (the new updates that are undoing what / how Windows 8 was designed, is to push enterprise customers and those who are stuck on windows xp to upgrade to the latest version so the rollout for thershold or Windows 9 (if they choose to call it that) is painless as possible.

(sorry for the long post, I'm not having a rant at you just pointing out several things).

Nokia was moving to Android. They already had Android devices in the works following the Amazon model (using their own store and services instead of Google's). They were so far along that path that they actually released two devices.

If Microsoft doesn't buy Nokia's devices division, it's very likely that Nokia's support of WP would have ended when that previous contract they had with Microsoft expired.

That would have been a lot worse than Samsung releasing one less WP device a year (bringing their total to 0) and would probably have led to other OEMs staying away from WP (if Nokia, who was the most successful with WP abandons it, why would anyone else support it)

Microsoft HAD to buy Nokia's devices unit. Without that, WP would have been dead

I disagree. In the time since they bought Nokia, several new companies have come aboard to make Windows Phone devices. What pushed people away at first was the double whammy of an expensive licensing fee and a lack of really good app ecosystem and hardware support. All of those issues have now been eliminated. Windows is free for all phone makers, the app library is huge and growing faster than ever, and hardware support is top shelf AND bottom shelf. We're about to see a whole lot more Windows phones all over the world.

Will all that suddenly make consumers buy Windows Phone? Their is still a large app gap and Windows Phone still looks the same and is called Windows. I bet that sign sells more Android M8 handsets than anything.

There, not their :). And yes, there's a large gap in terms of sheer numbers, but not in terms of functionality and big name apps. There remains only a small gap in those areas.

And while I'm sure more Android versions will be sold, my point is that, as we move forward, there will be a larger and larger selection of phones with WP available. That's the whole reason they allowed the lapse in hardware requirements: so OEM's can easily drop WP onto any Android device without modifying the hardware in any significant way.

If he does, I'm going on the record to say I would love a surface phone from MS because this design hasn't competed with the Galaxy series on android or against the iphone so I don't see it making WP shoot to the stars either. It's a good device, but it's not a surface phone plain and simple.

Doesn't compete with the galaxy series in terms of design??...

I guess some really prefer cheap plastic phones over sculpted aluminium :P

theefman, I've been thinking that Microsoft has purposely held back the true Lumia 92X successor to allow devices like these to be released.

could be. or maybe they're just waiting to announce it just before the holiday season (and announcing it a week or two before it hits the stores would be better than a month and a half)

No, I think what they're doing right now is very shrewd: they're hitting the low end and midrange with solid phones during the slow season, and they'll drop a big new device either in the fall or, if they have something massive planned, maybe wait until Threshold (I think that latter notion is unlikely, though).

Last really big high end release they did was the 1520, IMHO, and the 1020 before that. They're due for a big release.

Why do some weirdos pretend like the Lumia 930 is not a high-end phone? 1080p, quad core, 20MP cam w/ OIS, Qi wireless charging, NFC. What makes 930 not a high end phone? Crazy people.

It is..., and I'd be almost perfect phone for me, had it have either glance screen or notification light. Those are features one would expect from high end devices today.

When I say high end i mean, upgrades to the 1020, 1520, and so on, just like the Galaxy, LG, and other Android lines does. The 930 should have been release a long time ago.

while the 930 is a nice phone, I cant consider it a 92x successor for a few reasons:

1) no one in the US can get the damned thing unless your on verizon

2) it doesnt follow the same design languge as the 920

3) it excluded some technology that was one of the 92X series market points (namely glance)

its a high end device definately, but I don't feel like its a true successor to my beloved 925


also.. Im reluctant to move to an lcd display from my oled <.<

930 is AMOLED, not LCD. If you can get a good one it's far better than any other Nokia screen on any other phone.

whoops, I knew that too lol, sorry, that was a case of mixing up gripes with different WP's XD too much going on right now!


A huge part of it is I'm not willing to part with glance screen, it doesnt even need to be glance, jsut something to take its place (dot view case works well too) and a true successor to the 92x series should have glance, theres no reason it shouldn't.

but hopefully it wont be called that tho,they need stop releasing phones with those ugly number systems..why cant it just be the LUMIA ONE, then LUMIA TWO and add "mini" to the low end ones,and "pro" to the phablet ones, or why cant it be SURFACE PHONE ONE with the same add ons i mentioned above,and put it on all carriers,then they can focus on making ONE phone look good to people and make them wanna buy it..and have low end options and a phablet option for ppl who want a similar experience in those areas.You guys say u want this number system and exclusiveness to end yet you ask for 935's and 90375's and 5036's on your network.

Not just AT&T it needs to be on all Carriers and international markets, tying up flagships in perpetual exclusive deals doesn't really help at all.

What about T-Mobile? The fastest growing cellular company in the U.S. and the largest W8Phone user base in the U.S. I had to get a sorry Note 3 because T-Mobile doesn't have a High end W8Phone.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

I couldn't care less about this phone but I hope this is not all we get for high end. That camera is likely crap. I want something to make me want to leave my 1520

Oh come on, the camera for the HTC one is mostly fine for everybody. Only us techies complain, and I don't really care much about the camera, I have a Lumia 920 and I am willing to settle for a little less if that's the case

I have the 925, and sometimes I miss some extra pixels, but I'm okay with (just) 8. But half of that? Thanks but no thanks. HTC should build 8MP ultrapixel camera, and then it would be worthy of its name and money, because colors are actually quite nice from what I've seen.

I've heard the M8 camera is not good from Android fanboys, like Leo Laporte. Fine for most people, maybe, but so is Instagram and filters. Also the lack of wireless charging on the M8 is a buzz kill for me. Part of the reason I want to dump AT&T is because they remove wireless charging from their phones.

I have heard similar criticisms of the camera. But if photography is really important to users, they ought to either invest in a high quality camera, or get the Lumia 1020.

I want this on AT&T too, BADLY! Verizon is getting all the great WPs with exclusivity, and AT&T got the 1520, the one that is too big for many, including me. Because all we are getting is stupid and crappy budget phones.

Like I said before, we should all work together to end exclusivity, as WPs have been doing this since 2010. No more lame excuses. iPhones don't do this anymore, Galaxies never really did, and even the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 aren't exclusives, BLACKBERRIES!

I don't understand why our editors don't seem to care about this amazing phones being exclusive to one or two carriers in the US, probably because they have lines on all carriers.

People on AT&T wanted and still want the 930/Icon and W8, people on Verizon want the 1520, and people on Sprint and T-Mobile just want to have a new high end WP!

We have #SaveXboxWP and #MobileEquality, now I'll start a new one on this, because it seems that none of the "big shots" on WP don't give two shits.

Verizon is getting all the great WPs? that line used to have AT&T's name on it and even with exclusivity on the high end models they didn't do much to sell them. Maybe verizon would do more.

I don't think it's a matter of getting it's a matter of wanting. It seems Verizon wants Windows Phone where AT&T less so.

AT&T has already experienced what Windows Phone brings and they are no longer interested. Why waste shelf space with dead weight?

The 920 was exclusive for a while (before the 925/928 showed up). The 1020 was exclusive too. The 900 before that. For a long time AT&T got all the high end devices and Verizon pretty much ignored WP.

Other than the Icon what other high end exclusives does verizon have? How can you say they get all of them when they only got one?

btw, according to AdDuplex stats, more people want the 1520 than the Icon. the 920 has twice the share of the 928 and overall AT&T has twice the share of Verizon.

As much as I hate AT&T, it is still the top WP carrier in the US with T-Mobile a close 2nd (when you consider they own MetroPCS too) and Verizon a distant 3rd

Verizon is lower than T-Mobile? You high? T-Mobile hasn't had a flagship WP since the 925!

And you realize all of AT&T's "exclusives" were released in other regions at the same time or shortly after. The 900 was, same with the 920, 1020, and 1520. Verizon kept the Icon/930 exclusive for MANY months, then the international release came. They still have the Ativ SE, and it seems this W8 will be a long term exclusive for them too. AT&T hasn't had a high end device since the 1520, but like I said, that doesn't appeal to everyone. Not everyone likes a 6 inch phone.

he never said flagship, and wip gets most of its sales from budget phones, and the lumia 521 is the best budget wp8 device (beats the 520 by adding a 4g radio) oh and did i mention the 521 was the alltime top selling wp? T-mobile can easily have sold more wp then any of the other carriers just because of that 521

Based on the latest numbers from AdDuplex

Verizon has 14% of the US WP market.

T-Mobile has 22%, Metro PCS (owned by T-Mobile) has 11%

AT&T has 34%, Cricket (owned by AT&T) has 7%.

Verizon is a distant 3rd in WP market share and they have the largest subscriber base (twice that of T-Mobile)


And yes, I realize AT&Ts exclusives were released in other countries at the same time. Do you know what exclusive means? Were you able to get any of those AT&T exclusives from their competitors? you know, other carriers in the country AT&T operates in.


The statement that all or most high end WP devices are exclusive to Verizon is false. It's not even close to true. They only had one so far and the HTC One M8 will be the second. AT&T has been getting most of these high end exclusives. 

Hopefully, the new unlocking rules would mean that any future exclusives to AT&T won't really be exclusive

Well I know many users here use the hashtags I mentioned. But do you hate hashtags because of the overuse on Instagram, like those 8 year old girls saying "#tbt, #selfiesunday, etc"? I hate those too, but that doesn't mean I have to hate all hashtags.

Anyways, I'll only do this movement if the W8 won't come to AT&T AT ALL, or M8 owners can't download WP. If it's like a month of exclusivity, that's fine, but permanent or even longer, that'll suck.

AT&T is just going to wreck the high end phones anyway. Look what they did to the 1520. Stripped out Qi wireless, cut the storage in half, increased the price. Wish T-mobile would get some good Windows Phones because Verizon plans are a ripoff.

Tbh, I don't care about wireless charging at all. My opinion though.

See, cable charging is cheaper, more efficient, can easily be used while it's charging, and it's faster. Wireless charging is a gimmick for me (like I said, for me).

A wireless charger is like $10 now. You can put them anywhere and it is nice to just drop the phone down and be done with it.

I honestly dont think that Microsoft wants to be in the hardware business and to be honest I dont think they need to be.  If companies like HTC LG can make beutiful phones with great specs and get the OS out there then its a win for microsoft.  Leave it to the companies that have experiance in hardware.  Microsoft does software and i think they should but all their focus on making the best OS possible.  Im hoping LG comes out with an LG G3 version for WP.

Just had to shout that out after trying to figure out a friends S5. What a freaking beautiful OS we have. I love this damn phone.

Is it sarcasm or not? If its not... I agree with you... When my father ask me about something jn his Note 3, I have to think about how to do things... Because there's just way too many problems on it

Not sarcasm. Not this time. Chick in the office got a S5. She asked me to help her figure something out on it. So I got to poke around on it for about an hour. I was all up inside that thing. Gave it back. Went back to my office and there was my yellow 1020 with Xbox Music playing away. Picked it up and I suddenly realized how beautiful and buttery smooth this Windows Phone OS is. I freaking love this phone.

I am happy to see more Phone makers supporting WP or coming back to WP.  However I am very cautious to support anyone outside of Microsoft/Nokia right now with my dollars -- unless it is a sub $150 phone.

It seems like WP8.1 is only being pushed out to Nokia devices right now and that scares me.  While still better support than most Android phones, I prefer the premiere support offered by Nokia devices to HTC and Samsung.

I thought that was 8.1 update 1 for the developer preview and not the public 8.1 update (which isn't out for all Nokia users either)

I mean the update issues. I thought 8.1 was pushed to all devices including HTC 8X and it's update 1 that isn't being pushed to the 8X right now because of some firmware issue. 

I don't see that as a reason to stay away from a new device that ships with update 1 (so probably has no firmware/driver issues). It's not like HTC is ignoring the issue, they're working with Microsoft to fix release a firmware update (they do have a bad track record with Android updates though)

Ssswwweeettt!!! Totally looking forward to it!
I'm definitely picking one up ... Sometime in January\February though :'(
Will HTC stream the event?

Come on HTC this is the time to win with windows. Google cheated their OEMs getting their own phones. Now its time for u to prove. Microsoft won't compete with its OEM's. Go HTC

*Salutes Sean1robertson*

We knew you well. The wrath of DJCBS knows no limits for someone who utters "Microsoft owns Nokia"

Some folks here don't follow the Android news too closely. Google really bought Moto for the patents, and sold it to Lenovo with a deal that lets them keep those patents or at least the rights to use those patents in litigation

The reason behind that was Microsoft earned more with Android. than google. That's y they went to buy patents. Google is just born to,compete Microsoft. They all are bitches.

Microsoft is making a lot of money on Android. So much that Samsung decided not to pay the agreed license fees and risk litigation with Microsoft (which is happening)

We'll see how long it takes before they put the promos in the back of the store and start steering people away from the WP version....

Naa, this phone will sell nicely. When you consider they're having a launch event and all, I believe Verizon will do a good job promoting this thing.

Yeah, but we've heard that before with other WP phones. They'll promote it for a week or 2 out of obligation, while still directing users to iOS and Android, and then it'll be relegated to an online only purchase.

It says right on the poster that it is available with Android! Who is going to choose Windows other than the fanboys? This will continue the WP flop.

Unfortunately the camera is going to make me not buy this. I don't even know if it's worth the restocking fee to try it out.

I'm waiting for the Lumia 1525, the camera of this device is not good enough to make me want to drop a Lumia for a HTC :/
Other than that, this M8 is great!

HTC was probably trying to prove to the average consumer that megapixels don't determine picture quality, but they failed miserably. The Lumia 1020/808 pureview with 41MP and having the best smartphone camera doesn't help either.

Everyone was complaining from the last renders that they weren't showing off transparent tiles. Looks like they actually are now.

Lol. Store displays. What's the point? They'll just sit in the back of their supply closet gathering dust anyway.

Edit: Oh wait, it says Android on it too? They might just put it out then, so their employees can steer the customers towards those.

Prove what? The fact that hardly any Verizon store I went to had any WP displays? Go into one and see for yourself maybe.

I have no doubt that will happen, currently weighing up my options for my next job in 4 weeks time. I might apply for a sales job at a phone shop and push wp pretty darn hard. Getting fed up with the biased reps and their lies.

damn Verizon!  I so want this phone, might order it and mess around with it.

I really like the HTC One device and it's a Win Win with Win Phone on it.

We now have what we always wanted, hopefully people actually buy the windows version so they can't cancel it because of poor adoption...

We have what we wanted with that awful caveat of exclusivity. What we really wanted was this phone with a global launch on all major carriers not just Verizon in one country.

I'm trying to stay positive even though the oil platform may be already burning when it comes to Sprint and WP8.x support...

If they specifically talk about support and it sounds like HTC and Microsoft are commited to supporting phones that are not Nokia then I may be in.  Depends on the price too.  32gb of memory with a option of up to a 128gb sd card sounds so great for my needs.

I'm curious as to what will be missing software wise that we are accustomed to on a microsoft/nokia device.


For me it is more than just the phone. The amount of support and device specific apps coming from Microsoft/Nokia right now far outshines any other manufacturers right now. Until that changes I'm sticking with Lumia for that and many other reasons. L920.

Less apps that you don't use don't matter.

How about less malwares? How about simpler to use? How about faster? How about better looking?

Is it simpler to use Snapchat? What about tinder or your bank app? What are the chances that next weeks hot app is going to be available? Windows Phone is certainly not faster than Android either. Maybe some of the skinned phones, but the Nexus 5 straight up crushes the Icon. Even with simple things like hitting the home button takes forever on Windows Phone.

Nokia Lumia Icon vs Google Nexus 5:

Hmm.... That's really interesting. I hadn't thought of calling it the same phone, but saying it's available "for Android and Windows". That's actually very smart as it puts Windows on the same level as Android in customers eyes. I actually like how they did this, since I thought calling it the W8 or "HTC One with Windows" were poor choices. Hopefully XDA is able to flash WP on the AT&T version, I'll be sold.

Wonder how many people are going to see the display, ask for it with Android though as thats what they've heard of and then wonder why the OS doesn't look like the one they saw in the display because they don't know what WinPhone looks like.

Are you trying to suggest that Android is more recognizable than Windows? Windows has 50% more people compared to Android. Now, you can argue whether people actually want Windows on their phone, but the logical thing to assume is that people will see this ad, say that they want that one, then they'll be given the Windows version (assuming the clerk doesn't push them away)

That seems to only be a USA thing, though. In other markets, clerks are far less likely to do that (mainly because WP actually has some market share in those regions).

In that case, I guess I attract all the bias sales reps in the UK :P lol. Either that or my 920 is the magnet hmmm, as none them have pushed Windows Phone to me.. or even asked me about it.

Seems odd that the bottom line in the image says Available Now on Android or Windows, not Windows Phone. Are we sure this is legit?

BTW, if legit then I wonder if it's just a typo or something more important in terms of branding. A second interesting thing is that maybe MSFT finally has a strategy to edge into Android's hardware territory. It would be fantastic to walk into an ATT store, pick out a phone, and then select the OS you want to use on it. For example, pick up a Galaxy Note 4 and say to the clerk, "I'd like this one with Windows".

I hope this is the strategy. Letting OEMs just put windows on their phone instead of android, so it's and apples to apples comparison. don't force the oem's to develop an entirely different hardware spec, just take the existing one.

and yeah, i want an samsung ativ note...

I would have loved this ad if windows would have been available on the M8 from the day it was released. This is just reminding people about android, its not even a dedicated ad for windows phone.

Most likely it will be specced like the android version, which beats the 1520 hands down bar the camera and lack of Qi wireless charging.

"The HTC One packs a 1080p screen into a 5-inch Super LCD3 display. This display is protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3. The phone itself is gorgeous looking. Curved metal on the back has us drooling to touch and play with it. You’ll find a Snapdragon 801 system-on-a-chip powering the HTC One. This is a 2.3GHz quad-core processor to help you power through any task. Look forward to 2GB of RAM and either 16GB or 32GB of onboard storage. Thankfully, there’s a microSD card slot that can augment and increase your storage up to an additional 128GB."

Extract from:

So I left AT&T on the 8th, sold my 1520 on Ebay to cover my AT&T termination fee, and ported my number back to Verizon.  I have the Icon for now and have until the 22nd to exchange it.

Assuming that my cunning plan works, and the HTC ONe M8/W8 comes out on the 21st, this will be *ME* in the Verizon store on Thursday morning (wait until the18 second mark)


Or how about if it becomes the other way around? Maybe Microsoft can convince them to come around to WP after all...

The only problem with that is that everyone would go ballistic and the media would destroy MS for it even if it was with only the best intentions.


If they are selling it tomorrow, and it looks and performs as advertied I will replace my HTC 8X  with it which just happened to replace my HTC HD7 which replaced my HTC HD2.

Good. And they should put a huge sign that says "99% of malwares are for Android version". That should make some folks to pick WP version.

What's the status of Nokia Here and Drive apps for non-Lumia phones? I remember they used to be limited versions but maybe they changed the policy since then?

It seems like I will never own a Nokia Windows phone. First Samsung, currently HTC, and this phone will be my next (hopefully)

I have a 928, contract is up in November... Would consider this. I hope other Windows Phone fans would get the option to get this! I actually like the advertising, using Android's name next to Windows. Anything to make people aware... I've had issues with Verizon salespeople pushing me away from Windows and towards the other 2 platforms.

Lame Verizon Employee to customer, "We have a great new smart phone from HTC. Really high end. It comes in both Android and Windows versions, but I would recommend the Android one because it has more apps and is more compatible with what your friends use."

Marketing sucks already. Should be HTC one , for windows and android. Since its a WP on the pic. Trust me, Verizon reps will still try and sale the android version.

This phone may be really good for Windows Phone.

The HTC One has had loads of marketing and rave reviews for the android version... Now that it is has Windows, the average consumer may go into a store intending to buy a HTC One based on the reviews and marketing of the android version and opt for the windows version instead... (because side by side windows looks far more interesting than android) Just need to hope the sales teams don't screw us over by recommending android instead...

Very tempting device. I have the Icon but accessories are scarce. If I get the M8 accessories are already there. Very smart move from HTC. And this device will be $99 at launch. The M8 is currently $99 so this we definelty be $99 for a high end phone. Now lets see if the Verizon reps can actually sale this thing.