The One W8 melds Windows Phone style with HTC design

HTC One Windows Phone render leaks from Verizon's own servers

A leaked press render of the Windows Phone-based HTC One M8 has finally emerged on Verizon's site showing a similar design to the Android counterpart. The all-metal phone is shown in a slate grey finish and comes with the trademarked HTC BoomSound speakers along with Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 operating system with on-screen navigation keys.

What's interesting in this render is that the lower speaker grill appears to be skewed further to the bottom than the Android-powered HTC One M8. It's unclear if this is an intentional design feature (the image is found hosted on Verizon's servers, after all) or an intentional image manipulation. The phone is rumored to be introduced at an event on August 21st and could also go by the name HTC One M8 for Windows.

Bigger this time

In addition to the BoomSound speakers, it appears that the HTC One M8 will also carry over the IR blaster to control your TV and home entertainment system, at least if the appearance of the TV Live Tile on the Start screen is any indication. Other carry-overs from Android would include a 5-inch 1080p resolution display, 4G LTE support, and the dual camera setup on the rear.

Also interesting is the addition of a "BlinkFeed" tile. BlinkFeed is HTC's custom home screen experience on Android, intelligently pulling in news and social streams. It's not entirely clear how it would work on Windows Phone, though like Samsung and Nokia's customizations it'd provide a differentiating software experience.

Are you excited about an all-metal HTC One M8 for Windows Phone? Will this be your next phone purchase?

Source: Verizon (for now); Via PC Mag


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HTC One Windows Phone render leaks from Verizon's own servers



I have the 1020 im used to nice pics i dont think good is gonna do enough for me i take lots of pics now

It's not amazing, but I'd give it good because of the design.

Things that bring it down:
On screen buttons. Yuck.
No dedicated, 2 stage camera button.
Crappy camera!

I still don't understand why people think the HTC phone looks good. My beat up 920 still looks way better.

Stop that we need this, android just hit 85% market share windows phone dropped below 3% we take anything they make as long as it will keep WP alive.

Exactly. This marks a key milestone for WP, actually having a top of the line hardware / device running Windows phone at the same time it is released with Android (ok well a month or so) is going to give peeps options.

Now someone rip this and gimme gimme gimme for my htc one m7.

My great hope is that this is a strong seller and makes other OEMs like Samsung and LG to start releasing WP variants of flagship phones at the same time and giving users true, equal choices.

Good point. But it needs to go beyond Verizon (even if it's the no. 1 carrier in the U.S.) to across the globe for it to help raise market share and user base.

It doesn't.  Have taken pictures with my brother's and they are better than what I take on my 928.  There are a couple advantages too.  The second camera on the back allows for faster focusing and the ability to refocus images fairly easily afterwards.  It's not the 1520 or the 1020, but it's better than most cameras out there not made with Nokia tech.  Battery life is excellent.  The phone is thin and light.  Beautiful design.  I'm leaning towards having it replace my 928.

I believe you can return it within 14 days on Verizon.  So if you don't like the phone, it can be returned and a different phone could be selected.

The camera is perfectly fine for a phone. For what do you want a super resolution photo ? If you want a good camera just buy a camera, not a phone.
For 160€ you already get an awesome camera.

I love how small the bezel is on top, but then they screw up the bottom...

Paul Thurrott made a good point about large bezels and their usefulness when handing the phone over to someone, but honestly, no one touches my phone but me.  Especially a high-end piece like this.

Great hardware, but more screen, less bezel would be nice.

The bottom bezel is due to the speaker.  I believe they channel the audio into the front grate, but the speaker is larger than the grate.  The HTC has some of the best sound I've heard on a phone, so I think the bezel is due to the hardware, not a design choice.  I'll take the bigger bezel if it serves a function.

I feel the same way...except I want it to be Blu's version. Looks identical, with some seriously fun colors!! :D

Don't worry about it, it's just a render. Check the renders of the verizon one m8 ( the android one ), it also has this weird bottom speaker,

Sorry, they won't take your money if you are on AT&T.  It will be another victim of carrier exclusivity.

Replying to the first comment hoping someone would notice the comment and answer me. What is that extra arrow pointing down on left bottom corner of the screen of this device?

Everyone on Windows Phone 8.0 can get DP. Everyone. HTC has publicly committed to 8.1 upgrades, but nothing has started yet.

It's Microsoft holding the updates up now. Three in the UK have said they've finished testing 8.1 and its up to MS now.

Three what?  Carriers?  Maybe its different out there but in the US the carriers send out the updates after they sit on them (I mean make sure they work with their bloatware).

HTC has a long history of abandoning it's Windows devices for updates (see Titans and 8S/8X), so thank goodness for the developer preview.

I got every update on my Titan, and I have gotten them all up to GDR3, but not yet 8.1. Yes that includes firmware also.

Yeah my Samsung focus has WP 8.1 and its perfect you should do the Zune software trick and you might get 8.1 on your titan today.

Oh, should have made clearer, my 8X has had up to GDR3, and timely firmware updates thus far. However not got 8.1 just yet. My Titan has the last released update, 7.8.

My 8X came preloaded with GDR1 ... got GDR2+firmware within a week of the announcement & GDR3+firmware within 10 days of the DP going live ... We are still waiting for 8.1+firmware ... From the looks of it ... We will get it sometime late August.

Sometimes I think people just open up the articles look at the images and immediately post a comment, all after only reading the tittle. :/

Please show me a better quad core phone with 20MP OIS camera and wireless charging built in.

+1 Face facts @4tiles..BTW there is an option to upgrade to 6 tiles also..Maybe ye didn't heard about it..

I understand you think a phablet is too big for many people. However you have failed to explain in any way how the Lumia 930 is not a mainstream flagship smartphone. It has about a dozen high end features that are not even available on this new HTC M8.

The camera is better than the M8's, yes, but what are these other dozen "high end features" that the M8 doesn't have? Let me guess what you'll say. The super sensitive touch tech that I disabled on my 920 because it annoys the hell out of me? What else? :-/

Take your pick 1520 or 930. 6" or 5" size. Show me a better smartphone with 20MP OIS camera and wireless charging built in.

I don't see any way you can justify calling the Lumia Icon/930 a niche phone. It's one thing to call a 6" phone niche (debateable), but not a 5" phone.

I thought the 925 was a downgrade from the 920. It had no wireless charging, no color, an ugly camera bump and half the storage capacity. Why should the 930 be a successor to the crappy 925? If anything the 930 is the successor to the superior Lumia 928.

But the 925 also had better camera than the 930, also had a better screen, it was a trade off of features, not a downgrade.

Well correct me if am wrong..But don't Z2 or T2(confused in the names)have better quad-core processors(801 VS 800) and a 20/21 MP camera(which they claim to be better than our 1020 also) and 3 GB RAM plus those catchy lights and there is more comparison to follow but the point is..Which is selling more in the market?? Which one of them is accepted more by the consumer??
Tables turn at any point but when will Microsoft make the flip is still unknown as they even seem to have dropped McLaren for the time being!! Face the truth WP users!! I am using WP(since November 2012)and will use it forever and I am even thinking about a new high-end WP but none of the current ones satisfy me..Lets hope that the Superman should be good!!

But the extras 1's... would it really be that much better?  Super/hyper cars are a good example, one (exampe Porsche) released a car that could hit 200MPH, not long after - Ferrari released one that did 201MPH, just so the numbers look better on paper.

That's the processor number and they are not released every day or every month!! There is a huge difference between Snapdragon 800 and 801!! They will be shadowed by 805 and 810 next year!! So until then 801 rules!!
MY EXAMPLE--Koenigsegg released a Agera S clocking 445 Kmph and two weeks later Hennessey released Venom GT which clocked 475 Kmph!! That's the difference between 800 and 801!!

Not half baked flagships..1520--too big,,no hd..930/Icon--No sd support..They are awesome smartphones but these thing make them complete and a normal user needs them!!
When people(92x,,82x,,1020,,8X or even some droid users)are due a new smartphone this fall they will go for the upcoming iPhone 6 due to lack of a 'complete/feature packed' WP!! Even I want a new one this Nov/Dec and am gonna stick with WP only but many others won't!!

Maybe its the SD Card that won them over on the iPhone 6? No wait... There's always SOMETHING missing from a phone. Pick your poison.

Well,,If there was no difference between WP and iOS and both were nice in their own functioning/software and hardware..Apple would still beat Microsoft due to poor or low marketing and slow roll-outs of updates of Microsoft!! What's not in iPhone 6 thet ye truly want??


Are you for REAL or have you not been paying attention to the SLEW of  updates they've been litereally churning out this past month?

Have you ever owned an iPhone?  Their updates aren't exactly speedy gondalez either.

Before you start on marketing, let me tell you I hardly ever see iPhones advertised or marketed in my area.  It's all Samsung or Nokia adverts on the TV.  iPhone's strength lies primarily in its brand recognition.

Well it's Samsung,,Sony,,Apple and other lagdroids in mah country!!
PFD came on 2nd of April and it's 1st of August(5 months?) now and see the ratio of WP that have received Cyan and how many haven't!! Many haven't cause the biggest ratio of those haven't received the updates are in 52x and 720!! And you bet that it won't be completed by the end of the month and later Microsoft will have to push out WP 8.1 Update 1 along with Cyan update to those who haven't received Cyan it yet!!

When pigs fly. Apple is not giving up their $200 adder per memory bump or give up the royalties from lightning adapter accessories to go usb. They'll cut their wrists before they do either.

No Glance screen makes a smartphone niche or half-baked? People are freaking ridiculous. I like Glance a lot, but it doesn't make a phone with 5" 1080p display, wireless charging, and 20MP OIS camera half-baked.


Another person could say this HTC M8 is half-baked because it doesn't have 20MP or OIS or a camera button or wireless charging.  

How do you know it doesn't have a camera button? From that image it would also appear it does not have a power button!?

They literally took the Android phone and slapped the Windows Phone OS on it. This phone does not have a camera button.

People are blowing glance way out of proportion.  It's a nice touch, but it doesn't make or break a phone for 90%+ of people.  It's just that fussy minority who have come to love it and somehow can't accept not having it.  How a phone can, in someone's mind, go from great to shit because of a lack of glance boggles the mind.  

SD support on the other hand I can understand fully - it's a real big deal.  Call me old fashioned but I store my music locally.  I abhor the idea of streaming music via the cloud.  What if I'm underground, in a well-insulated building or out in the sticks and can't get a decent signal?

What if I'm underground, in a well-insulated building or out in the sticks and can't get a decent signal?

You're screwed if a hoard of zombies are chasing you?

I agree. Glance is not that crucial IMO. In fact, I have it completely disabled.

If Icon wasn't announced before 930, people would have loved the latter a lot more, but the fact it was the same device, plus not available for any US carrier except Verizon pissed them off.

You can not do lossless zoom with an 8MP camera phone. Downsampling from 20MP to build a 5MP image, the bottom line is the picture quality is much better on the Lumia. Hardware based OIS is far superior to software OIS. Low light photos, steady videos, you cannot discount the importance of these features in a camera. No 8MP is not enough anymore than 1GB of RAM is "enough". These are not just speeds and feeds, these numbers actually result in better photographs, the ability to zoom, take night time photos, and videos that don't make people want to vomit.

If I was that invested in pictures, I'd have a dedicated camera that blows the shit out of the best camera phone you can buy... Wait, that's exactly why I bought a Nex.

Someone once said, The best camera is the one you have with you, do you carry your "dedicated camera that blows the shit out" everywhere you go? Photo enthusiasts will know sometimes in life we may get an opportunity to capture something that we probably will never get to capture again.

Exactly!! You may not carry your too great camera everywhere but you would always have a lumia in your pocket!!

If it happens that fast, I don't have time to get my phone out of my pocket for the shot. My camera rides in my car trunk. I literally have never had a situation where the difference between getting a shot was my camera in my trunk or the one in my phone.

Well it's big and gives a good feel in the hands and even in....
Well you should check it out for yourself to get a feel in town!! :P :P :P :P

many would choose HTC for it's 16GB with MicroSD support over Glance features,930 with sd card and glance would sell like hotcakes

The 920 and 1520 are the newest, but as hardware goes, they're a year old.  I'd like to see the 1030, with a Snapdragon 805.

Sony has nice touch,,sexy display and design,,those bright lights,,awesome buttons but heard that they don't last long in terms of reliability..!!

You're on at&t then your options are the 1520 or wait until next spring or probably early next summer for new flagships. Or get something midrange like the 1320 or 830.

There is no way I have to wait that long. There have always been new Windows Phones on at&t. After the 920, came the 1020, shortly after was the 1520. Also we haven't truly had a 920 successor. By holiday season I expect the 930 or a new flagship to come to at&t...

The M8 started its camera based on gestures. Maybe they'll customize WP8.1 GDR1 to allow for said gestures.

Windows phone OEMs can't manipulate the OS, so that isn't going to happen. You can put a shortcut to the camera in the action centre anyway.

Unless you were Nokia, in which case you can..

I don't think it's beyond the realms of possability that they could ask Microsoft for permission to alter the OS a bit.

It could be done through the firmware. No need for OS tampering. However, MS did recently add support for interactive covers in the OS which by odd fecking coincidence, the M8 has in its stable of accessories.

I like the onscreen buttons. The argument that it takes up screen estate is old. Lumia 630 has 480 x 854 compared to the 480 x 800 found on the 620 for example to compensate. I'd say bring it on, HTC! The missing of a camera button is a bit of a letdown but then again, I'm in it for the music.

Except you know for those weirdos who like to take pictures and videos with their smartphones. For them there is no comparison between Lumia 930 and this. M8 phone has almost the exact same specs as the Lumia 930, with no camera button, no OIS, no 20MP sensor, no wireless charging, no super sensitive touch, no clear black display for readability.

Not trashing this phone at all. Snapdragon 801 is good for battery, Boomsound is nice, design is elegant though I dislike the feel of a metal phone, IR might be useful to some. It does not show up Nokia though. Nokia still is providing exclusive premium features over any other phone manufacturer (Qi, 20MP, OIS, ClearBlack, Super Sensitive Touch, Surround sound mics, etc.) .

Maybe to you,but I know for a fact none of the Nokia's cameras can touch this phone for low light shots. None can. Especially the1020 or the1520. I have the Android m8. and did a direct comparison with my wife's 1020 and my 1520

The only edge that they have is for 100% cropping and landscape zooming which the majority of users don't utilize.

One thing many here forget is Microsoft owns Nokia and I would bet the farm at some point see a lot of their software on this from them. Don't forget HTC released their API for the extra sensor so they will be able to make it work with the os.

As to some of the ruffled feathers here that HTC is usurping Nokia,they aren't because Nokia is no longer really in the phone business anymore.

The HTC m8 blows the rest of the Android phones out of the water on just about everything except it's camera specs. It's not a lagdroid in any sense.

It never ceases to amaze me just how arrogant,uniformed,or just plain argumentative some here are when they have no first-hand experience with a device and yet insist that it is somehow subpar because of just the camera used in this phone.

What this phone actually is, is the best all around Android phone on market and it will be running the latest WP os ...

No it doesn't have a high pixel camera on it,big deal to some,but for everyday shots it works fine and for macros and low light shots works better than my wife's 1020..but then so does most point and shoot 75 dollar cameras too.

Not all Android phones lag,especially this one.

For me,I wouldn't trade my m8 for any Nokia phone,and if some here ever stop acting like iPhone fanatics and actually try one of these phones,and learn how to use a camera on manual mode you might learn there's more manufacturers outside of Nokia that builds some incredible phones.

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I think the Z2, S5, and G3 would like you to get off your soapbox. The M8 is a great phone with a great low light camera but produces decent shots otherwise. There are plenty of reasons beyond just material choice to choose the M8 over other manufacturers but it isn't THE best all arounder. We get it, you love it, you own it, so ofcourse you'll hype it. However people who speak so definitively about things that boil down to personal choice in the end just sound like fanboys. The M8 is simply ONE of the best Android phones and considering it is a flagship phone I don't think you can find many that would expect any less. 

What about this looks like an iPhone? I have both an iPhone and an HTC One M8 (Android version); they do not look alike.

Seriously...its so samsungy...i don't ..i don't like the curves on M8 on the other hand M7's design is awesome....

I preferred the looks of the M7 over the M8 as well...but so be it...I wonder if we'll see the One Mini as a WP 8.x variant too?  Seems like a logical next mid-ranger.

Comparing this phone with Samsung is downright insulting towards HTC, haha! Have you ever held a M8?

So you're telling me a Verizon WP will NOT have the giant Verizon check logo on the front?  SKEPTICAL! =)

Bites balls, I like flipboard, not even a third party I could find. I mean I have weave, magnify and a few others, I just like the way flipboard..flips.

I think Blinkfeed would also work great as a lock screen app. If sometime in the future they can make it a Live lockscreen app, even better

Man, I wish they upgraded the camera. I really really want this phone, but if it takes crappy pictures then I'll just hang on to my 928...

It's the best 4 MP camera on the market. It's right up there with Nokia for low light performance actually. So in low light, it will best in overall quality and sharpness iPhones, Galaxy S5, LG G3, Moto X, Nexus and so on.

That's not true! Not one tech review site I've come accross has lauded the camera on this device with everyone pointing out how it resolves detail poorly because of the tiny sensor & low resolution shots. (Video is very good though, in both 1080p and 2K) The larger pixels allow for brighter images in poorly lit situations but it still can't compare to the competition. The iPhone 5S, S5, Z2 and G3 all take much better & more detailed shots than the One.(Let's not even talk about the Lumias) It's not awful. If you're not particular about image quality it'll do but it is firmly in last place compared to the competition.

Wow! Finally, a potential international Windows Phone with an IR blaster! Good thing BlinkFeed is present. I only worry about their update support. There's no branding so we can hope for a worldwide-distributed version priced at $600/€500.