HTC Radar 4G available on Wind Mobile with adverts seen in newspapers

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Telus and Rogers both have Nokia's Windows Phones (the Lumia 800 and 710 respectively) on their shelves and product list pages, but what about HTC Mango handsets? We've just caught wind (pun non-intended) of Wind Mobile offering the HTC Radar 4G (our review) from just $99 on their WINDtab+ service.

WINDtab+, which is where a 'tab' is created that the customer pays off 10% of of their bill per month (e.g.: monthly bill of $40, $4 extra will be charged a month to go towards the tab to pay for the handset), provides consumers a convenient way to afford and wield smartphones. 

This is superb news for Canadians, who (not so long ago) were cursing at both Microsoft and carriers for not having a good selection of Windows Phones for consumers. As you can see in the above photo, Wind Mobile is advertising the HTC Radar in newspapers illustrating the attractive price. 

Head on over to Wind Mobile's website to check out plan pricing and other details. It should be noted that Wind Mobile operates their service on AWS bands, though the carrier does hold a roaming arrangement with Rogers for areas outside its coverage, as well as T-Mobile for the U.S.

Source: Wind Mobile, thanks Patrick and Dillon for the tips!


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HTC Radar 4G available on Wind Mobile with adverts seen in newspapers


When did advert become a noun? Is that a British thing? To shorten advertisement we used the word ad. I really am curious about this.

It didn't become a noun, it's always been one. Yes, it's mainly British.
Back on topic...
Good news. Nice to see Canadian WP users getting a bit more selection.

Rich, a correction:
The WindTab+ doesn't add 4$ or any amount to your bill. Whatever your normal bill is, 10% of it goes towards your tab. You don't pay anything extra, and after 3 years, any remaining balance is cleared up.

nice! this is exactly what my friend was asking me for, now i have something for him to look into (he's on wind mobile)

liippidp yes we Brits use the word advert much more often then ad or advertisment.
(We also correctly pronounce Nokia as Knock-ea :) )

OK, thanks. Mystery solved. I've tried saying "Knock-ya" but people look at me strangely here when I do.