HTC releases new car cradle for Titan

Titan dock

For those of you like us with an HTC Titan, you may want take a look at the new car cradle from HTC themselves. The device looks sturdy enough with a ball joint and horizontal mounting. You can even charge it via the built in power adapter:

"The HTC Titan Car Upgrade Kit lets you attach and mount your HTC Titan to your car windscreen for easy viewing whilst driving. Keep your device charged and ready to go. The built in power socket lets you connect a car charger whilst driving to keep your HTC Titan powered and ready for when you arrive at your destination. This advanced car cradle features the function of inserting the device auto launches the car panel and Bluetooth."

Not too shabby but what really intrigues us is how it "auto launches the car panel and Bluetooth". Launching Bluetooth is one thing and very useful but what's that "car panel"? Unless we're missing something, it could be a new OEM app from HTC for driving, featuring larger buttons similar to the "HTC Sense" days of Windows Mobile. Just a guess.

Pick it up at the HTC Accessory store for £49.99 which is a hefty $79 in US dollars. If you want cheaper and something that works with the Titan, we're rocking the Clingo now and liking it.

Thanks, William J., for the tip!


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HTC releases new car cradle for Titan


I have one of These. And i like it. But never realised the Bluetooth or Car Panel thing. Has Some one Seen that?

Good for them! I like to see them continue to diversify their offerings a bit. The profit margin on accessories is probably better than on the phones! Until recently, I had a steady stream of great HTC WinMo phones and want them to do well. I would've stayed with them, but needed a keyboard and ATT so the Quantum got the nod this time.

I'll take more phones before accessories thank you! Titan would be nice. Not big on the square ness of Nokia.

Love my TITAN... Best camera I've used on a HTC to date (never been HTC's strong suite). Have to check this out as the generic I used with my Focus doesn't work well with the side charging port. Also looks like the TITAN II might work with it too ;-). I always appreciated and picked up the accessories available for my HTC phones, such as Desk mount chargers, extra capacity batteries, and cases. Accessories for my Focus definitely did not seem as available.

"auto launch" = turn on Bluetooth radio I would hope. I don't keep mine on. Confirmation welcomed! =)

Most people want their phone in a case. You need to make a case that works with this also. The SlipGrip car holders are AWESOME because they work with your phones in your otterbox case also. Fantastic products.

If they have this for the Titan II here in the states it will sway my phone choice in March.  I really want  working dock that charges the battery while I am driving and playing my music over bluetooth in my car.

I'll admit it, this vehicle is a real temptation for any car driver but that's exactly what I have to object about it. Too much IT technology in a car is too much distraction. I don' know, if I had to choose between this device like this and a clutch kit I would most likely go for the clutch kit...